BRANSON, Mo. – It’s prison time for two Missouri men convicted of dragging a kitten behind a Jeep last June. They have been sentenced for their act of animal cruelty. The pair received a four-year term in prison for animal abuse. Their actions were discovered after posting the ordeal on social media in a bid to get viewers to spring for pizza.

Kyle Williams, 18, of Branson, and Jordan Hall, 19, of Arnold, both pleaded guilty earlier this year, The Kansas City Star reported.

Williams posted a video of the torture to a Facebook group. The video reportedly shows the cat being dragged behind the vehicle as Hall drives.

To conclude their thoughtless endeavor, Williams kills the kitten with a rock. According to a prosecutor, Williams posted the cat’s murder on Facebook so his audience would buy him a pizza.

But some members of the group were appalled by their actions and alerted authorities.

prison time

Kyle Wayne Williams, left, and Jordan Hall have been sentenced in connection with the torture and killing of a kitten. (Taney County Jail)

The prosecuting attorney said Friday that the defendants in this case received the maximum sentence for the animal abuse charges.

“We are satisfied with the sentences handed down today by the judge for this senseless act of depravity against a helpless kitten,” Taney County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Merrell said in a statement. “We appreciate the help of good Samaritans in our digital community in reporting this crime as it might have gone unpunished without their assistance.”

Williams added to his sentence while in custody for the animal abuse charge. He sharpened a spork into a shank. As a result, the man who tortured the kitten was sentenced to a five years, but it will run concurrent to the existing sentence.