President Trump honors heroes in law enforcement, including deputy who saved infant’s life


WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump recently honored a Berkeley County Sheriff’s deputy on July 13th during a roundtable meeting at the White House, where law enforcement as a whole was regarded highly.

The reason for the president delivering accolades to the deputy was because of emergency aid rendered by the deputy to a 12-day old baby that had stopped breathing in June of 2019.

Berkeley County Cpl. William Kimbro was at the right place at the right time when he enacted a traffic stop for a speeding vehicle in Berkeley County, South Carolina on June 11th, 2019. When he exited his cruiser, so did the driver of the car – because her 12-day-old baby had suddenly stopped breathing.

Cpl. Kimbro wasted no time in rendering first aid to the child, named Ryleigh, administering chest compressions and succeeding in getting the child to breathe once again before handing young Ryleigh off to EMS once they arrived at the scene.

Ryleigh’s mother, Kemira Boyd, spoke about Cpl. Kimbro’s quick acting that day:

“While leaving out of my neighborhood, Officer Kimbro came. He was coming into the neighborhood and he immediately pulled me over. And we immediately jumped out, and he just took her from my arms and proceeded helping her.”

President Trump spoke about the importance of creating awareness of police interactions such as these:

“You don’t hear those stories. That’s why I think it’s important to have a meeting like this.”

During the White House meeting, Cpl. Kimbro told President Trump that Boyd had asked both him and his wife to be the godparents of young Ryleigh after their fateful meeting in June of last year. Cpl. Kimbro described the intertwining of their lives as something “blessed”:

“We’ve been blessed, and we just…it’s been a wonderful experience.”

During the same White House roundtable, President Trump also extended praises to Palm Beach County, Florida, Deputy Corey Reece. Back in June of 2020, Deputy Reece thwarted a kidnapping attempt of a four-year-old while off duty at a hotel in Tampa.

When speaking about the heroic act, Deputy Reece stated:

“You know, I was just doing what I was trained to do, what I was told to do. You know, just being there at the right time, right place, and that’s it.”

President Trump replied to the deputy’s humble response, saying:

“It’s called ‘natural instinct,’ right? More than anything else. Thank you very much. Great job.”

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We at Law Enforcement Today recently reported on the heroism of Deputy Reece last month. Here’s the report on that in case you missed it.

A recent kidnapping attempt of a four-year-old was reportedly thwarted in Tampa by an off-duty Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy, according to reports.

The kidnapping attempt was said to have happened on June 13th, when a suspect allegedly broke into a hotel room and snatched the child while the mother was inside of the restroom.

Officials from the Tampa Police Department went into detail regarding the incident that took place at the Hampton Inn located on West Laurel Street.

Police say that 31-year-old Desmond Johnson had managed to force his way into one of the hotel rooms inside of the Hampton, where upon entering the room, three children were sitting on a bed.

Johnson allegedly took the four-year-old child, and the other children cried for their mother who was inside of the bathroom when the break-in occurred.

A struggle reportedly ensued between the mother and Johnson, who both were allegedly fighting for the four-year-old child. Other guests heard the commotion, and allowed the mother and her three kids to seek refuge inside of adjacent rooms.

However, Johnson reportedly followed the four victims and even went so far as to start assaulting other guests from the hotel who were intervening.

According to police, Johnson then pulled the four-year-old child into the hallway of the hotel while the mother was still holding onto him. That’s when off-duty Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Corey Reece became entrenched in the struggle.

Deputy Reece was able to subdue Johnson until officers from the Tampa Police Department were able to arrive on scene and take the suspect into custody.

Teri Barbera, who serves as the media relations director for the PBCSO, released the following statement upon news circulating of Deputy Reece’s intervention in the attempted kidnapping:

“The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Officer learned today that one of our [deputies], D/S Corey Reece, while off duty, was instrumental in saving a young child from being kidnapped. We are very proud of his quick actions and attention to what could have been a very volatile situation.”

No injuries were reported to the victims in the case. As for Johnson, he was hit with numerous charges that included both burglary and attempted kidnapping.

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