Pregnant Florida librarian shot dead by motorcyclist she intentionally hit with her car then pulled a gun on


ORANGE CITY, FL – A pregnant woman was shot and killed after pulling a gun on a motorcyclist she intentionally struck with her car over the weekend on a Florida street, police said Monday.

Orange City police say 35-year-old Sara Morales, a local liberarian,  “intentionally hit” a man on his motorcycle with her car on Saturday, Nov. 22.

Morales was driving her car just after 5 p.m. on Saturday in the 1400 block of N. Volusia Avenue when she struck the motorcyclist, 40-year-old Andrew Derr. She then fled the scene in her blue Kia, ignoring Derr’s and other witnesses’ requests for her to wait for police.

Orange City police said Derr was not injured in the crash.

Derr and witnesses followed Morales to the intersection of 17-92 and Wisconsin Ave, where they demanded she stop to await officers’ arrival. She refused to stop, and they continued following her to her home. Once at home, Morales went inside.

Outside her home, a witness called 911. While the witness was talking with the dispatcher, Morales came back outside with a gun and confronted Derr and the witnesses.

Derr, who had a concealed weapons permit, drew his gun and shot Morales multiple times. A witness was on the phone with authorities as the shooting occurred. The confrontation was caught on the audiotape of the call.

On the tape, you can hear Morales shout at those outside the home:

“You followed me to my house!”

Multiple gun shots are then heard, and the dispatcher asked, “What’s that?”

Screaming could be heard in the background and the witness answered, “The lady.”

Derr could be heard shouting:

“She tried to pull a gun on me!”

The witness then told the dispatcher that Morales had been shot. When the dispatcher asked who shot her, the witness answered:

“The dude that got hit on the bike. The dude on the bike shot her.”

Orange City Fire Rescue responded to provide medical care at the scene before Morales was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

Officials say she was four to five months pregnant at the time and had an 11-year-old daughter.

Police body camera video released by authorities shows the moments after the shooting when police arrive. Officers, with guns drawn, place Derr in handcuffs, as is normal procedure for shooting incidents. 

While they place him into custody, Derr repeats that Morales “troed to kill” him, and that he was defending himself. He also said he was sorry.


Police said Derr had a valid Florida permit to carry a concealed weapon. He remained on the scene until officers arrived and is cooperating with the investigation.

Derr remained on scene until officers arrived, and he is cooperating with investigators, police said.

A handgun belonging to Morales was found at the scene.

The investigation is ongoing and no charges were immediately filed, according to police.

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Suspect in road rage murder of innocent 2-year-old girl accidentally released on $15,000 bond

August 21, 2021


MEMPHIS, TN- This could have ended very badly. Law enforcement officials in Memphis, Tennessee are confirming that a suspect in the killing of a two-year old toddler in a road rage incident is back in custody after being “accidentally” released.

FOX 13 in Memphis reports that Tylan McCray has been taken back into custody after a “clerical error” resulted in his release late this week.

According to the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, McCray’s bond was set at $15 million, however due to the error his bond was shown as being $15,000.


McCray, 21, was arrested and charged in the shooting death of 2-year-old Laylah Washington in the road rage incident. The case made national headlines when the young child was shot as she rode in a car with her mother in a white Nissan Maxima near Castle Creek on June 11, 2017.

FOX 13 said it took investigators more than a year to compile a case and arrest two men in connection with the crime. McCray’s 19-year-old cousin, Brandon McCray was charged in the case as being an “accessory after the fact to wit: first-degree murder.”

As reported by the outlet in 2018, Laylah’s family was not happy with the charges levied against Brandon McCray.

“Somebody failed to do their job because they did not charge the guy driving the car with the same crime that they did the guy that did the shooting,” Terry Washington, Laylah’s uncle said at the time.

In addition to Laylah’s family, the judge who heard the charges expressed some confusion as to why the cousin wasn’t likewise charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder charges against Tylan McCray.

News 3 WREG in Memphis said the district attorney confirmed the error in releasing McCray.

“Someone in the clerk’s office mistakenly entered the bond into the system as $15,000,” said District Attorney Amy Weirich.

By the end of the day on August 17, McCray was able to post the mistaken bond amount and walk out of jail.

“I could’ve been out somewhere and spotted him or he spotted me. That’s scary with him already attempting to kill me and my other kids,” said Leslie Washington, Laylah’s mother.

She told the station she was so distraught over McCray being out of jail that she couldn’t work on Wednesday.

“They told me that had TBI [Tennessee Bureau of Investigation] out looking for him,” she said. “I really was heartbroken because I felt like the justice system had failed us again.”

Fortunately, Washington’s concerns were short lived and by Wednesday afternoon McCray was back behind bars where he belongs. Washington was relieved however said the incident didn’t give her peace of mind.

“They need to take their jobs a little more serious, especially when you’re dealing with criminals, murderers and rapists,” she said. “I think the person needs to be reprimanded for their actions.”

WREG reached out to the clerk’s office to find out exactly what happened, however no further information was provided. They would only say the “issue has been addressed.”

The 2017 incident in which Laylah was killed while she was riding in a car with her mother, who got into an argument with four men in a black four-door sedan. One of the passengers (Tylan McCray) opened fire on the car, striking Laylah in the head. She died two days later.


 Meanwhile in Bridgeton, New Jersey, a 25-year-old man who had been released from jail last year to “prevent the spread” of COVID-19 two days later was involved in the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old, WHDH in Boston reported.

Jerry D. Crawford was serving time on burglary charges when he was cut loose from jail on “public health emergency credits” and delegated to mandatory parole supervision on Nov. 4, 2020, the NJ Department of Corrections told

Crawford and Yusuf J. Wiates, 23, were indicted last week on charges of first-degree murder and first-degree conspiracy to commit murder following a lengthy investigation into the shooting death of Davion Scarborough only two days after Crawford was released.

Scarborough’s body was found near a dirt path located less than a half-mile from South Woods State Prison, the facility Crawford had been released from. He had been shot multiple times.

Both suspects are currently being held and are due back in court for preliminary hearings.



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