Opening social media this weekend, I saw all of the keyboard warriors coming out of the woodwork.

After two mass shootings, it appeared as if every single Twitter and Facebook user in the world was a lawyer.

The blood wasn’t even dry yet – in EITHER massacre – and yet it was immediately politicized.  It’s become painfully evident how much social media has divided us.  How much the mainstream media has divided us.  How much we’ve divided ourselves.

I don’t like glorifying the killers.  But there’s something worth pointing out when it comes to the three most recent murderers in the Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton slaughters.

Three killers

Tim Kennedy, a well known MMA face, nailed it in his post on Facebook:

“In a time where masculinity has been demonized. When identifying toxic masculinity is more celebrated than a man’s achievements. What we are seeing is the most vile form of that rage being realized. Masculinity is about being a protector. Masculinity is about integrity.

It is hardwired into every single man’s soul. We all have a choice to fight. We are all warriors on the inside. But if that is suppressed, if that is denied, it manifests in the most unhealthy ways.

We have to a have purpose and let that purpose be fulfilled. We have to stop telling our young men to be anything else but a man. Strength is good. A fierce passion to protect the helpless is good. An insuppressible desire to explore and discover should be encouraged.

Danger should be sought out and success should be rewarded. No medals for participation. But elation with every accomplishment.

Let’s celebrate what it means to be a man. We stormed the beaches of Normandy to stop the Nazis. Placed the American flag on Iwo Jima and built the Chrysler building in New York City. Let’s remember what it means to be a man and most of all let us show this next generation what it looks like to be a man. Let them see you fail. Let them see you sweat. Let them see blood. Let them see tears. But most of all let them see us be men.”

So how exactly did we get to this horrific place in society? 

Not long ago, I gave a keynote speech in front of 2,000 high school students about patriotism in America. And while I was on stage, it hit me.

They have no memory of the 9/11 terror attacks.

psychologically prepared

I suppose in some ways it’s a good thing.  After all, so many of us will never forget the images on live television watching those planes crash into the towers.

But in other ways … it’s scary.  Scary that it seems that so many Americans who DID live through it have already forgotten it.

When those towers were hit, class wasn’t dismissed.  You know what happened?  We had difficult conversations in school.  We experienced history – as painful as it was.  That experience was a crucial part of our development as Americans.

Now?  We have a President elected by the AMERICAN PEOPLE and schools are dismissed and college classes cancelled so students can find a safe space.

The day after those terror attacks, American flags were waving everywhere.

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Now?  People talk about the American flag as being a sign of oppression and take a knee as a sign of disrespect during the National Anthem.

In the weeks and months following those terror attacks, people thanked police officers for their service to the communities.

Now?  They are convicted in the court of public opinion of crimes that include just being a cop.

I’m blessed to have many friends who rushed off to serve our country.  Take, for example, my friend Carl.  Carl gave up a full ride to a prestigious university because he wanted to fight for his country.  His sense of patriotism drove him to be a NAVY SEAL.

Now?  Our veterans can’t even get basic health care because our elected politicians have their heads so far up their butts that they are frozen in their “resist” movement.

We have become painfully polarized.  We’ve split apart our longest lasting friendships.  We’ve become hateful of our neighbors and our coworkers.  We’ve destroyed our own families.  Why?  Because we have a generation of keyboard warriors.

And it’s not just the millennials and younger.  It’s all generations.  When you run your mouth face to face with someone, you end up suffering very different consequences than you do online.

There’s a glimmer of hope.  We’ve seen The Silent Majority coming out of the woodwork.  Helping fellow Americans in the aftermath of these hurricanes – just like they always do.  Silently pushing forward.  Silently supporting.  Expressing their patriotism in the quietest and most humble of ways.

After the El Paso shooting, there was a line of people who waited in the heat for more than an hour to give blood.

There were strangers who helped each other physically and spiritually.

There was an entire army of warriors in this family at Law Enforcement Today praying.

But while they fight for the America I know still exists … there are others who wish to see that very America destroyed.

We see ANTIFA and BLM rallies that are focused on destruction … and not on unity.  They wear their masks and bring violence to our streets.  The enemy isn’t just hijacking planes.  The enemy is also within.

The only question that remains … have we, as Americans, gotten too soft?

If we’re going to truly pay respect to the lives lost on September 11 … we need to first remember this –

United We Stand.  Divided We Fall.

It’s time to let the blood dry.  It’s time to bury the dead.  It’s time to help the survivors.  

It’s time to honor the warriors who saved lives, not belittle them for their “toxic masculinity”.

It’s time we remember that America doesn’t need “keyboard warriors” or “social justice warriors” who have never tasted their own blood, filled with “skills” that are fine-tuned in the halls of liberal colleges.

Our country needs TRUE warriors.  And to create them, we need to step back from social media and embrace social responsibility.

Our future depends on it.  Our COUNTRY depends on it.  Our children depend on it.

God bless America.

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