Pro-Hamas occupiers arrested after barricading, vandalizing Stanford University President's Office

STANFORD, CA— Approximately three hours after a group of pro-Hamas demonstrators barricaded themselves into the office of the president of Stanford University making several demands of the administrators police officers entered the building and arrested the thirteen of them.

The offices located in building 10 of the Stanford campus suffered "extensive damage" a campus spokesman told reporters including covering walls and pillars with graffiti critical of the police, the United States, the university, and anti-semitic messages about Israel.

StopAntisemitism shared imagery of the graffiti which read, "Kill Cops," "Burn This Shit Down," and "De@th 2 Isr@hell"(sic). The Antisemitism watchdog account wrote, "Stanford University - shocking calls for the death of the police and the Jewish nation. A reminder once again that what starts with the Jews NEVER ends with the Jews. Whomever is responsible must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law - enough is enough."
Citizen Free Press shared video of Sheriff's Deputies destroying doors to breach the President's office.
According to The Stanford Daily, the University's publication the protestors were detained by the Stanford Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) and the County Sheriff’s Office and any students among them face immediate suspension University spokesman Dee Mostofi said.

"All arrested students will be immediately suspended and in case any of them are seniors, they will not be allowed to graduate,” Mostofi wrote. 

Mostofi told the outlet that,  "A DPS officer was injured after being shoved by protesters who were interfering with a transport vehicle." 

“We have consistently emphasized the need for constructive engagement and peaceful protest when there is a disagreement in views,” Mostofi added. “This was not a peaceful protest and actions such as what occurred this morning have no place at Stanford.”

“We are appalled that our students chose to take this action, and we will work with law enforcement to ensure that they face the full consequences allowed by law,” Mostofi said in a statement according to The New York Times.

  As reported by Oli London, the vandals even defaced a war memorial with the message, "Fuck Amerikkka"(sic). The independent journalist wrote, "Stanford Students message to fallen War Heroes… “F*CK AMERIKKKA.” The students DESECRATED a War Memorial honoring fallen Americans and former Stanford students who sacrificed their lives during the Spanish-American War."
  Steve Jurvetson Co-founder of Future Ventures and DFJ observed that "it will take careful effort to remove the spray paint from the 135-year-old stone of the Quad. Some damage is permanent, leaving a visible scar."
Republican California Assemblywoman Kate Sanchez commented on the incident in a post to X writing, "Stanford students just took over the President’s office, defaced their campus with hate speech, and hospitalized a law enforcement officer. This isn’t “protest,” this is multiple misdemeanors and a potential felony."

Shortly after the arrests, the so-called 'encampment' created by the group calling itself "the People’s University for Palestine" was cleared by police or dismantled by protesters who reached agreements with the administration.

The Times reported that the group had demanded "The Stanford Board of Trustees to consider next week whether to divest from companies — including Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin and Chevron — that the protesters say provide material and logistical support to the Israeli military campaign in Gaza
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