Left behind by Biden: Pregnant American stranded in Afghanistan kicked in stomach by Taliban, goes into hiding


AFGHANISTAN – According to a report from the Daily Mail, a pregnant American woman who was left stranded in Afghanistan was forced into hiding after being attacked and kicked in the stomach by the Taliban.

The woman, who goes by Nasria, was forced into hiding after she was prevented from passing through one of the Taliban militants’ checkpoints when making her way to the Kabul airport.

She was attempting to flee with her husband, according to the Daily Mail’s report. When she was stopped at the checkpoint, she was kicked in the stomach.

This couple is among the numerous Americans stranded in the county when the rest of the US forces left and evacuees were no longer being transported out, which the Biden administration can’t even articulate a definitive figure on exactly how many Americans were left behind in Afghanistan.

Despite President Joe Biden’s past assurances that all Americans would be out of Afghanistan by the deadline he established and accepted by the Taliban, there are sadly an unknown number of people left behind who are having to put their faith in diplomatic efforts to save them.

Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican from California, has been pushing to get Nasria and her husband out of the country. He appeared on Fox News’ morning show Fox & Friends on August 31st, and based on their correspondence, he recounted what Nasria was going through:

“She was kicked in the stomach, but she was kicked in the stomach well after – as she got through the first checkpoint for hours, waiting for those people at the south point to supposedly come and get her.”

The couple had never made it to the airport in time to secure a flight home, and have since accepted the reality that they need to go into hiding, according to Rep. Issa:

“It wasn’t until it was clear they had closed, they weren’t taking anyone else for quite awhile, that finally, she accepted that she was going to have to go back and hide in her apartment.”

“We’ve agreed that she’s going to stay sheltered in place, hiding her identity and hoping that her friends will continue to bring her food and keep her secret until frankly, we can come up with something new.”

President Biden did confirm during an August 31st press briefing that approximately 10% of Americans that were among those in Afghanistan were left behind:

“Ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave. And for those remaining Americans, there is no deadline. We remain committed to get them out if they want to come out.”

The president reiterated the notion of there being no deadline for the remaining Americans to be evacuated, laying the responsibility to get the effort accomplished upon U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken:

“Secretary of State Blinken is leading the continued diplomatic efforts to ensure safe passage for any American, Afghan partner, or foreign national who wants to leave Afghanistan.”

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Report: Taliban lured, beat and raped gay man trying to flee Afghanistan, then demanded his father’s number

(Originally published September 1st, 2021)

AFGHANISTAN – According to reports, the Taliban reportedly lured and then beat and raped a gay man in Afghanistan.

Sources say that the victim was lured out under false pretenses, as the Taliban tricked him into meeting up after he expressed desires to flee the country.

LGBT activist Artemis Akbary, who is familiar with the situation, did not reveal the name of the victim.

Akbary said that two Taliban militants had pretended to be a friend of the victim who was hiding and trying to escape Afghanistan. The two Taliban militants had been speaking with the victim for roughly three weeks, where they finally convinced him to meet them in Kabul.

Akbary said after the victim met up with the Taliban members, they beat and raped him and then demanded that he hand over his father’s phone number so that way they could tell him that his son is gay.

From what Akbary says of the situation, the Taliban are far from the new image they’re trying to present to the outside world:

“[The Taliban] are trying to tell the world ‘we are changed and we don’t have problems with women’s rights or human rights.’ They are lying. The Taliban hasn’t changed, because their ideology hasn’t changed.”

Akbary says that his friends abroad are worried about that will become of them under the control of the Taliban:

“My friends in Afghanistan are scared, they don’t know what will happen to them in the future so they’re just trying to hide.”

Earlier in August, a man in Afghanistan told British news outlet the i that his 24-year-old boyfriend was murdered after the Taliban entered Kabul. The two were eating inside of a restaurant earlier in August when they noticed the Taliban coming through the city:

“It was 11 a.m. when the Taliban enter[ed] the city. I told him to go home, it’s dangerous. He said ‘OK’ [and] I go to my home and he went to his.”

The man, who went by the pseudonym of Gabir, was contacted by his brother saying something had happened to his boyfriend. After contacting some more of his friends, Gabir learned of the fate of his boyfriend:

“He said they found him. Two cars came, with Taliban in it. They said, ‘Where is his home?’ and beat him so much. They took him away – nobody knows where – and then they kill him. Afterwards they said they brought the body [back] and cut his body into pieces to show the people that this is what we do with gay people.”

Gabir initially didn’t believe what he was hearing, but then he received a phone call from a Taliban militant who issued a disturbing threat:

“When I answer, he start using bad words. He said, ‘I know you are gay, before capturing Kabul we knew everything about you, you have three or four friends who are gay, you have a boyfriend. Once we settle here in Kabul we will not let you live. If we find you, we will kill you’.”

Gabir feels as though his days are numbered in Afghanistan:

“I’m 100 percent sure I’m going to die. There is no hope for me. Our people don’t support us.”

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Report: Chilling audio released as Taliban engaging in house-to-house executions following U.S. exit from Afghanistan

(Originally published August 31st, 2021)

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – According to reports, the Taliban have allegedly started going door-to-door and committing executions in Kabul following the United States’ exit from Afghanistan.

Furthermore, audio hosting the sounds of distant gunfire was shared to Fox News by an Afghan man who worked with Americans on the ground.

In a portion of the audio clip provided to Fox News, the Afghan man stated the following:

“I think there’s a conflict between the Taliban, I have no idea where I’m located. From everywhere I hear the sounds of shooting, gunfire. I have no idea how to leave.”

The recording of the audio reportedly took place at around the same time that the final U.S. plane left Kabul.

A senior U.S. official also reportedly told Fox News that the Taliban were carrying out “house-to-house executions in Kabul” following the departure of the United States.

This revelation comes shortly after President Joe Biden did not refute a Politico report noting that U.S. officials in Kabul offered the Taliban a list of Americans in the country, green card holders, and Afghan allies in order to enable them access to the airport, which this practice of course caused concern among military officials.

The official Twitter account for the Taliban posted a celebratory message after the final plane took off in Kabul, writing the following:

“The last American soldier left Kabul airport at 9pm Afghan time tonight and our country gained full independence, Alhamdulillah Walmana.”

Retired 2-Star Army General Vincent Boles cautioned that the Taliban should not to become too comfortable with declaring independence, because they must now demonstrate on a national level that they will follow through on their vows to be a different Taliban than two decades ago:

“Be careful what you ask for. Now they have to show they can govern a nation and people that are very different than when they left power. Will the Taliban go forward to the future or pull Afghanistan back to the past? The answer will be in their behavior…behavior is believable.”

Earlier in August, while the evacuations were still in full-swing, a former translator for a high-ranking U.S. Army Ranger claimed that the Taliban had already started executing U.S. allies in public, in areas away from Kabul so as to avoid media attention:

“They are not doing really bad stuff in Kabul right now because there’s a lot of media focus on Kabul, but they already started public execution in other provinces where a lot of media is not available or covering it.”

In another concerning development, the CENTCOM commander, Marine Corps General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., stated that “we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out,” prior to the August 31st deadline. General McKenzie explained that the final five flights leaving the country did not host any American citizens:

“We maintained the ability to bring them in up until immediately before departure, but we were not able to bring any Americans out. None of them made it to the airport and were able to be accommodated.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that a “small number” of Americans remain in the country that want to actually leave Afghanistan, estimating the number to be somewhere around 100:

“We believe there are still a small number of Americans, under 200 and likely closer to 100, who remain in Afghanistan and want to leave. We’re trying to determine exactly how many.”

General McKenzie says that with there being no American troops on the ground in Afghanistan, officials will have to rely on diplomatic efforts to get the Americans back home:

“I believe that we’re going to get those people out. I think we’re also going to negotiate very hard and very aggressively to get our other Afghan partners out. Our desire to bring these people out remains as intense as it was before.”


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