Kamala Harris, a Democratic candidate for the 2020 race for the White House, recently sat down in a barber shop to have a conversation with 7 men of color.

She tweeted out a :45 second clip of that video, which can be found at the bottom.  And it is disturbing, to say the least.

Not only does it endorse her candidacy as ‘business as usual’ because she happens to “check all the boxes,” but also because she accepts the assertion that she is a Black Panther in disguise.

Senator Harris, the former California Attorney General and San Francisco DA, who prosecuted people for marijuana charges while she smoked weed herself, is now ok being identified with a group that was notorious for not only their hatred and calls of action against law enforcement, but the actual slaying of police officers.

Here is the transcript of that nearly minute long segment. Speaking about how the black community views Harris and her candidacy, one of the men in the barber shop says,

“I think right now they see you, like Uncle Luke said, you check all the boxes. You went to Howard (a historically black colleges or universities).

You graduated from Howard. I look at you as a Black Panther in a suit.”

Let’s pause here for a second while some members of the panel and Harris herself burst into laughter. Not nervous laughter…actual laughter.

He continues:

“Like right now, we’re just like, ‘Is she here? Is it her? Is it her?’ But it is. So, I think it’s a conversation like this, you know, black men stepping up and supporting our women.

I think this conversation is going to go really, really far. Far for our community because, when I think of ‘Kamala Harris,’ you’re an opportunity for us to iron out a lot of those problems in our community.”

Harris interjects, “Mhmm.”

“This is an opportunity for black men to say, ‘yo, we HAVE to stand behind you.’ You know, for black women to be like, ‘yo, we’re in this together.’”

Let me repeat, she is ok being identified with a group that has actively slain police officers.

Even the Chicago Tribune has called the Black Panthers a group known for revolutionary politics and for killing cops. Here are the officers killed by Black Panthers. There are 35, nine of which where people of color:

-Officer John Frey, Oakland Police Department, October 28, 1967

-Officers Thomas Johnson and Charles Thomasson, Nashville Police Department, January 16, 1968

-Officer Nelson Sasscer, Santa Ana Police Department, June 5, 1969

-Patrolmen John Gilhooly and Frank Rappaport, Chicago Police Department, November 13, 1969

-Sergeant Brian McDonnell, San Francisco Police Department, February 18, 1970

-Officer Donald Sager, Baltimore Police Department, April 24, 1970

-Officer James Sackett, St. Paul Police Department, May 22, 1970

-Patrolman William Miscannon, Toledo Police Department, September 18, 1970

-Officer Harold Hamilton, San Francisco Police Department, October 9, 1970

-Officer Glen Smith, Detroit Police Department, October 24, 1970

-Patrolmen Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones, NYPD, May 21, 1971

-Sergeant John Young, San Francisco Police Department, August 29, 1971

-Patrolman Frank Buczek, Plainfield Police Department, September 18, 1971

-Officer James Greene, Atlanta Police Department, November 3, 1971

-Lieutenant Ted Elmore, Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, November 11, 1971

-Officers Rocco Laurie and Gregory Foster, NYPD, January 27, 1972

-Sergeant Brent Miller, Louisiana Department of Corrections, April 17, 1972

-Cadet Alfred Harrell, Sergeant Edwin Hosli, Deputy Superintendent Louis Sirgo and Patrolmen Philip Coleman and Paul Persigo, New Orleans Police Department, March 5, 1973

-Trooper Werner Foerster, New Jersey State Police, May 2, 1973

NOTE: One of the people who was convicted in the death of Trooper Foerster is Joanna Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur. She escaped from prison and was granted asylum in Cuba.

Alicia Garza, founder of Black Lives Matter, openly speaks of the admiration she has for Shakur and her teachings that have had an influence on her and the BLM movement.

-Officer Sidney Thompson, New York City Transit Police, June 5, 1973

-Park Ranger Kenneth Patrick, National Park Service, August 5, 1973

-Officer John Scarengella, NYPD, May 1, 1981

-Sergeant Edward O’Grady and Officer Waverly Brown, Nyack Police Department, October 21, 1981

-Officer Daniel Faulkner, Philadelphia Police Department, December 9, 1981

-Trooper Carlos Negron, Hew Jersey State Police, May 7, 1984

-Deputy Rick Kinchen, Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, March 17, 2000

And while we are honoring those killed by Black Panthers, I think it only fair that we mention two other incidents, perpetrated by Micah Johnson and Gavin Long, who both espoused the same types of ideologies as Black Panthers.

Johnson attempted to join the New Black Panther Nation, while Long was a member the Washitaw Nation, which is a group of ‘Moorish’ group of sovereign citizens.

Johnson killed 5 Dallas area officers in July of 2016, while wounding 9 more.

Those killed were:

  • Sergeant Michael Smith, Dallas Police Department
  • Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens, Dallas Police Department
  • Officers Michael Krol and Patricio Zamarripa, Dallas Police Department
  • Officer Brent Thompson, Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police

Long opened fire on officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He killed three and wounded three more.  Those fallen officers were:

  • Deputy Brad Garafola, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office
  • Corporal Montrell Jackson, Baton Rouge Police Department
  • Officer Matthew Gerald, Baton Rouge Police Department

So, Senator…walk us through it. Are you legitimately that ignorant of history?

First, by your admission, you listened to Snoop and Tupac while smoking weed in college.

But here’s the thing – you graduated from Howard in 1986. Long before either of them was recording music.

You must mean it was while in you were in law school.

Wait, you graduated law school in 1989. Tupac didn’t release any music until 1991, and Snoop’s first appearance was on Dr. Dre’s 1992 album The Chronic. He didn’t release his own until 1993.

And now, even with their hatred for law enforcement and their participation in the killing of 43 members of law enforcement, you are comfortable with being labeled as a “Black Panther in a suit.”

Wow, I guess you really are just that ignorant.

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