Here we go: President Trump urges A.G. William Barr to act fast, investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden


WASHINGTON, DC – On Tuesday, October 20th, President Donald Trump called on Attorney General William Barr, urging him to “act fast” and investigate Hunter Biden, son of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

This, after new emails uncovered the family’s pursuit of lucrative deals in foreign countries.

Trump said in a recent interview on Fox and Friends:

“We have got to get the attorney general to act. He’s got to act and he’s got to act fast. He’s gotta appoint somebody.”

According to a reports, Trump was reacting to a letter that was recently sent from House Republicans urging Barr to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Biden family.

The letter was signed by 11 Republicans and read:

“These alleged violations raise serious questions about former Vice President Joe Biden’s reported participation with his son’s business dealings, specifically whether the former vice president (1) received foreign monies during his tenure in the Obama administration and (2) if former Vice President Biden allowed his son to peddle access to his father with foreign business entities.”

Trump wants Barr to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the details that were released from the New York Post.

Trump said:

“This is major corruption and this has to be known about before the election.”

Trump’s recent comments puts additional pressure on Barr, who faces a difficult choice on whether to launch a massive investigation just two weeks before Election Day. One of the many emails published by the New York Post showed Hunter Biden outlining a “provisional agreement” with a Chinese energy company.

Allegedly, the proposal cites 10 percent of the equity held for “the big guy,” identified as Biden, a source told Fox News. Trump previously accused Biden of not only knowing about Hunter Biden’s shady dealings, but that he was getting rewarded financially.

Trump said:

“Joe is far more corrupt than Hunter because Joe knew everything. Joe’s getting a piece of everything.”

The letter from House Republicans was written after the New York Post published emails suggesting that Hunter Biden introduced his father to a top executive at Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings in 2015, one year before the then-vice president allegedly pressured the country’s government to fire a prosecutor who had launched an investigation into the company.

According to the Biden campaign, Joe had never met with that executive and has allegedly pushed back on the New York Post reporting.

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement:

“Investigations by the press, during impeachment, and even by two Republican-led Senate committees whose work was decried as ‘not legitimate’ and political by a GOP colleague have all reached the same conclusion: that Joe Biden carried out official U.S. policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing.”

According to reports, the New York Post has not allowed other outlets to see material taken from the laptop allegedly owned by Hunter Biden, however Democrats in Congress and other media reports have claimed that the FBI is investigating the Post stories as the fruits of a Russian disinformation campaign.

During a recent appearance on Fox Business, John Ratcliffe, a former Republican congressman installed by Trump as director of national intelligence insisted that there is no indication that the Post stories arose from Russian disinformation efforts. 

He said:

“Let me be clear, the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that and we have shared no intelligences with Adam Schiff or any member of Congress.”

The letter from House Republicans said in part:

“We request that the Department of Justice immediately appoint an independent, unbiased special counsel to investigate the issues that we have raise as well as any corresponding legal or ethical issues that might be uncovered from the former vice president’s 47 years in public office.”

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WASHINGTON, DC- The Hunter Biden story just keeps getting more and more disturbing as additional information has emerged after the New York Post obtained a copy of a hard drive from his computer.

Now, Breitbart News is reporting in an exclusive story that in newly obtained emails from one of Biden’s business partners, they lay out how Hunter Biden and his colleagues used his access to the Obama-Biden administration in order to arrange off-the-book meetings for Chinese clients and investors at the White House.

The emails, which have never been previously released, outline a private, off-the-books meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden and a delegation of Chinese investors aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.

The 2011 email revealed that Hunter Biden’s business associates had also discussed a potential relationship with what one of them referred to as China Inc.,” which was part and parcel of a “new push on soft diplomacy for the Chinese.” Breitbart said this trove of emails is unrelated to the emails found on Hunter Biden’s computer obtained by the Post.

The emails were provided by a former business associate of Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, who was also on the board at Burisma with Biden, Bevan Cooney, who is currently locked up for a fraudulent bond investment scheme in 2016.

Cooney reached out to Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and senior contributor at Breitbart News in 2019 after he read Schweizer’s 2018 book Secret Empires. Cooney said that he believed he was the so-called “fall guy” for the fraud scheme, and that Biden and Archer had avoided responsibility. He wanted to set the record straight.

Archer was convicted in the case; however, a federal judge vacated his conviction. Later on, an appellate court reinstated the conviction, reversing a lower court judge’s ruling. Archer is currently awaiting sentencing in the scheme.

Cooney reached back out to Schweizer through an intermediary, investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand. It was from his prison cell that Cooney provided Schweizer with “written authorization, his email account name, and password to his Gmail account” to retrieve the emails.

Further, he gave written authorization to publicize the emails, which Breitbart said was notable since it is the first time that someone inside Hunter Biden’s circle confirmed that he had used his father’s influence for gain.

The emails are instructive in that they show exactly how Hunter Biden peddled his father’s influence during the Obama-Biden Administration. Hunter Biden’s associates used his relationship with and access to his father and the White House in order to generate business.

One such email from November 5, 2011 was from one of Archer’s business contacts, who forwarded an email which suggested an opportunity to gain “potentially outstanding new clients” by arranging meetings at the White House for a group of Chinese executives and government officials.

The group was called the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) and counted among the delegation were Chinese billionaires, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) loyalists, and at least one “respected diplomat” from Beijing.

The CED seems innocent enough, a bunch of entrepreneurs trying to find out how capitalism works in the west right? Not so much. The CED is basically known as a “second foreign ministry” for the People’s Republic of China.

For people uninformed about world politics, China is a communist government that basically controls most if not all the businesses in that country. The CEC, established in 2006, was conceived by a group of businessmen and Chinese government officials.

The leadership of CEC counts among its members a number of senior members of the Chinese Communist Party, which includes Wang Zhongyu (“vice chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee and deputy secretary of the Party group”), Ma Weihua (director of multiple Chinese Communist Party offices), and Jiang Xipei (member of the Chinese Communist Party and representative of the 16th National Congress), among many others.

“I know it is a political season and people are hesitant but a group like this does not come along every day,” wrote Mohamed A Khashoggi, an intermediary writing on behalf of the CEC to an associate of Hunter Biden and Archer.

“A tour of the white house [sic] and a meeting with a member of the chief of staff’s office and John Kerry would be great,” Khashoggi said, then including an obvious red flag:

“Not sure if one has to be registered to do this.”

In other words, Khashoggi was referring to being a “registered lobbyist under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Khashoggi intimated that the visit would be “a soft diplomacy play that could be very effective” while giving Hunter Biden and his business partners “good access to [the Chinese] for any deal in the future.”

The email referred to CEC’s wealthy membership:

CEC’s current membership includes 50 preeminent figures such as: Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of the CEC, Legend Holdings and Lenovo Group; Wu Jinglian, Zhang Weiying, and Zhou Qieren, China’s esteemed economists; Wu Jianmin, respected diplomate; Long Yongtu, representative of China’s globalization; Wang Shi (Vanke); Ma Weihua (China Merchants Bank); Jack Ma (Alibaba Group); Guo Guangchang (Fosun Group); Wang Jianlin, (Wanda Group); Niu Gensheng (LAONIU Foundation); Lli Shufu (Geely); Li Dongsheng (TCL Corporation); Feng Lun (Vantone), and more.

How wealthy? The gross income of the CEC members was estimated at “more than RM 1.5 trillion, together accounting for roughly 4% of China’s GDP.” In their proposition to Hunter Biden’s business associates, they described CEC members as “industrial elites,” “highly influential,” and included “the most important private sector individuals in China today.”

The CEC had been trying to get meetings with Obama administration officials for some time with no success prior to contacting Hunter Biden’s connections. “From the DC side as you will see below, they [CEC] have written letters to several members of the administration and others and have so far not had a strong reaction.”

In the email, Khashoggi wrote, “This is China Inc.” referring to the Chinese oligarchs.

“Biggest priority for the CEC group is to see the White House, and have a senior US politician, or senior member of Obama’s administration, give them a tour…If our friend in DC can help, we would be extremely grateful,” Khashoggi said.

Within ten days, Biden and Archer scored for the Chinese Communist Party.

Khashoggi sent the email to a man named Gary Fears, who was a political fundraiser with a questionable history who got caught up in a riverboat casino in the mid 90’s, who then forwarded it to Archer a few weeks after.

Khashoggi warned in the email that time was of the essence, as the Chinese delegation would be in the nation’s capital on Nov. 14, 2011. Fears urged Archer to “reach out” to Khashoggi about the request to get the Chinese delegation into the Obama White House, while urging Archer to attend and “get guys for the potash deal.”

On that same day that Fears sent the email message to him, Archer sent a business proposal to Khashoggi for a potash mine deal that he had lined up.

Within six days after the initial contact, Archer received an additional email in which he was asked how the meeting with the CEC representative turned out.

In closing, the email said, “Do me a favor and ask Hunter [Biden] to call me—I’ve tried reaching him a couple of times,” to which Archer responded, “Hunter is traveling in the UAE for the week with royalty so probably next week before he will be back in pocket…The meeting with [CEC representative] was good. Seems like there is a lot to do together down the line. Probably not a fit for the current Potash private placement but he’s a good strategic relationship as the mine develops. Definitely have a drink with Mohammed and let him know how impressed I was with the whole deal.”

Around one minute later, Archer sent a follow-up email:

“Couldn’t confirm this with Hunter on the line but we got him his meeting at the WH Monday for the Chinese folks.”

On the day of the meeting, which was on November 14, 2011, Cooney sent an email to confirm that Archer “got the Chinese guys all taken care of in DC.”

The meeting was confirmed in Obama-Biden Administration archives, confirming the Chinese delegation visit on November 14, 2011, and that they had enjoyed high-level access. According to the White House visitor logs, the visit included around 30 members. For the record, those visitor logs did not show that the Chinese delegation had met with Joe Biden.

The logs did note that the host of the meeting was Jeff Zients, deputy director of Obama’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Obama had assigned Zients the task of the restructuring and consolidation of export-import agencies under the Commerce Department, which would have been of particular interest to the Chinese delegation.

Besides Zient, the delegation also met with Commerce Secretary John Bryson, according to a trip itinerary posted by the CEC.

Official Obama-Biden visitor logs don’t mention any meetings taking place between the Chinese delegation and Biden. However, it appears that the meeting was held…off the books.

However, a somewhat obscure document containing CEC members’ biographies gave up the gig. CEC Secretary General Maggie Cheng has within her biography that she had facilitated CEC delegation meetings in Washington, DC in 2011, and speaks about the various figures the delegation met with. The first name she mentioned? Vice President Joe Biden.

Here we go: President Trump urges A.G. William Barr to act fast, investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden
Maggie Cheng Biography Page photo: China Entrepreneur Club website

So, what was gained out of that meeting? Well, for Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, they made out rather well. Two years afterward, they helped to form a Chinese government investment fund, Bohai Harvest RST (BHR).

The threads get pretty twisted but one of the first investments made by BHR was a ride-sharing company not unlike Uber or Lyft, called Didi Dache, now known as Didi Chuxing Technology Co.

That company is connected to a man named Liu Chuanzhi, who is the chairman of CEC and the founder of Legend Holdings—the parent company of Lenovo, one of the largest computer companies in the world.

Liu meantime is a former official within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and led the 2011 CEC delegation to the White House. His daughter served as the president of Didi.

Liu had a longtime involvement in CCP politics, including a stint as representative for the 9th, 10th, and 11th sessions of the National People’s Congress of the PRC.

He was also tied into various other congressional meetings of the CCP. Liu is also affiliated with an organization known as the Chinese United Front, which consolidates support for CCP policies among non-CCP members, including individuals of Chinese descent overseas.

Using White House access to facilitate business deals benefiting your family. If the last name was Trump? You wouldn’t hear the end of it. It makes you wonder what else the CCP might have gotten out of their access to Joe Biden. 

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