‘Small’ gathering of the faithful at the Lincoln Memorial draws more than 75,000 people – and the Vice President

Washington, D.C – Vice President Michael Pence surprised Sean Feucht, leader of the “Let Us Worship” Movement, and joined in on Prayer Over America on September 27, 2020 at the Lincoln Memorial.
The crowd gathered was estimated to be 75,000 to 100,000 strong, as Feucht and Michael W. Smith entertained them and worshipped God.

It was overcast on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but that did not deter the large crowd. Reverend Franklin Graham introduced the Vice President Pence to the massive gathering.

A sense of excitement filled the crowd, and Feucht spun his cellphone around so his fans could see the endless sea of people. People were as far back as the obelisk at Washington Monument.

The event was drama free, as everyone was there for the same reason, prayer. Prayer over a fractured nation in desperate need for healing, and God’s guidance.


To the crowd’s surprise, Pence and his wife took the podium. Vice President Pence was received with loud cheers.

He said:

“We are honored today to be at this Washington Prayer March. We wanted to be here to stand with you.”


He then “extend the greetings and gratitude” of President Donald Trump. The crowd cheered as Pence made the remark. He told the crowd that although the President was unable to attend, he sent this simple message:

“Thank you for your prayers.”

Pence recalled some history for the marchers. The time where President George Washington prayed for the leaders of the city, and the places of the United States. He recalled when Abraham Lincoln said he had been driven to his knees in prayer for guidance from the All Mighty. He added that President Trump observed many times that America is “a nation of believers.”

Pence continues by telling the crowd that as both he and the President have traveled around the nation, and often hear the sweetest words…at which point, one guy from the crowd yells:

“Four more years!”

Pence smiles at the humor, but continues to the phrase that really means the most to him and the President:

“I’m praying for you.”

He then charged those at the Lincoln Memorial to pray for all the members of the executive branch, and all the members of congress.

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LET Unity

I know it’s hard, but yes, this does include Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Hey, God does command us to pray for our enemies. Sometimes just ask God to help them serve His will. I know, it’s a hard request to stomach, but does this not show the character of Pence? He is asking us to pray for all members of congress.

He went on to encourages those in attendance to pray for the Justices on the Supreme Court, in addition to asking for them to pray for the members of the United States Military, and their families. He then requests prayer for another group of people:

“Pray for all those who serve. Especially the men and women serve on the thin blue line of law enforcement.”

He urged people to pray for the doctors, nurses, and those who are dealing with loss. He asked that we pray with confidence, that: 


“That He will hear from Heaven, and heal this land.”

The post on Facebook, with the front row seat of Pence’s speech, got 40,000 views, 3.2K comments, and 24,000 shares.

Some of the comments on the post include:

“So thankful for the prayers of the thousands of people praying in our capitol today!!! The prayers are echoing over Washington DC!!! Thank you Vice President Pence for adding your voice to those who are praying for our nation.”

“Vice president Mike Pence you brought tears to my eyes because you spoke about the one thing that’s going to get us through all of this and that is our faith in our God and his son nothing more powerful the word of God thank you it was an excellent empowerful speech to the people in Jesus name we pray amen”

“Wished I could have been there !! God bless America ! Thanks to all who attended ! So wonderful to see Christians gathered together during this troubling time. God will hear the prayers of the righteous ! So glad Mike Pence and wife were able to attend!”

“To see this in Washington brings me to tears….it has been sorely lacking in other administration’s. May God bless America and heal our land”

“Thankful for prayer answered and men of God in leadership like Mike Pence who honor God as they execute their duties to this country. Thankful for our nation and this incredible day of prayer. God bless America!”

“Look at all the people praying together. That just gives me hope for a better tomorrow. Our God is powerful. Our country needs healing.”

“I listened and was joining in prayer from my home! Loved hearing the leaders hearts for the Lord! And their prayers! And seeing groups of people praying on the Mall!”

After the prayers, Feucht mentioned that he, and all the hundreds of people that gathered were marching from the Lincoln Memorial, through the Mall, and to the Capital Building.

Here, he also talked about his “Let Us Worship” rally on October 25, 2020.

Feucht, the founder of the Hold the Line Movement, encourages Christian leaders to get more involved with politics, and he calls on believers to sign his “Let Us Worship” petition.

Sean Feucht is a Christian preacher who is a leader in the “Let Us Worship” Movement. 

His website for Hold the Line says:

“Moses led God’s people to freedom.  Nehemiah rebuilt the ancient walls of Jerusalem.  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to bow down and it changed the course of a nation.   

God uses His people to do His work.  Our world is spinning fast, but God’s eternal purposes never get old.   Our mandate is to stand firm and hold the line.” 

According to his Facebook page, Sean Feuch is a husband, father, missionary, speaker, author and founder of a grassroots global worship and prayer. Feucht, the founder of the Hold the Line Movement, encourages Christian leaders to get more involved with politics, and calls on believers to sign his “Let Us Worship” petition.


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