Convicted felon released from prison early arrested for murdering woman, 21, in Colorado


DENVER, CO – We at Law Enforcement Today were hip to the writing on the wall that was present when jails and prisons started releasing inmates early due to COVID-19. Now, a man in Denver who was paroled early due to the pandemic has been rearrested – for murder.

The body of 21-year-old Heather Perry was discovered in an alleyway on May 9th, according to police. Security footage that was obtained by authorities led them to 40-year-old Cornelius Haney, who was released from prison just weeks before the murder. 

Haney had plead guilty to robbery charges in 2016 and was sentenced to serve seven years in prison. His mandatory release date was scheduled for August of 2020, but he found himself a free man on April 15th.

Convicted felon released from prison early arrested for murdering woman, 21, in Colorado
Cornelius Haney – Denver Police

Annie Skinner, a spokesperson for the state’s Department of Corrections, attributed the release of Haney to the COVID-19 guidelines surrounding the release of prison and jail inmates:

“Mr. Haney was released due to special needs parole criteria. When looking at special needs parole criteria, the Department of Corrections’ medical staff reviews offenders for risk factors related to COVID as documented by the Centers for Disease Control.”

Governor Jared Polis attempted to justify the release of the inmate, by stating that he could have been paroled as early as 2017:

“[Haney] would have had mandatory parole granted in August of this year. He has been up for parole since 2017.”

Here’s the thing though, he wasn’t paroled in 2017. The mentioning of that only points to the fact that for whatever reason, the parole board didn’t grant release back then. Now while he would have been set free in August of this year, the fact remains that he was released in April and the murder Haney allegedly committed happened in May.

Governor Polis went on to say that “nobody” could have foreseen that Haney would allegedly commit murder upon his release:

“Of course, nobody on that parole board thought that this person was going to do what they allegedly did, but they couldn’t have held them much longer under the law.”

It’s awful that such a tragedy had to occur to shed the needed light on the flawed logic of early releases for inmates due to COVID-19. The only aspects that should be considered for any sort of early releases are that of inmate conduct and rehabilitation, in concurrence with heavy consideration of public safety aspects – period.

Haney has now been charged with first-degree murder, possession of a weapon by a previous offender, theft, and second-degree kidnapping. He’s now being held without bail in the Denver jail.

While inmates are being released early from jails and prison, people are getting cited and arrested for the horrific crime of…wanting kids to play in the park. 

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

A grandmother in Washington state has found herself arrested for violating the governor’s stay-home order. Well, not traditionally arrested; but arrested “on paper” for lack of a better term.

Her crime exactly? Taking down the caution tape at a local park and encouraging parents to bring their kids if they so desired.

Kimberley Taxdahl has been getting pretty fed up lately with regard to state Governor Jay Inslee’s executive order that has shut down local parks for kids to play at. On May 7th, she got to her boiling point:

“I want the parents in our community to make the decisions to whether or not they should bring their children out to play.”

She made her way down to Riverfront Park and took down the city’s caution tape that barred entry into the park. Taxdahl sees her acts as a form of protest against a government who has taken away children’s access to tax-payer funded parks:

“I’m advocating for our poor kids that have been locked up for fifty days.”

Taxdahl made a series of posts on Facebook inviting parents to bring their children over to the park she had removed the caution tape from. Sedro-Woolley Mayor Julia Johnson says that Taxdahl’s move went too far:

“She crossed the line when she enticed children to come down to the park with her trunk full of cotton candy, having them come down, enticing them to come play on the equipment, she was putting them in harm’s way.”

What’s silly in what Mayor Johnson says is that any seemingly normal activity can put a child in “harm’s way” – and even the CDC notes that “children do not appear to be at higher risk for COVID-19 than adults.”

Having a pool in your backyard can put your child at risk of death, so can a trampoline. Heck, even crib-related accidents kill 100 children per year and send 10,000 to the hospital annually.

Still, Taxdahl has a pretty good sense of humor for her recently received “arrest”:

“They’re giving a paper arrest to a little granny.”

What this grandmother aims to accomplish is that her actions will compel her fellow citizens wake up and see that their rights are being taken from them, bit by bit:

“I’m hoping citizens start standing up for their own personal freedoms.”

Law Enforcement Today caught up with Taxdahl with regard to her efforts to keep her city’s park open to the children. She say’s that she’s going to keep cutting down the caution tape each time the city decides to place it back up:

“I have done what I have done to show my grandchildren they have been heard and it is ok to take a stand or position for one’s beliefs. I am a Constitutionalist….I want to educate others on our FREEDOMS guaranteed under this document.”

One of her concerns in all these executive orders being passed throughout her state and in the country is that citizens will eventually have to push back in order to reacquire what has been robbed of our liberties: 

“I am a proponent of less Government and believe fully that once we give up our Freedoms….we will have to fight to get them back. God bless the USA.”


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