Prayers needed: Milwaukee officer shot while in pursuit of fleeing suspects


Wisconsin – Police say a Milwaukee officer is recovering at the hospital after being wounded by gunfire in an incident Tuesday morning. 

According to a report from Fox 6 News, the unnamed officer and his partner attempted to pull a vehicle over after they were seen driving recklessly through the area of Teutonia and Roosevelt.

The driver fled and officers quickly gave chase. During the pursuit, the suspects lost control of their vehicle and crashed in the area of 29th and Teutonia.

Prayers needed: Milwaukee officer shot while in pursuit of fleeing suspects
Fox 6 NOW Broadcast Screenshot


Police confirmed that three suspects then hopped out of the wrecked car and began to run on foot. Officers jumped out of their cruisers and began chasing the suspects. 

It was at that point that one of the suspects allegedly drew his weapon and fired at the Milwaukee officers. 

“Three suspects exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Officers gave chase.  At that time, a suspect fired at one of our officers or two of our officers, striking one,” said Milwaukee Police Captain David Salazar. 


The injured officer was said to be a  32-year-old man with a year-and-a-half of service. His partner is 33 and also has been with the department for a year-and-a-half, according to the captain. 

“He is conscious, and breathing and currently in stable condition,” said Salazar.

As more officers converged on the scene, a 26-year-old man and a 31-year-old man were taken into custody. Shortly after, police discovered the suspect who allegedly pulled the trigger dead of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

The suspects were not identified by name.


The weapon was recovered at the scene and authorities are continuing to investigate the details of the shooting. It was unclear if Milwaukee police fired any shots during the incident. 

Both the wounded officer and his partner will be placed on administrative leave while the investigation continues. 

The entire team at LET offers our prayers to the injured officer while he recovers. 


Earlier today we brought you the story about an injured California deputy who says his life was saved by his body-worn camera. 

Police are looking for the suspect who allegedly opened fire in a targeted, unprovoked attack on a California deputy’s life.

According to a report from the Mercury News, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputy Sukhdeep Gill was on patrol Friday evening when he encountered his brush with death. 

Officials say that Gill was patrolling the Uvas Reservoir area when he got out of his cruiser to look around. Gill says that as he was outside his SUV, he noticed a car approaching his position. 

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But as the car drew closer, all of a sudden the headlights cut off. The next thing he knew, Gill was taking fire. According to reports, the gunman fired four shots, with one of the rounds striking the deputy in the chest. 

In an incredible stroke of luck, the bullet struck Gill’s body cam, which was backed by his body armor, preventing the round from entering his chest and potentially killing him. 

Reacting quickly, Gill reportedly squeezed off two rounds from his service weapon before calling, “Shots fired! Shots fired!” over the radio. 

Dispatchers say the next few minutes only brought silence from Gill’s end of the radio, prompting authorities to fear the worst. But the deputy had reportedly stumbled and fallen down an embankment during the shootout. After a few moments, they say he was able to climb his way back up to the road and made contact with the station again. 

“I think I was hit,” Gill can be heard saying.


Gill was transported to the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. His department says he’s lucky to be alive, and if it wasn’t for the body cam and vest, the encounter might’ve been his last.

Sheriff Laurie Smith described the shooting as an “unprovoked attack” during a press conference. 

“It was an ambush,” Smith said. “Any one of those rounds could have hit him anywhere. He was very brave under fire.”

During the press briefing, Smith showed an image of the wounded deputy’s body-worn camera. It clearly shows the point of impact from the fired round – almost dead center. 

Prayers needed: Milwaukee officer shot while in pursuit of fleeing suspects
Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office


Another photo showed what appeared to be three additional bullet holes in the rear of his squad car.

Gill considers himself extremely lucky to be walking away from the incident relatively unharmed. 

“This was absolutely a close call,” Lt. Brendan Omori said. “This was a targeted attack.”

Police are still desperately looking for the suspect who attempted to take the deputy’s life in the targeted shooting. While they have no suspects, their strongest lead is a description of the vehicle, which was described as a silver 2000s-era sedan, most likely a Honda.

They’re asking anyone with any information to contact the sheriff’s office. 

“We’ll follow up every lead,” Smith said. “We want to bring the person or persons to justice.”

Prayers needed: Milwaukee officer shot while in pursuit of fleeing suspects
Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office


Deputy Gill is now home recovering with his family at his side. It’s not clear whether or not his return fire struck the suspect or their vehicle. 

“Given the gravity of the situation, he’s doing quite well,” he said.

Officials say once the suspect is apprehended, they will face premeditated attempted murder charges. Additionally, investigators are looking into whether the attack was motivated by hate, as Gill is a practicing Sikh and wears a turban. 

“We support him, and our department supports him,” Omori said. “It’s unknown whether it’s a hate crime or a crime of opportunity against law enforcement.”

Mercury News wrote that anyone with information about the shooting can contact the Sheriff’s Office at 408-808-4500, or  leave an anonymous tip at 408-808-4431.


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