Portland rioter who knocked out and nearly killed a man with a kick to the head gets early release


PORTLAND, OR – The Portland rioter who savagely kicked a seated man in the head last year has been released from prison only 12 months into a 20-month term.

26-year-old Marquise Love was caught on video in August of 2020, kicking victim Adam Haner in the head, after Haner had already been savagely beaten by Love and other protesters.

This incident unfolded in Portland during a Black Lives Matter ‘protest’ on Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Haner told Fox News interviewers that he stopped that night to help a transgender woman who was beaten and robbed by BLM protesters.  Those protesters then proceeded to attack Haner and his girlfriend, while calling Haner a “racist.”

Video posted by journalist Drew Hernandez shows protesters surrounding Haner’s truck, kicking and punching it, and tackling a woman to the ground.

One assailant, later identified as Love, is prominently seen on video from the beginning of the incident, wearing a shirt marked “Security.”

Haner drove away from the attackers, only to crash his truck shortly thereafter.

Additional video from Hernandez shows attackers knocking Haner to the ground while others rummage in his truck.  After Haner gets to his feet, they knock him down again.  Love continues to be visible during the harassment.

Another video clip shows Love punching a seated Haner in the head as epithets fly.

Additional video from Andy Ngo shows Love coming up from behind Haner and viciously kicking him in the head, knocking him unconscious.

Fortunately, Haner did survive his injuries.

This vicious assault led to a manhunt by police for Love, who police said was identified in part by the video footage.

Meanwhile, Love put out a plea on Instagram for commissary money for his potential jail term, writing:

“Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him look it up on twitter put money on my books and come see me.”

Ultimately, Love turned himself in on August 21, 2020.  He was sentenced to 20 months in prison and 36 months probation after pleading guilty to third-degree assault and felony riot.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office announced in a press release:

“By pleading guilty to one count of assault in the third degree and one count of felony riot, Love admitted that while being aided by another person, he caused physical injury to the victim and that he and others engaged in tumultuous and violent conduct and created a grave risk of causing public alarm.”

However, only a year later, Love has been released.

According to a tweet posted by journalist Andy Ngo, an August 23, 2021 email from the Oregon Department of Corrections Victims Services Unit stated:

“This email is to inform you that MARQUISE LOVE has been released from custody on transitional leave.”

At this writing, aside from the shared email from the Oregon DOC, there has been no additional statement from Oregon officials on Love’s early release from prison.

Before he assaulted Haner last year, Love was already no stranger to the criminal justice system.

The New York Post reports that, according to the sheriff’s office in Washington County, Love was “arrested at least seven times over the past eight years” there, but District Attorney Kevin Barton did not prosecute him for most of those arrests.

The Post also notes that Love was prosecuted in two other Oregon counties since 2012.

Love’s lengthy rap sheet includes arrests for domestic assault, criminal trespass, and interfering with public transportation.

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Man who assaulted coffee shop owner and three Portland cops released from custody – yet again

Originally published August 20, 2021

PORTLAND, OR- According to reports, a 24-year-old man accused in a brutal assault on a coffee shop owner and three Portland police officers has once again been released from custody.

The suspect, Jordan Locke, was arrested again on Wednesday, August 18th after missing a court-ordered meeting on Monday the 16th. On August 12th, Locke was arrested after allegedly punching the owner of Lotus and Bean in the face.

Locke proceeded to punch three Portland police officers who were trying to arrest him for the assault on the coffee shop owner. He was booked on 12 charges, including five felonies. However, in the Democrat-run city, he was released from jail.

Reportedly, Judge Henry Kantor signed off on Locke’s release from the first arrest and his release on August 19th came from a different judge, Judge Philip Nelson. 

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office said that he was released to the county’s Department of Community Justice’s Pretrial Release Program. Jails in the area, including Multnomah County Jail, have been trying to keep their populations low because of COVID-19 and only admit those considered the most violent.

Locke should have remained behind bars since he assaulted people and since within the last week Judge Kantor issued a “strict compliance order.”

The order stated that if a defendant is found to be in a single violation of any release condition, that person will be booked back into custody and subsequent releases would be denied.

Court documents stated that Locke has mental health issues and that he would “drink enough so the voices would stop.” He also claimed to speak “caveman.” Locke has long criminal history and a history of not showing up for scheduled court appearances. 

In June 2019, Locke was accused of robbery and assaulting a police officer. He was released and repeatedly failed to appear in court. In October 2019, Locke was arrested twice more, once for assault and another for harassment.

In the four months following that arrest, four different bench warrants ordered his arrest for failing to appear for court. In March 2020, he was back in court after he was arrested for a fight in downtown Portland.

In the court documents, it was warned that Locke is “unwilling or unable to follow court direction.” He was released yet again and again missed his court dates. Another bench warrant was signed in May 2020.

However, Locke did not appear in court again until he appeared in custody after the assault at the coffee shop. Despite his long criminal history and his history of not showing up for court dates, he was released from custody the very next day.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said it was not their decision to release the violent 24-year-old. Spokesperson Elisabeth Shepard said in a statement:

“Our office cannot speak to the court’s decision, however, we can confirm that we recommended the defendant in this case remain in custody.”

This is at least the third supervised release agreement for Locke since his 2019 arrest. He is not scheduled to appear in court until December 30th, when he will have hearings for all of the charges from the past two years that he is still facing. It is anyone’s guess if he will actually show up.

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Two killed, others injured in shooting that ‘sounded like a warzone’ in police-defunded Portland

August 10th, 2021

PORTLAND, OR – Police in Portland are actively investigating a shooting incident that left two victims killed and three other victims injured during the early morning hours of August 10th.

Officials have yet to make an arrest or identify any possible suspects involved as of this writing.

At approximately 5:21 a.m. on August 10th, several 911 calls came in about shots being fired within the 3600 block of Northeast 82nd Avenue, located in Northeast Portland’s Madison South neighborhood.

Police reportedly blocked off the area of Northeast 82nd Avenue from Northeast Sandy Boulevard to Northeast Klickitat Street to investigate the scene of the incident.

Local reports noted that several detectives were spotted interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence primarily along 82nd and Northeast Milton Street.

Portland Police Lt. Greg Pashley confirmed that two people were killed during the shooting, and three others were transported to an area hospital for sustained injuries. The identities of the victims have not been released yet by officials.

Dan Berryman, a clinical supervisor at Integrated Health Clinics Northeast (which is located off of 82nd and Milton), said he’d heard the gunshots going off outside of the clinic. Berryman, who previously served in the military, estimated that roughly 20 gunshots likely stemming from a handgun rang off during the shooting.

As the gunshots were going off, Berryman said that he was getting patients inside of the clinic away from the windows. After the 20 shots Berryman heard, he claimed to have then heard five or six shots that he said sounded like they came from a shotgun:

“There was a lot of yelling and screaming and crying. It sounded like a war zone.”

Josh Quiding, who resides in the area of Northeast 85th Avenue and Northeast Fremont, said he could hear the gunfire through an open window inside of his house:

“It started off slow. Two or three pops. Then it was open fire with different calibers and a few shotgun blasts.”

Quiding, who lives with his father, said that one of the gunshots went right past his home and landed in the backyard. He says that the state of Portland has him worried about having his son over at his home:

“It’s scary. My 5-year-old son lives in Pendleton and I have to ask myself ‘Do I want to bring him down here with this going on?’”

Quiding says that he and his father are looking to leave Portland due to the rising levels of violent crime and shootings in the city:

“You hear gunshots almost every night. We’re looking at getting out of the neighborhood.”

Portland is on track to encounter a record number of homicides this year, as these two victims fatally shot during the incident marks as Portland 57th and 58th homicide. For context, Portland’s highest number of recorded homicides is from 1987, which 70 homicides occurred that year.

This is an ongoing investigation.

Please follow Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.


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