Pro-police Cuban musicians get death threats after pro-Trump song goes viral


MIAMI, FL – A Cuban salsa group based out of Miami, Florida reportedly received death threats following the viral takeoff of their pro-Trump song released in late October. 

The members of the musical group Los 3 de la Habana said a recent surge in death threats is directly linked to the October 22 release of their catchy hit song titled “Trump Song.”

In the accompanying music video for the song, the members of the group are featured on what is labeled “The Official Trump Boat” while sporting numerous “Make America Great Again” hats and waiving Trump-themed flags. 

The members, Ana Páez, Germán Pinelli, and Tirso Luis Páez released a video online titled “They threaten us with DEATH” to address some disturbing comments they received lately. 

The video was released in Spanish.

Ana Páez first offered her gratitude toward those who sent messages of positivity, while admonishing the disturbing threats made against her and her bandmates: 

“Thank you for sending us so many messages of love. Those are the ones that stay in our hearts because those people who threatened us with death–poor people, poor souls.”

Tirso Luis Páez explained what caused her to describe those who would levy such threats as “poor souls”:

“Poor souls because I would be incapable of offending anyone because they think differently from us. We come from a country where we all had to think the same and, thanks to this great country and democracy, we all think how we like.” 

Páez was referring to the group’s roots in Cuba, which is a dictatorship. 

Pinelli added that no matter what sort of threats come their way, the group has no intention of muzzling themselves to appease the mob: 

“Living in a country like this, with the opportunities we have, defending democracy, that we have to respect how each of us thinks–I want to tell our people, our fans, the people who took the song and made it their anthem: don’t feel bad at all, don’t feel embarrassed! We’re not embarrassed for saying what we think.”

Pinelli further noted that no one should feel like they must remain silent about their positions, because embracing that freedom is pivotal to finding a “better future”: 

“Every human being has to be free to say what they think and express what they feel. That is how we are going to find a better future for us, for our family, and for all. That’s it.”

Tirso Luis Páez also extended accolades to Trump supporters who did not engage in the same violent conduct as the far left throughout this past summer: 

“I am super proud of the 71 million people who have not gone out to burn down cities, who have not looted Walmart. Let’s keep it up, let’s keep it up, please. Losing elections in a democracy is normal, not losing democracy in an election. Trump has a right to challenge things and we will wait.”

Páez added that if Biden is named as the 46th President of the United States, then he knows that Trump supporters will continue to conduct themselves in a non-criminal manner over the election: 

“If Biden proves he did not cheat, and he becomes president, he is going to be the president of all Americans and we are not going to burn down any homes or anything. We are going to respect him for four years and then choose who to vote for in four years.”

Andrea L. Pino-Silva was among those on Twitter critical of Cuban-Americans that support President Trump. Pino-Silva claimed Cuban-Americans that support Trump will “sell out every other minority” in exchange for a “guaranteed path to whiteness.”

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Report: Miami officer photographed in uniform wearing pro-Trump protective face mask will be disciplined

October 21, 2020


MIAMI, FL – A uniformed Miami police officer was photographed wearing a protective face mask with a pro-Trump slogan while on duty and voting. The backlash from his department was swift as Miami’s police chief said that the officer would be disciplined.

The Miami Herald reported that after seeing the photo of the officer posted on social media, the police chief stated that Officer Daniel Ubeda would be disciplined. However, he did not detail how that discipline would be delivered. 

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez called the officers actions “inappropriate,” even if he was there to cast his ballot.

Suarez said in a statement:

“It’s a violation of departmental orders. A police officer is supposed to be impartial. Irrespective of who the person was, whatever sign it would have been, it would’ve been problematic.”

According to reports, the person who happened to spot Officer Ubeda was the chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic party, Steve Simeonidis. Simeonidis, an attorney who works downtown, said that he was passing through the Government Center when he spotted Officer Ubeda.

Simeonidis said that when he saw Officer Ubeda, he was “well within” the 150-foot barrier that police and campaigners are not permitted to be in under state statute during an election if they are there endorsing a candidate.

Not surprisingly, he photographed the officer and immediately tweeted about it.

He tweeted:

“He may have been going to vote, but he was in full uniform with the mask and a gun. That’s voter intimidation.”

Simeonidis claimed that Officer Ubeda “laughed it off” after he was questioned about the mask.

Miami Police Department tweeted:

“We are aware of the photograph being circulated of a Miami Police officer wearing a political mask in uniform. This behavior is unacceptable, a violation of departmental policy, and is being addressed immediately.”

Deputy Police Chief Ron Papier said that he spoke with Chief Jorge Colina and that the “appropriate” disciplinary action will be taken against Officer Ubeda. Allegedly, the protective face mask read “Trump 2020 and no more bullshit.”

Simeonidis’s tweet and shared photograph went viral almost instantly, earning nearly 100,000 impressions within hours. Keon Hardemon, who is running for a Miami-Dade County commission seat, said that the officer’s actions were the reason some people are “afraid” of the police.

He said:

“It’s easy. No political speech in uniform, whatsoever.”

Officer Ubeda’s union representative defended him, saying that the officer was expressing his First Amendment right.

Fraternal Order of Police President Tommy Reyes said that Ubeda had just voted and was in the Government Center for less than 10 minutes when he was photographed.

Reyes also said that Florida statute permits police to vote in uniform.

Reyes said:

“We would also like to state that the national FOP has endorsed President Trump’s re-election.”

Mayor Suarez and Chief Colina recently announced that they would be deploying plain-clothed officers near voting sites after receiving an unusually large amount of emails and messages from voters who said they were worried about violence and intimidation at any of Miami’s four voting sites. 

Intimidation at the polls as been a major talking point during this election and at times violence has broken out at events and dueling protests between President Trump and Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

It was also reported that an on-duty Hialeah police officer was spotted standing with his arms crossed at the entrance to the JFK library, the city’s largest voting site. After seeing the photograph, an election official said she called the staff at the library and the officer had moved on. 


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