Pray for the Officers


Lord, please guide them on their assignments

Please won’t You pave their way,

Too many have been taken away from us

Please protect each one today.

Lord please send them Guardian Angels

For they most certainly deserve the best,

There’ve been too many flag draped coffins

Too many brave heroes laid to rest.

Lord please give them the strength they need

Please make their eyes like an eagle’s, sharp,

They’re being ambushed for no reason

It’s tearing their families apart.

Lord please guide their hands to be steady

Their aims be straight and true,

For when they have no other choice

And they must do what they have to do.

Lord please let them all return home

So many depend on them,

They do so much and get little thanks

Yet they do it again and again.

Lord I ask You please on bended knee

They don’t do this for fortune or fame,

They do it to keep us safe from harm

I ask these things in Your Son’s name.




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