Portland: Another riot declared, police department set on fire, officers left bloodied and blinded as attacks escalate


PORTLAND, OR– In another weekend of chaos and destruction, Portland police yet again had to declare a riot Sunday, August 23rd.

Sunday evening, “protesters” marched to the the city’s North Precinct from a park chanting “Jacob Blake”, who was a black man shot by police in Kenosha.

When the “protesters” arrived at the precinct, they began throwing bottles and rocks at the police and the building, along with shining lasers in the eyes of the officers. 

As if that was not enough, these individuals then set fire to an awning on the precinct, which is when a riot was officially declared. 

Portland Police Department said on Twitter:

“Criminal Activity has continued,”

They continued:

“This event is now a RIOT. All persons must leave to the SOUTH. Failure to adhere to this direction may subject you to citation, arrest, and/or crowd control agents including, but not limited to, tear gas and impact weapons.”

The department later tweeted:

“Stop attacking officers.”

The riot on Sunday followed a day of mayhem on Saturday, as right-wing and left-wing protesters clashed and became violent. According to reports, federal authorities had to break up the chaos, which resulted in 14 people being arrested. 

This sparked President Trump to once again urge the leaders in Oregon to accept the federal assistance he offered, in order to “quell” the violence. Both democratic leaders, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown, have repeatedly turned down the Presidents assistance. 

According to Fox News, acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary, Ken Cuccinelli told them on Sunday that the “pathetic failure of local and state officials” was on full display.

He said Gov. Kate Brown,  D-Ore., has over 7,800 national guardsmen who she refuses to activate to contend with the situation in Portland.

He said:

“Oregon has the resources to solve this problem and yet they refuse to do it,” 

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Here is more on the weekend of violence in Portland.

PORTLAND, OR — Riots in Portland, Oregon are well into their third month and last night police were once again working to clear the “protesters” accused of damaging police cards, throwing objects and pointing blinding lasers at them.

A riot was declared early Saturday outside the Police department’s north precinct. Smoke was deployed and officers attempted to physically forced protesters away from the area, news outlets reported.

“Protesters” broke patrol car windows, police said, and glass bottles were thrown and blinding lasers aimed at officers. Videos posted online showed many “protestors” being detained during the riot.  Portland Police arrested only nine people in conjunction with the chaos.

Antifa “protesters” are getting more and more brazen as their actions are being deemed acceptable in many circles.  They are harassing businesses and destroying taxpayer’s property. 

In certain areas of Seattle, “protesters” demanded that white residents “Give me your house”, during “protests” last week.

Last night they were marching in residential areas in Northeast Portland, shining lights into homes and demanding people come out.

In spite of the odds being stacked against them, the men and women of the beleaguered Portland Police Department continue to  fight to defend the lives, rights and property of the law abiding citizens amongst them.

They continue to risk their safety to try and restore some type of order to a city that is rapidly turning into a war zone. They inform the public and work with other law enforcement agencies in an attempt to keep threats at bay.

And they do this with little or no support from the powers that be in the District Attorney’s Office.  A recent Forbe’s report shows that most of the 500-plus people charged with misdemeanors or felonies during violent clashes with law enforcement during Portland, Oregon, Black Lives Matter “protests” will not be prosecuted.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced this recently, leaving the the police bureau very concerned and saying that this condones the destructive behavior.

“I understand what they’re concerned about,” Schmidt said during a press conference, “but at the same time, they have their job and their duties, and that means they will make an arrest when they see that the law’s been broken.

And then I have my job and my duties, which is to have the discretion on whether or not to pursue charges.”

Officials in this liberal leaning city have fought off any type of assistance in restoring law and order from locally enforcing the law to allowing federal officers to protect federal facilities.

Antifa brings guillotine into Portland residential neighborhood, burns American flags: ‘Get in the f-ing streets!’

PORTLAND, OR – Following the day of rallies and nearly declared riots in Portland between terrorist groups and right-wingers, the domestic terrorists were back at it Saturday evening.

Unlike what the local politicians who call themselves leaders want people to believe, gone are the days where the “only” damage being done is to city property and businesses. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are going into Portland neighborhoods and terrorizing residents there.

We have an interesting new development to Law Enforcement Today’s previously reported evening incidents, where we told you about Antifa members in the streets shining lights into people’s homes yelling:

“Wake up mother f—– wake up!”

The domestic terrorists decided to bring a homemade guillotine into a residential neighborhood, and put a teddy bear in the drop as the (assumed) first victim.

About 250 terrorists were allowed to march through the residential streets of Portland while they made their way to Penumbra Kelly Building, where several public safety offices can be found.

Terrorists blared over loud speakers to residents that they needed to provide shelter for the rioters, and also yelled to them:

“Get in the f***ing streets!”

The woman claimed that they are “protecting” residents, and yelled:

“There are safety in numbers. We protect you every night by being out here. Please come and protect us. Make sure you are offering us refuge. We are tired and yet we are still out here. We are simply asking for one night, one hour.”

The attacks continued on police during the riots as well, with the now-usual items being thrown at them: rocks, bottles of feces, bricks, etc.

Among those arrested was a woman who calls herself a “youth life skills coach.” See her photo below, but beware: It’s quite scary.

Here’s the report from earlier in the day on Saturday.

During the day on Saturday, multiple rallies were planned for around the much-targeted Justice Center and Terry Schrunk Plaza (federal property) in downtown Portland. 

One was simply a “pro-police” rally planned for outside the Justice Center, and another large one was the “No to Marxism in America” rally planned for Terry Schrunk Plaza across the street.

Of course it was expected that it would be met with resistance from the likes of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and those terroristic groups did not disappoint.

Due to the violence escalating early against the pro-police rally, several groups converged on the Justice Center to support the pro-police group who were originally there to be a part of the anti-Marxism rally, including the Proud Boys, who describe themselves as a “pro-western fraternity.”

The Proud Boys often show up at pro-Trump rallies and act as a sort of volunteer security for supporters.

The media has turned the Proud Boys into a group of “white supremacists” who are categorized as a “general hate” group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, to the point where a former leader of the group sued them for slander. It should be noted that several “black and brown” Proud Boys members arrived in Portland with the group.

proud boys

Chants of “USA,” “Back the Blue,” “Blue lives matter,” and “A.C.A.B. All Cops Are Brave” rang out from the pro-police side.

Portland: Another riot declared, police department set on fire, officers left bloodied and blinded as attacks escalate

On the terroristic side, chants rang out with the traditional A.C.A.B, as in “All Cops Are Bastards,” and a woman singing a song about how cops are murderers, and their children and wives hate them all. “Black Lives Matter” was also shouted several times.

After about two hours of the pro-police and anti-Marxism combined group at a standoff with BLM/Antifa crowd, the violence started and most of the pro-police group retreated, leaving the “big boys” of the anti-Marxism rally to hold the line.

pro police rally thin blue line flag
Compliments of Leah Anaya

Standing on the line directly behind a group of patriots wielding shields to protect those behind the line, I saw smoke bombs, bottles full of liquid, gallons of juice, canisters spewing smoke and God knows what else, paint, motor oil, eggs, rocks, sticks, and more flying across the street into the group supporting the police and standing for America.

Portland: Another riot declared, police department set on fire, officers left bloodied and blinded as attacks escalate
Man hit with motor oil; Compliments of Leah Anaya

Chemical agents were sprayed from both sides, including pepper spray, CS gas, and bear spray.

One man, a black Bishop in Milwaukee, Oregon, was caught in the fray and took bear spray to the face.

Bishop Jermaine A Williams with the Mission Field Church was at the event in order to try to bring some peace and understanding between the groups. 

While he was recovering from the spray and regaining his vision, I had a chance to talk to him.

Bishop Williams said that he was walking around and noticed two women were on the ground after having been injured during a fight between the groups. He stepped in to help one of them up, and that’s when he was hit with the spray.

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The bishop told me he is pro-police and also supports the movement to bring equality to colored people. Please notice that he supports racial equality, and did not make mention of support for Black Lives Matter.

“I see both sides, and I don’t choose sides. I see the need for the justice that needs to be brought to light and served. There is legitimate hurt from many on that side. I am black myself, and I have had my family done wrong and suspect is was due to the color of my skin, even by police at one point.

“But we can’t judge those in uniform. I can’t judge all of them for what was done by only a few. Without them, our nation won’t be a nation. We need our police.”

Portland riots
Courtesy of Leah Anaya

Bishop Williams also commented on the political game many are playing with the rioting and violence occuring:

“I would like to make a call for governors and mayors to speak out and actually go against the violence. Racism is wrong, but this is so wrong and no way to help it.

“The politicians are allowing this because they’re using it as a ballot ploy. They’re ok with the injustice so they can use it for votes.”

Meanwhile, a black speaker named Raeona Coleman, known for her pro-police stance, showed up to speak at the event.

While she did say a few words, it didn’t go how she thought it would.

Raeona Coleman

Within minutes of her taking the megaphone, Coleman was attacked by a white Black Lives Matter activist. With a water bottle filled with urine.

The poor woman was forced to take her shirt off in front of the entire crowd so people could wash it off with water for her.

Portland protests
Compliments of Leah Anaya

However, that didn’t stop her from speaking. A bottle full of urine thrown at her getting all over her clothes, face, and eyes, didn’t stop her from speaking out.

urine bottle suspect

She was able to get a photo of the man that threw the urine at her, proving that he was a white man. So a black woman showed up to speak for the police, and a white man tried to silence her by throwing pee on her. Does her black life not matter? Does her black voice not matter?

The loving and tolerant left also attacked a transgender woman by spraying her directly in the eye with chemical agents.

pepper spray
Compliments of Leah Anaya

Of course, the media is saying that the “far-right militia” groups present were attacking the “peaceful protesters,” “flashing guns” at them. Never mind the hours of projectiles thrown at the right, and the fact that BOTH groups were head-to-head arguing and throwing punches.

Also the media (and crybaby Antifa) were whining that the police stood by and did nothing to intervene. Police were present via speakerphone, warning groups to stop “engaging in criminal activity.” 

The Washington Post reported that the pro-police presence was a “far-right event.” This plays directly into what politicians like Jo Ann Hardesty has been putting out to her minion followers, saying that the “far-right, white supremacists” are there to deny “peaceful protesters” of their First Amendment rights.

They can’t decide if they want to defund and abolish the police or if they want to be able to run into their waiting arms when the big, bad patriots show up to call them on their nonsensical violence and terrorism of the city.

rock injury pro police rally

Friday night, the Portland Police Bureau tweeted about balloons filled with poop and pee that they found near the protest area.

Violence has been increasingly raising when patriots show up to challenge the terrorists. Police have their hands tied behind their backs by politicians and they’re unable to gain back the streets of Portland. 

It’s a dirty and literally crappy job, but someone has to do it.


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