‘Potomac River Rapist’ found dead in prison cell while awaiting trial for rape of numerous women, murder of another


Washington D.C.: A suspect, Giles Warrick, known as the Potomac River Rapist was found dead inside his Washington D.C. area jail cell as he awaited trial for the rape of numerous women and the murder of another.

Not too many people will likely be upset about the death.

'Potomac River Rapist' found dead in prison cell while awaiting trial for rape of numerous women, murder of another
Warrick was found hanging in his cell. Horry County Sheriff’s Office

More on the Potomac case

Warrick was the suspect in the Potomac River murder case back from 1998. At that time, 29-year-old Christine Mirzayan was walking home from a friend’s place in Georgetown, DC, when she encountered the suspect. Mirzayan just finished spending time with friends on a hot summer day but luck was not on her side.

Unfortunately, that was the last day anyone saw her alive.

Authorities allege Warrick sexually assaulted Mirzayan and bludgeoned her to death with a 73-pound rock.

The case was on a halt for almost a little over a decade. And the police decided it was a cold case. But thankfully, the police didn’t give up.

They eventually found DNA evidence linking Warrick to the area. In addition to the Mirzayan murder, the police also charged Warrick with eight other cases from 1991 until 1998.

It was a DNA test that led the police to Warrick. After further investigation, they found the similarity among the cases, primarily in their violent nature. The result was investigators believe Warrick committed seven out of nine cases.

'Potomac River Rapist' found dead in prison cell while awaiting trial for rape of numerous women, murder of another

Warrick’s Past

Warrick worked as a landscaping contractor in the DC area. And in 2019, he moved to South Carolina. The police apprehended him after they found forensic evidence linking Warrick with the murder and several other crimes.

The 60-year-old turned out to be a serial rapist with victims aged 18 to 58. In total, he sexually assaulted eight women during that time. One of them was an 18-year-old babysitter. Two of his victims were mothers with children who were at the house when the crime happened.

There is no report on why Warrick ended his life by hanging. He was supposed to stand trial in late November. Warrick was known to be a loner who kept to himself most of the time during his incarceration. According to correctional officials, he never actively pursue friendships with other inmates.

Jail Image
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Warrick Found Dead

According to reports, Warrick took his own life by hanging using bed sheets. This is a common method of suicide in prison as there is not immediate access to other means. He was found hanging in his cell at approximately 8am, and was pronounced dead 30 minutes later.

It unclear how long Warrick was dead for but correctional officials are investigating the matter. They will try to determine if the assigned housing unit officers were neglectful in their duties.

For most prisons, it is standard policy to routinely check the welfare of inmates, usually every thirty minutes. However, it is not uncommon for correctional officers to become complacent with their responsibilities, especially during the overnight shift known as the graveyard shift.

Inmates typically monitor the behaviors of officer’s to pick up on routines and habits. Once an inmate has a general idea of their movements, they often plan and execute a variety of misdeeds behind an officer’s back. These include passing contraband like drugs to other inmates, engaging in unlawful sexual acts, violent attacks on other inmates and even committing suicide.

If an inmate wants to commit suicide during an officer who is doing their job correctly, he will wait for the officer to complete a tour of the unit. The inmate then knows approximately how much time he has before the officer conducts another.

It may be a fitting end for the accused rapist, but it’s still not exact justice the victim’s family and friends were expected. After waiting for more than a decade to find the suspect who killed Mirzayan, it is unclear how they feel about the untimely outcome. Warrick’s death means he won’t be able to stand trial- so case closed. We pray for the victim’s and their families and hope they all find peace.

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'Potomac River Rapist' found dead in prison cell while awaiting trial for rape of numerous women, murder of another

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