Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice coaches anarchists on how to topple statues “faster”


NEW YORK, NY- Lest anyone wonder why we appear to be raising a generation of Marxist radicals, look no further than our colleges and universities.

This list even includes a college that primarily teaches criminal justice. A John Jay College professor Erin Thompson gave tips on social media on how to topple monuments faster, according to Breitbart News.

Thompson, who is an associate professor at the college, teaches something called “art crime,” whatever that is. Of course, she is a graduate from the Columbia Law School, as well as having a Ph.D. in Art History also from Columbia, so that probably explains her radical ideology.

According to her biography, she says she is “America’s only full-time professor in art crime.” Apparently, “art crime” isn’t a real popular subject area.

In a true display of irony, her bio said she studies “the damage done to humanity’s shared heritage through looting, theft and the deliberate destruction of art.” One can only laugh.

In her tweet, Thompson said:

“I’m a professor who studies the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage and I just have to say…use chain instead of rope and it’ll go faster.”

Gee, thanks Doctor Obvious.

Her tweet received more than 93,000 retweets and in excess of 382,000 likes as of Friday afternoon and was posted in response to a video of anarchists pulling down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Minneapolis’ State Capitol earlier this month.

Her bio continued in an ironic twist:

“Currently, I am researching the ways in which terrorist groups both sell and destroy art to support their genocidal campaigns, as well as the legalities and ethics of digital reproductions of cultural heritage.”

Breitbart said they reached out to Thompson, who directed them to a recent interview with the New York Times, where she said that the “destruction of historical monuments is completely normal.”

“Destruction is the norm and preservation is the rare exception,” she said in her Times interview.

“I think a lot of people assume that since I’m an art historian that I would want everything preserved but I know that preservation is expensive,” she said.

She continued on to cite the cost to preserve the “Silent Sam” statue at the University of North Carolina, where angry triggered college students continuously attacked it.

“I look at these statues as money sink,” Thompson continued.

She also said that she looked at desecration of statues as a way of humiliation, not just destruction, saying:

“…it’s a very satisfying way of attacking an idea—not just by rejecting but humiliating it.

“These attacks show how deeply white supremacy is rooted in our national structure—that we need to question everything about the way we understand the world, even the past, in order to get to a better future.”

So, apparently the professor believes that destroying a statue of President Lincoln freeing the last slave, is somehow rooted in white supremacy.

This is who is teaching our college students.

Thompson also excused the current attacks on monuments as being different than what ISIS did when they destroyed historical artifacts in the Middle East, saying:

“ISIS was destroying monuments of a tolerant past in order to achieve a future of violence and hate.

“These protesters are attacking symbols of a hateful past as part of fighting for a peaceful future,” Thompson said speaking of the anarchists destroying our heritage in the United States. “So, I think they’re exactly opposite reactions.”

Thompson could not, however explain how the attacks on figures of people such as George Washington, former President and Union Army general U.S. Grant, Catholic Saint Junipero Serra, and so on equates to “attacking symbols of a hateful past as part of fighting for a peaceful future.”

That is because she can’t. The destruction of everything and anything having to do with our past and heritage as a country is under attack, basically because these anarchist insurrectionists hate the United States and want to transform int into a third-world Marxist utopia.

In concluding her New York Times interview, she said that she believes, “What is happening now with statues being torn down didn’t have to happen this way,” and surmised that this has resulted as a result of previous “peaceful” protests against such monuments “have come to nothing.”

Breitbart said they reached out to John Jay College of Criminal Justice; however, they did not respond. It is the height of hypocrisy however for this professor to get paid to teach criminal justice students while at the same time advocating for those who, were these students to be hired as police officers, would attack them for doing their jobs. The irony is mind-boggling.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

This woman would be better served teaching gender studies majors at Smith College instead of criminal justice students at one of the most prestigious criminal justice institutions in the country.

Meanwhile, a University of Alabama Birmingham college professor also took to Twitter to tell protesters how to successfully pull-down monuments.

The Washington Times said that Sara Parcak, who is something called an “Egyptologist” specializing in ancient architecture said she was an expert on obelisks, which is the shape of the iconic Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

Finding racism everywhere is a hallmark of leftist college professors, and Parcak is no exception, noting that obelisks “might be masquerading as a racist monument.”

Parcak coached rioters on how to tear down monuments while networks were covering the mayhem in Washington, DC back on June 1.

“PSA for ANYONE who might be interested in how to pull down an obelisk* safely from an Egyptologist who never in a million years thought this advice might come in handy,” she said.

She posted numerous tweets suggesting how protesters could topple obelisks such as the Washington Monument, which obviously would be too tall to topple, however there are numerous monuments in the country that mirror it.

“Just keep pulling till there’s good rocking, there will be more and more tilting, you have to wait more for the obelisk to rock back and time it to pull when it’s coming to you. Don’t worry you’re close,” she tweeted. Community standards on Twitter? Only for conservatives, not for anarchists.

However, having second thoughts on her post, Parcak eventually tweeted, “ALSO PLEASE DO NOT PULL-DOWN WASHINGTON MONUMENT.”

 The usual suspects, if you will, responded to Parcak’s tweet, believing that she was giving advice on how to topple Confederate monuments.

She tweeted:

“There might be one just like this in downtown Birmingham! What a coincidence. Can someone please show this thread to the folks there.”

Reports in Birmingham suggested that one statue, that of Confederate Naval Captain Charles Linn was torn down using ropes, as Parcak suggested in her tweets.

Of course, feeling her white guilt and privilege, Parcak apologized for not speaking out previously about perceived injustices facing blacks in America.

“As much as I love archaeology and Egyptology, we have to acknowledge—esp now—their deeply racist, colonialist and nationalist roots—and ongoing practices. It is a field that has caused and continues to cause enormous harm (see DNA research). We can all do so much better,” she tweeted.

The Washington Times reached out to the university, which of course punted and didn’t answer the question when asked if Parcak would retain her position at the university.

Tyler Greer, public relations director for the university, said:

“These are not the opinions of the university. Our 45,000+ students, faculty and staff often use social media to express thoughts that do not necessarily reflect the voice of the university.

“If a public comment by a member of the campus community needs to be addressed by Student Affairs or Human Resources, it would be. However, personnel and student conduct matters are addressed privately between the individual and the institution.”

One must wonder what would happen to a more conservative professor expressing a different type of public comment.

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