Portland rioters wear party hats, try setting the Mayor’s condo on fire on his birthday


PORTLAND, OR – The evening of August 31st resulted in yet another riot in Portland and at this point it is difficult to even ascertain what these riots are for anymore.

But this riot was indeed unique, as the rioters made their way (yet again) to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo and were have said to have thrown fiery debris inside of the building.

This latest riot should likely serve as the prime example of something hitting “close to home” for the Portland mayor, and based upon the declared riot it was obviously too close for comfort.

A crowd of roughly 200 people had gathered outside of the condominium tower, with malefactors shattering windows and breaking into a local dental office to steal items to light ablaze. Among the items stolen were a chair and various office supplies.

During the display, those among the riot were said to have been wearing party hats, as this evening happened to fall on Mayor Wheeler’s birthday.

Just after 11:00 p.m. that evening, a stack of newspapers was set on fire and thrown into the ground level portion of the condominium tower which holds 114 residences within it. While the flames didn’t spread and were quickly extinguished, police announced at that time that the “protest” had become an unlawful assembly and eventually elevated to a riot.

Police were said to have arrested 19 people during the riot for various charges, with eight of the arrestees being charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with a peace officer.

It is unclear with will become of those charges, considering that the Portland DA announced recently that he wouldn’t be pursuing a myriad of charges akin to what officers arrested people for on August 31st.

However, two of those arrested were alleged to have been carrying concealed weapons during the riot, with one of them being charged with assaulting an officer.

Also, Portland has had an issue as of late with rioters and miscreants trying to proclaim they’re “members of the press” in order to continue contributing to the anarchy.

Video captured from the riots show police taking one alleged “press member” in custody, considering that police did warn that there wouldn’t be any exceptions afforded to legal observers if they engaged in criminal conduct.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time Mayor Wheeler’s home has had unwanted protesters, but it was certainly an escalation from the last incident that happened days earlier.

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On August 25th, Portland experienced (gasp) another riot. During said riot, there were 23 people arrested, one of which was 29-year-old Olivia Morgan. She was arrested for second-degree disorderly conduct, interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest, attempted escape and riot.

And wouldn’t you know it – she’s not in jail anymore (shocker) and is back up to creating disturbances.

In her latest efforts, which was captured on video, Morgan decided to be among those who went to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s condo and staged some kind of a sit in making demands.

In the video, Morgan enters the condo building’s entrance with her band of misfits and despite being told they needed to leave as they were trespassing, her and two others linked arms with some bizarre looking tubes that said “black lives matter”.

Oh, and the list of demands is pretty outrageous too. This group of miscreants are demanding that the police budget be slashed by 50% in 2021 and then completely abolished (as in, no more cops at all) by 2022:

“Specifically, we demand that you and your fellow city leaders immediately develop a task force to plan for a 50% reduction to the Portland Police Bureau budget by 2021 and a complete abolition of the Portland Police Bureau by 2022. With no private or technological replacement.”

If those demands weren’t crazy enough, they’re asking Mayor Wheeler to get all of the aforementioned in motion and also resign.

Oh, but these folks making demands feel as though they’re extending an olive branch to officials by affording a “timeline” to get rid of all police in Portland:

“This timeline gives existing police officers ample time to find and train for meaningful work that benefits the community.”

After calling for the police to be completely defunded, saying that all the money saved from the police force go toward “black, indigenous, and brown communities” and capping it off with telling the mayor to then resign – this group of give or take less-than 10 people said the demands are from “the people of Portland”

These lunatics staging this form of a “protest” were refusing to leave, and eventual many more of their cohorts gathered out front of the building as well.

Some people outside were even shining lights into the building of the condo’s upper floors to gain the mayor’s attention.

Ironically, there are reports that the mayor wasn’t even home at the time of this protest/trespassing incident.

David Kahn, former president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves and friend of Mayor Wheeler, was said to have told the group that the mayor wasn’t home, but that he’d be happy to set up a meeting:

“I’m certain that if he was here tonight we probably could have arranged for something, but he’s not. But I know for a fact that is a standing policy for him.”

When is the mayor going to learn that these people need to be handled – specifically with the assistance of federal officers that President Trump constantly offers?

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