Portland woman charged with hate crime against cops after ‘hostile’ citizens try to stop DUI bust


PORTLAND, OR – What started out as a police investigation into a possible DUI-influenced auto accident has developed into so much more.

Officers responded to the scene of a rollover crash in North Portland to find a Nissan Altima resting on its roof.

There were three adults who had been in the vehicle when it wrecked. All three were able to get out of the car.

Police found a 5-year-old still strapped inside the car.

One of the adults, 27-year-old Dominique Gonzales, attempted to leave the scene. In an attempt to keep him at the scene while they investigated, authorities placed him under arrest. They say Gonzales physically resisted their efforts to place him in cuffs.

However, this was not a simple resisting arrest scenario. The other two adults who had been in the vehicle, 33-year-old Gregory Robinson and Sasha Lundy, 35, tried to intervene in the officer’s attempt to get Gonzales under control.

The noise and commotion caught the attention of other people in the vicinity. And that is when things got very dangerous and could have taken a tragic turn.

They began to surround the officers on the scene and disobeyed their commands to back away and allow the officers to work.

What started out as a vehicle accident was quickly turning into a potentially hostile environment.

That is one of the officers on the scene reached for his radio.

The Portland Police Bureau issued a press release that stated, in part:

“The hostile situation prompted a call for ‘code 3 cover,’ meaning officers need immediate assistance and additional officers should respond with emergency lights and sirens.”

The result of that code going out over the radio was that 16 officers were on the scene almost immediately.

The release also went on to identify officers attempted numerous de-escalation techniques, but those ultimately failed, at least with the original adults involved in the accident.

Police say that Lundy zeroed in on two female officers on scene and started “threatening to assault them because of her perception of their race and gender.”

These two officers continued to de-escalate by backing away from the woman and telling her that they had no desire to fight her. Undeterred, Lundy continued to advance toward them in a threatening manner. She was arrested for those continued threats.

As the investigation continued, it was substantiated that Lundy had been driving the car. It was determined that she struck a parked car after turning the corner, causing the vehicle to roll over. Both speed and alcohol were contributing factors.

All three adults were offered medical evaluation by paramedics but refused. Robinson and Gonzales were both arrested and handed criminal citations for interfering with peace officers.

It is worth noting that the 5-year-old child was uninjured and was released to another parent. It was unclear which of the three adults in the vehicle was related to the child.

“After consulting with Bias Crime Unit detectives, an officer served Lundy with a criminal citation for Bias Crime in the Second Degree, DUI-Alcohol, and Menacing,” the release read. 

So, what is a Bias crime?

According to the release, the Bureau investigates all reports of bias-motivated crimes and encourages any member of our community who is the victim of such a crime to contact law enforcement.

Under Oregon law, bias crimes are defined as any criminal act that targets a victim based on the suspect’s perception of the victim’s race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or national origin. Detectives work to determine whether or not bias elements are present during the reported crime that align with Oregon law as defined in the Oregon Revised Statutes.

In this case, Lundy was charged in with a second-degree bias crime, which is a Class A misdemeanor.

ORS 166.155.1 says:

“A person commits a bias crime in the second degree if the person:

  • Intentionally subjects another person to offensive physical contact because of the person’s perception of the other person’s race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or national origin; or
  • Intentionally, because of the person’s perception of race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or national origin of another person or of a member of the other person’s family, subjects the other person to alarm by threatening:
    • To inflict serious physical injury upon or to commit a felony affecting the other person, or a member of the other person’s family.”

That state statute also notes that a 1984 Oregon court case created the precedent for it to be considered “constitutionally permissible to punish otherwise criminal conduct more severely when it is motivated by racial, ethnic or religious hatred than when it is motivated by individual animosity.”

While many debate the very idea of hate being punishable as criminal activity, it is quite surprising that of all the places in this country that would arrest someone for a hate (bias) crime over actions aimed at police officers, this came out of Portland, considered by some to be the heart of the defund and abolish movement.


For another example of authorities in Portland shockingly doing what they can to protect officers and their families,


Portland officials not releasing the name of the officer involved in a shooting due to the doxing of other officers by leftists

PORTLAND, OR – In police-defunded and demoralized Portland, and as the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) continue to lose officers, cops are again being targeted by Leftists who have intentionally put targets on their backs, according to a report from PJ Media.

Officers who were involved in two shooting incidents were outed and doxxed by anti-police, defund the cops advocates, and after a third officer-involved shooting, PPB refused to divulge anything that would lead to the officer’s identity.

According to Portland Police union leaders, some anti-police leftists have followed officers back to their homes and issued flyers with officers’ names and photos in their neighborhoods.

After three PPB officers were involved in shootings, members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and other anti-police advocates responded by doxxing two of the officers by publicizing their names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information.

According to KGW, these officers are facing very real, credible security threats.

In press release, PPB cited to the doxing of the other two officers for their reason to not release the officer’s name involved in the shooting on Wednesday, July 27th.

Doxing, for reference, refers to when private information about a person, like their home address, is published publicly with the intent to cause harm, and with the violence past of members of Antifa and BLM, there are now targets on the officers’ backs.

A police spokesperson confirmed that the officers involved in two separate police shootings on the morning of July 24th and the morning of July 26th, have become victims of doxing. Sgt. Aaron Schmautz, president of the Portland Police Association, said in a statement:

“It’s a vital cog in accountability. But when we see offices threatened before there’s any due process, before the investigation has even gotten off the ground, people followed home, people having flyers put up in their neighborhood, family members being threatened, this isn’t about transparency.”

He added:

“This is about utilizing an event to create chaos and threaten the safety of police officers. It’s just not acceptable. What’s very important is we work together to call out those actors, call out those people.”

Schmautz said that officers dealt with numerous doxing incidents during the protests of 2020, prompting some officers to take their names off their uniforms.

Officials with PPB said that they will reassess releasing the name of the officer involved in the third shooting after an investigation into the doxing cases is complete. The full statement from PPB states:

“PPB is currently investigating concerns related to doxing and threats to PPB members and/or their families related to recent officer-involved shootings. The investigation of possible doxing and threats raises safety concerns for officers involved in shootings.”

The statement added:

“PPB has determined that there are credible security threats to officers involved in recent shootings and therefore, PPB is withholding the name of the involved member during the pendency of the doxing investigation.

Once the investigation is completed, PPB will reassess the security threat and will release the name of the officer involved in the shooting when the threat no longer exists.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a statement essentially demanding that people stop attacking cops in Portland, saying:

“The level of violence we are seeing in Portland and the direct disregard for law enforcement is unacceptable … I stand with our law enforcement partners and ask that the citizens of Portland to rally behind our police officers, deputies, agents, and anyone else who has given an oath to protect you.”

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Police-defunded, Democrat-run Portland: Private security guard shot at multiple times while driving in his car

July 8th, 2022

PORTLAND, OR – According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), shortly before 4:00 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, July 3rd, a private security guard employed by Eclipse Security had his car shot at multiple times.

The private security guard, identified only as Calvin, is shaken up from the incident, but not hurt after his car was shot at multiple times.

Mark Mercer, the owner of the security company, said that Calvin was turning left at Shaver Street and Haight Avenue near Denorval Unthank City Park and after making the turn someone got out of a car and fired several rounds at him. Mercer added:

“It was basically an ambush. That’s what it was.”

Mercer stated that the security guard was on a routine patrol for clients in the area and that the shooting was completely random. The owner added:

“Five bullets had missed the car completely. One bullet entered through the passenger front door, shattered that window and then continued on in front of Calvin and lodged itself in the windshield.”

The PPB said that an on-duty police officer was flagged down by Calvin several blocks east on Rodney Avenue after the shooting. As of this writing, the Enhanced Community Safety Team is investigating the incident, which is the PPB’s special unit that investigates gun crimes.

As of this writing, no suspect has been identified in the shooting and with the shooter still on the loose, Mercer said that Eclipse Security is taking extra precaution. He added:

“We’re not going to change our patrol tactics. We will change some training situations with our officers, but there’s not way that you can ever be properly prepared for something like this.”

This shooting happened about 10 days after another private security guard from a different security company was shot in Southeast Portland while on patrol overnight. As of this writing, the suspect has yet to be identified in that case.

According to the police, this suspect is wanted after he stole a gun from a security guard during a scuffle and shot the security guard. East Precinct officers were called out to a shooting in the 12600 block of Southeast Division Street.

When officers arrived on scene, they found a uniformed private security guard who had been shot in the chest. Thankfully, the man’s ballistic vest prevented the bullet from injuring him.

Police say that the victim reported that he had asked the suspect to leave the private party when the suspect suddenly lunged for his holstered firearm. A scuffle ensured and the suspect was able to free the firearm from the holster.


According to police, the security guard was able to press the button to release the magazine, but the suspect shot him with the chambered round. The suspect fled the scene and has still not been located.

The Focused Intervention Team is assisting in the investigation of this matter and anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to email [email protected] with the reference case number 22-170159.

Both of these incidents add to a string of recent attacks on security guards. According to reports, in early May, Sircharles Marc Anthony Jones, a guard working the South Waterfront in Portland, was shot and killed in his car.

In April, a gun was pulled on a security guard at the Troutdale Outlet Mall by a group of shoplifters. In March, a security guard in Old Town was stabbed in the head. Mercer said:

“I think we’ve all got concerns. There just seems to be a very callous and lawless attitude towards any kind of uniformed presence or any kind of authority.”

He added:

“I think people need to be aware of their safety. I think they need to be aware of their environment.”

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