After defunding the police, Portland’s mayor suddenly wants to spend millions to hire and equip more cops


Editor note: This article is just one more example of why we’re launching this national crowdfunding campaign as part of our efforts to help “re-fund the police”.

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PORTLAND, OR – The Portland Police Bureau has seen record numbers of police officers resign in the last year with no clear end in sight.

Now, instead of working on defunding the police agency he leads, Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is struggling to find officers to fill the agency’s ranks.

Since the death of George Floyd in 2020, the city of Portland, Oregon has been the site of numerous protests and riots, in some cases, on a nightly basis.

Those riots and protests were typically from Antifa members, Black Lives Matter, and others who were loudly calling for either anarchy, defunding of police, or both.

Sadly, many Democrat leaders in the city, including Wheeler, worked with those people and groups and defunded a large portion of the police department, and worked hard to make it more of a daunting task to use justified force by police.

Additionally, they worked to remove many different tools and techniques that police had been using to end the protests and riots.

Now, they seem surprised that their agency has the lowest number of police officers the city has seen since 1989. The agency has a total of 531 police officers that are trying to keep pace with crime trends and make the community safe, which is an extremely difficult task as crime, specifically violent crime, is rising to record numbers.

The Portland Police Bureau reported that their homicides have also increased over the course of the last year. They reported that there have been a total of 77 homicides as of November 8th, the most ever reported in the city’s existence.

Between violent crime increasing, homicides, shootings, robberies, etc., police find it difficult to keep track of and control non-emergency calls for police service.

That means that victims of burglaries, vehicle thefts, and other types of property crimes see a significant decrease in response times from police officers to work their cases.

In a breakdown provided by KOIN, of the 531 sworn police officers that are among the Portland Police ranks, 57 are currently in training and 343 officers are assigned to patrol duties.

Investigative Divisions in the agency only have a total of 131 detectives working cases which include child abuse, narcotics, homicides, etc.

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, one of the more vocal commission members who had been calling for the defunding of the police department, was reported as saying in May:

“The police have a role, but their role is simply to solve crime. Their role is not to prevent crime, their role is not to intervene in other community activities. A response to gun violence should not be a knee-jerk reaction. As you know, we intentionally cut very specific programs in PPB’s budget during the last budget process because those programs had racially disparate outcomes.”

However, since then she seemingly has had a change of heart, according to KOIN. They report that she spoke to Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell in October about the lack of police officers in the city. She said:

“I’m open [to hiring officers]. I think if we’re going to rehire former officers, we need to have some criteria. [To ensure] that we don’t bring back officers who’ve, who were part of the 6,000 use-of-force complaints from last year, that we don’t bring back officers who retired in lieu of being investigated.”

Another city commissioner, Mingus Mapps, is concerned about the number of officers that are considering retiring instead of staying on with the police department. If those 40 officers decide to call it quits and move on, that would pull the number of officers almost down to 500.

Mapps is hoping that the commission will be able to develop a plan to keep those officers in the police department instead of losing anymore. He is in fear that if the number of officers in the city keeps decreasing that the agency will be no longer able to operate. He said:

“I have no idea how the city of Portland functions with a police bureau that small.”

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‘Re-fund the police!’ Poll reveals that Americans’ opinions on defunding the police have changed drastically

Editor note: This article is just one more example of why we’re launching this national crowdfunding campaign as part of our efforts to help “re-fund the police”.

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WASHINGTON, D.C.- On Tuesday, October 26th, the Pew Research Center released a new poll that revealed that Americans’ opinions on defunding the police have changed drastically since 2020. 


The share of adults who say spending on policing in their area should be increased now stands at 47 percent, up rom 31 percent in June 2020.

That data includes 21 percent who say funding for their local police should be increased a lot, up from 11 percent who said the same thing during summer 2020. 

The poll also reported that support for defunding the police has fallen significantly with 15 percent of adults now saying spending should be decreased, down from 25 percent in 2020. Additionally, only 6 percent now advocate decreasing spending a lot, down from 12 percent who said the same in 2020.

At the same time, 37 percent of adults now say spending on police should stay about the same, down from 42 percent in 2020. 

The survey found that black Americans and Democrats have changed their opinion on reducing police spending for local law enforcement more than white, Hispanic, or Republican adults.

According to the survey, the share of black people polled who advocate decreasing police spending in their communities dropped 19 percentage points, from 42 percent to 23 percent between June 2020 and September 2021.


Pew Research said that number included a 13-point drop in the share who said funding should be decreased a lot, from 22 percent in 2020 to nine percent in 2021. According to reports, the poll showed that the most notable drops in support were among black adults and people age 18 to 49. 

Both of those demographics had plurality support when Pew asked the same question in June 2020 about police funding.

The survey also showed the share of Democrats who think local police funding should be decreased dropped similarly from 41 percent in June of 2020 to 25 percent now.

The survey showed that black and Hispanic Democrats were more likely than white Democrats to advocate for increased spending on police in their area.

The Pew poll showed 38 percent of black Democrats surveyed and 39 percent of Hispanic Democrats polled wanted to actually increase spending on their local police. However, only 32 percent of white Democrats wanted to see an increase in spending on police in their area.

Pew said there was no significant difference in race or the ethnicities of those who advocated for decreased spending on police. Sixty-four percent of white Republicans and 53 percent of Hispanic Republicans support increasing spending on local police.


Pew Research Center said its poll showed that the age gap in views on police funding has widened in the past year, mainly because “views have shifted more dramatically among those ages 50 and older.”

The share of adults 50 and older who want to increase police spending has jumped 22 percentage points, from 37 percent to 59 percent, since June 2020. However, the share of adults under 50 who want to increase police spending only increased by 10 percent, from 26 percent to 36 percent.

The research indicated that there is a drop in support for defunding police in both age groups. The survey results said:

“Both age groups have see a drop-off in support for reduced spending on local police. These age patterns are similar among white and black adults, as well as across parties.”

Pew’s latest research found:

“Americans’ changing attitudes about police spending in their area have occurred amid rising public concern about violent crime.”

Sixty-one percent of adults said violent crime was a “very big problem in the country today” in July, up from 58 percent in April 2020. In June 2020, only 41 percent of adults said crime was a “very big problem.”

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers.  And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

And that’s exactly why we’re launching this national crowdfunding campaign as part of our efforts to help “re-fund the police”.

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