Review Of SeL instrument Titanium and stainless OmniDiver Watch

As a former US Navy SEAL, outdoor enthusiast, and generally extreme guy, I take a toll on my gear. I want to be clear, I am not a paid endorser nor am I benefiting from SeL Intrument’s success, I simply found myself compelled to let the world know about this awesome watch. Prior to purchasing, based on the specs alone make this the toughest watch money can buy. Waterproof to 600 ATM (over 20,000ft), solid milled double case from Grade 5 titanium that they claim is crush resistant up to 10,000psi, the thickest sapphire crystal (shock isolated) I have seen on any watch and a patent-pending adjustable locking clasp unlike anything on the market. Ironically, after speaking with the owner, I found he specifically designed the bracelet/clasp due to the absence of anything like it in the industry.

Product Review Of SeL instrument Titanium and stainless OmniDiver Watch

While the price point (about $4,000) is a tough pill to swallow, when I opened the pelican case it ships in I had one four letter word. I am not by any means a watch expert but the first thing I noticed (call it a OCD thing of mine) was the smooth sweep of the second hand. There was no bouncing at each tick, something that has annoyed me with my Citizen watch. The owner claims they calculated the mass, inertia, and balance of the second hand specifically for that reason. Both the hour and the minute hand are thick and illuminated against the black background allowing easy visibility at night, underwater or at a quick glance. I never want to be out American’ed so the laser engraved flag on the face gave this piece a bump on the freedom scale. My only criticism is that the date dial is smaller than the actual numbers but in the few days I have had it has NEVER been stuck between dates in the window like so many of other watches I have seen sometimes do.

Product Review Of SeL instrument Titanium and stainless OmniDiver Watch

The rigid watch bracelet made of a two hundred plus individual pieces held together by actual machine screws (not cheap pins) and the four attachment points on each side to the main body was a relief as I have torn a watch off my wrist before while taking off a hiking backpack. The owner also told me they actually make the screws too. The clasp is complex and it took me a few minutes to figure out the most efficient way to put it on but once I did, I was amazed how easy it was to make minor adjustments. This comes in handy when I put it over a wetsuit or a layer of clothing while hunting. The bezel is thick enough to be turned with gloves and only turns counterclockwise. While you may not think this is a big deal, this is a dive watch first and foremost hence the name “OmniDiver”. In this world, if the bezel is allowed to rotate clockwise you could potentially bump it in the wrong direction, extending your dive unknowingly, a potential fatal error.

Product Review Of SeL instrument Titanium and stainless OmniDiver Watch

The best part about this watch for me, the one thing that I was looking forward to most was the custom laser engraving on the back: It included a Trident (the SEAL insignia) my BUD/S class and the Team I was stationed with. This is something I could see being a signature retirement gift to anyone in the Spec-war community. All said and done, this watch is worth the money you will pay for it. I am genuinely impressed by the fact that the company even in their first edition, thought of literally everything. My recommendation: Buy this watch!

In Liberty,

Carl Higbie

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