Portland Police preparing for explosive dueling protests, asks people to please not come armed


PORTLAND, OR – Two different groups will be rallying this weekend in the city of Portland, Oregon, in the wake of the recent Grand Jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, Kentucky this week.

The Portland Police Bureau reported that they cancelled officers pre-planned vacation time and days off, in order to ensure they are able to provide a sizeable police presence in the city. 

Portland Police Deputy Chief Chris Davis said that the move was necessary due to ongoing protests and riots that have spanned over 100 continual days.  In addition, several officers are leaving the agency. 

Davis said:

“We have cancelled regular days off ad we anticipate having a fairly large number of our officers here…Our whole traffic division will be working to deal with traffic violations.  We’ll get some help with Lake Oswego for that.” 

One of the rallies, organized by the Proud Boys, will be held in Delta Park.  The opposing rally will be held at another close park, Peninsula Park.

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell hopes that the extra police presence will enable them to keep both opposing groups separated.  Hopefully, they will be able to do so and prevent any violence from occurring.

Portland has been in this situation before with having two competing events.  Beyond the over 100 consecutive riots and protests, they faced this situation back in 2019. 

Portland Police were able to keep both groups separate, but they were only able to do so with the help of 14 other law enforcement agencies.  This time, they only have five agencies that are willing to help, the Multnomah County Sheriff, Oregon State Police, Washington County Sheriff, Port of Portland, Lake Oswego and Milwaukie Police Departments.

Those police agencies agreed to assist, although to what degree is unknown since they have refused to assist recently to squash the ongoing protests and riots.  This is mainly because the leaders of the police agencies are concerned with how the city is lead. 

At a similar event on August 22nd, opposing protests did not have police separating the groups which lead to violence.  Reports of the groups using bear spray, baseball bats and paintball guns on each other were rampant. 

Then, a week later, on August 29th, members of the Patriot Prayer group were counter protesting groups like Antifa.  An alleged Antifa member, who was unhappy that they were also President Donald Trump supporters, shot and killed Aaron Danielson at the protest. 

Violent encounters such as this is what has the city of Portland alarmed, after all, people in Oregon are allowed to carry firearms during protests. 

Davis said:

“Oregon is an open carry state, but it is illegal under Portland city code to carry a loaded gun in a public place unless you have an Oregon concealed handgun permit.”

Davis said that officers will find out, when they deem necessary, if armed people have the required concealed weapons permit, but did not commit to checking everyone. 

Davis said:

“If you have two groups of people and some number of whom are armed with firearms and they come into conflict with one another, it would be important to resolve that conflict as quickly as possible.”

Davis admitted that the police in the area will have a hard time dealing with the competing organized events.  Especially now that there are a lot less law enforcement agencies that are willing to help if the event turns violent. 

Davis, and the Portland Police Bureau are asking anyone who plans on attending either rally, not do so while being armed. 

Davis said:

“Our preference would be that we don’t bring guns.  That causes a heightened level of concern.”

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LET Unity

LET reported in September when Daniels was shot and killed.

Watch: Police say Antifa member stalked and ambushed Aaron Danielson prior to murdering him 

PORTLAND, OR –Wow.  Police have just released video clips showing  the murder of a Trump supporter may have been planned.

Following the fatal-police encounter with man suspected of killing Patriot Prayer member Aaron “Jay Bishop” Danielson, authorities released previously unseen surveillance imagery by way of the unsealed arrest warrant for Michael Forest Reinoehl.

Turns out that the murder of Danielson looked more like a planned execution – with the suspect lying in wait for the victim.

Many have seen the widely circulated videos of the Portland murder of Danielson, but the endeavors of Reinoehl prior to the August 29th murder have also been relatively unknown.

When police had identified the suspect in the case, they began investigating Reinoehl’s actions before his attendance of the protest on August 29th.

Authorities had obtained consent from the son of Reinoehl, identified as Devin, to search his phone records on a previous criminal investigation on Devin back in early August.

One of the contacts in Devin’s phone labeled as “Dad” had asked if he could purchase a firearm in exchange for marijuana and some cash on August 7th:

“Sell me the gun for a quarter pound of wee and $100 I’m getting tired of this shit I need a piece now.”

While Devin was arrested on August 12th during that investigation prior to the August 29th murder, it helped create more context to Reinoehl trying to illegally obtain a firearm.

But perhaps the most damning evidence against Reinoehl wasn’t just the widely seen footage online, but surveillance footage captured from the Moda Tower located at 601 SW 3rd Avenue.

The camera is positioned over a garage entry on SW 3rd Avenue, where Reinoehl was observed walking ahead of Danielson and his friend Chandler Pappas. Reinoehl then sees the two Patriot Prayer members walking up the street behind him and was observed reaching for something in his waistband.

Portland Police preparing for explosive dueling protests, asks people to please not come armed
Reinoehl prior to the victim walking by the area – Oregon Circuit Court

Thereafter, Reinoehl then moves toward the garage entry area on the sidewalk and conceals himself, witnessed again reaching toward something in his front-left waist area.

All the while, Reinoehl is watching both Danielson and Pappas walk by the area.

Portland Police preparing for explosive dueling protests, asks people to please not come armed
Danielson and Pappas walking by as Reinoehl waits while concealed – Oregon Circuit Court

It’s when both Danielson and Pappas walk past the area where Reinoehl was concealed that the suspect then emerges while continuing to have his hand settled on some type of pocket or pouch within his waistband.

A second unidentified person referred to as “Subject #2” which is presumed to be in cahoots with Reinoehl looks back at Reinoehl and then the two begin to pursue both Danielson and Pappas from behind.

Portland Police preparing for explosive dueling protests, asks people to please not come armed
Subject 2 looking back at Reinoehl – Oregon Circuit Court

This particular surveillance footage perspective did not capture the shooting, but the shooting transpired moments after the mentioned events.

Yet shortly after the shooting, Reinoehl can be seen backing into the camera’s view once again along with “Subject #2”.

While “Subject #2” begins running after the shooting, Reinoehl was witnessed running northbound while attempting to “manipulate the same area of his vest with his hands” that he was seen reaching for while waiting for Danielson and Pappas to walk by the area where he hid himself.

Portland Police preparing for explosive dueling protests, asks people to please not come armed
Subject 2 fleeing area with Reinoehl after shooting – Oregon Circuit Court


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