Portland: Sheriff’s office releases more mugshots of people arrested for rioting – and… wow.


PORTLAND, OR — The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office has released the mugshots of several people arrested this past week during the ongoing riots in the city’s downtown area.

Breitbart reported that activists threw objects at officers, blocked vehicular traffic and vandalized property. On Sept. 10, Mayor Ted Wheeler issued a directive to the Portland Police Bureau demanding it end the use of CS gas for crowd control.

In a press release directed to members of the media, Wheeler said:

“It’s time for everyone to reduce the violence in our community. We all want change. We all have the opportunity and obligation to create change.

“We all want to focus on the fundamental issue at hand – justice for Black people and all people of color.

“That’s why, as Police Commissioner, effective immediately and until further notice, I am directing the Portland Police to end the use of CS gas for crowd control.

“I commend the work that the Oregon State Legislature and Joint Committee on Transparent Policing and Use of Force Reform have done to date to convene experts to evaluate the use of gas and what safer alternatives may exist that prevent the need for greater force.

“I commit the City of Portland to full participation in these reforms and encourage the Legislature to take up this issue as soon as possible.

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“During the last hundred days Portland, Multnomah County and State Police have all relied on CS gas where there is a threat to life safety.

“We need something different. We need it now.

“Arson, vandalism, and violence are not going to drive change in this community. I expect the police to arrest people who engage in criminal acts. I expect the District Attorney to prosecute those who commit criminal acts. And I expect the rest of the criminal justice system to hold those individuals accountable.

“We must stand together as a community against violence and for progress.
I call on everyone to step up and tamp down the violence. I’m acting. It’s time for others to join me.”

The Portland Police Bureau posted a statement on Facebook saying that the department needs tools to protect the community and themselves during the riots. In part, the statement said:

“Since May 29, 2020, Portland Police and partner agencies have been subjected to repeated violence by a group of motivated and well-organized individuals. These individuals have stated they intend to kill or injure officers and destroy occupied buildings and dwellings.

“Threats to commit acts of violence have been scrawled on police facilities and other property. Crowds have chanted slogans about burning down buildings on their way to attempt to do that.

“Rioters lit County offices on fire in a building which houses hundreds of inmates and public employees, as well as the Portland Police Central Precinct. Rioters barricaded doors shut at North Precinct and East Precinct and attempted to light the building on fire with employees and civilians inside.

“Officers have been attacked with rocks, glass bottles, frozen water bottles, lasers capable of causing permanent eye damage, ball bearings and sharp objects launched from slingshots, paint balloons (to render their face shields useless) as well as fire bombs, large fireworks, and other items.

“Police officers have not been the only ones whose safety has been threatened during civil unrest in the city. Numerous community members have been assaulted, one person has been murdered, firearms have been discharged, and neighborhoods such as Kenton have been endangered by fires set in the streets and at the Portland Police Association office.

“Neighbors have been threatened and intimidated by people engaged in the nightly violence. Businesses have suffered losses from arson, vandalism and mass theft.

“CS gas is a tool which has been used sparingly in the last 104 nights. We want to clear up a misconception that it is being used as crowd control. It is not. It is being used to disperse crowds only when there is a life safety event.

“Most recently, it was used to disperse a crowd from which a Molotov cocktail was thrown at officers and ended up injuring a community member who was on fire. We understand that this gas seeped into nearby homes and that is not something we desire.

“However, the community should be asking the rioters why they are committing violence that threatens the very lives of others nearby. When people gather lawfully, peacefully, there is no need for intervention by police, much less the use of CS gas.”

The statement further said that banning the lawful use of CS will make it very difficult to address violence without resorting to much higher levels of physical force, with a correspondingly elevated risk of serious injury to members of the public and officers:

“CS, while effective, is a significantly lower level of force than impact weapons, which would very likely be necessary to disperse riotous groups with its prohibition. We do not want to use gas. We do not want to use any force.

“There remains an expectation that police will make arrests for crimes committed in civil disturbance events. The inability to use CS means this task will require higher levels of force to accomplish.”

The Bureau also made it clear that it needs all kinds of tools to effectively respond to violent people:

“Lately, it seems more tools have been taken away than added. There has been mention of research into alternative methods that may prevent the need for greater force.

“The Police Bureau is in favor of research, but research takes time. Removing tools without well vetted alternatives, with policies and training in place prior to their use, places police and community members at risk.

“No one has presented a solution of how officers can stop a rioting group who are threatening the lives of those present, especially given that in most of these cases, officers are clearly outnumbered, sometimes by hundreds.

“Arson, vandalism, and violence are not going to drive change in this community. A Police Bureau without the necessary tools to protect its own members, or the community it serves, will not successfully help create the space for real change agents to do the hard work they hope to accomplish.”

Journalist Andy Ngo has been reporting on Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the riots, which have continued for over 100 days. He frequently posts mugshots of the arrestees, and some are serial offenders. Many arrestees are also released without bail.

Here is the latest batch of arrestees, who should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Some mugshots depict facial markings, which may or may not be significant.

Misty Dawn Poole-Bohannon was arrested and booked on Sept. 10 for trespassing and interfering with public transportation.


It appears that Poole-Bohannon has been arrested several times before.

On Sept. 6, Poole-Bohannon was arrested and booked into Marion County Jail in Salem on criminal trespassing charges, according to Crime Informer. Her mugshot shows partial markings on the face.

On Jan. 26, Poole-Bohannon was arrested and booked into Marion County Jail on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, according to Oregon Crime News.

On Jan. 8, Poole-Bohannon was arrested and booked into Marion County Jail on charges of theft and disorderly conduct, according to Crime Informer. Her mugshot shows half of her face painted black.

Oregon Crime News reported that a Misty Dawn Poole-Bohannon was arrested and booked into Marion County Jail on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest on Aug. 17, 2019.

Andrew R. Duran, 18, was among 11 individuals arrested during the Sept. 8 and 9 riots. He was charged on Sept. 9 with interference with a peace officer and resisting arrest. Duran was bailed out.


Peter Curtis, 40, has been arrested and booked several times this year. On Sept. 9, he was arrested and booked on charges of disorderly conduct, interference with a peace officer and resisting arrest. He was released on the same day.


Curtis is also known as Tabitha Poppins and drums for rioters.


Tracy Lynn Molina, 47, was arrested and booked on Sept. 8 on charges of disorderly conduct, interference with a peace officer and resisting arrest. She was released on her own recognizance.



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