Portland Police confiscate van load of shields, other ‘weapons’ from Antifa supporters


PORTLAND, OR- On Saturday, September 26th, The Proud Boys planned a rally in Portland to oppose the extreme violence taking place there by the terrorist groups, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. 

The Proud Boys is a group that was started in 2016 by Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes, as a provocative club for men who love America but hate political correctness while vehemently denying any connection to the “alt-right,”.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been destroying the city of Portland for over 100 days, and The Proud Boys have been one of the few groups that denounces the violence taking place between protesters and police. 

The hypocritical Mayor Ted Wheeler said: 

“Violence has no home in Portland.”

Which is a comical statement coming from a man who has all but condoned the violence taking place nightly in his streets. 

It was well known that The Proud Boys were staging a massive rally on Saturday, and Antifa and Black Lives matter made sure they were ready to attack. 

On Wednesday, September 23rd, Portland Police confiscated a van full of shields and weapons from Antifa terrorists who were ready to attack The Proud Boys group. 

Portland Police just confiscated a van full of shields from the antifascists because they could be used as weapons… Meanwhile the fascists are rolling around like this…

Posted by Patrick Lindsey on Saturday, September 26, 2020


Thankfully police came upon this van, so the terrorist groups had a few less things at their disposal to destroy and hurt even more people. 

Law Enforcement Today sources within the Portland police department confirmed to LET that these shields and other items in the van were in fact for Antifa supporters.

One officer, who asked that we not reveal his identity because he was not authorized to speak to the media about the arrest, elaborated: 

“Despite rumors that have been circulating online, I can confirm that these shields and other weapons found within the van were in fact for self-proclaimed Antifa members.  Once we intercepted the delivery, we were immediately attacked as being ‘racist pigs’ for stopping them from receiving the items.”

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Here is more on the preparation for the rally. 

PORTLAND, OR- A bulletin was recently distributed to downtown Portland businesses requesting that they “secure” their dumpsters and A-frame signs in an effort to keep the city “safe” during a planned rally to be held in Delta Park on Saturday, September 26th.

Downtown Portland has seen over 100 consecutive days of “peaceful” protests that have nearly all turned violent in the evening hours. Protesters have destroyed property, set dumpster fires, looted stores, destroyed livelihoods, and assaulted many law enforcement officers by throwing harmful objects at them in their fit of anger.

Not once did the city generate and distribute a bulletin requesting business owners to secure their dumpsters or A-frame signs.

They have literally been silent for over 100 days, but now that the “far-right” group, the Proud Boys have announced that they are planning to move their September 26th rally from downtown to the north sides Delta Park, city officials suddenly care enough to share a bulletin.

The bulletin said:

“There is an announced protest event scheduled for Saturday, September 26th, that is planned to begin in Delta park, but could move elsewhere”

“As a precautionary measure, the City of Portland requests commercial building owners and managers to keep dumpsters closed and locked. It is requested that dumpsters be moved indoors or to another secure location if possible.”

As if moving a large, oversized dumpster on a two-days notice is manageable for all types of businesses. The bulletin then stated:

“Also, it is requested that A-frame signs to be kept indoors as a precaution against their potential use as projectiles during protest activity.”

In addition to sharing this bulletin, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has already declared a state of emergency in Portland for the coming weekend, September 25th-September 27th. In a statement from her office, they said the move will allow authorities to better respond to a far right rally that could draw thousands to the city on Saturday alone.

In a recent press conference, Brown allegedly cited what she believes to be a pattern that has repeatedly played out when far-right demonstrators hold rallies to provoke counter-protests, which she said turn into “violent street brawls.” She said in a statement:

“The First Amendment does not give anyone license to hurt or kill someone because of opposing political views. And when free expression is fueled by hate and coupled with intent to incite violence, then I need to do everything I can as governor to ensure the safety of Oregonians.”

Allegedly, the arrangement allows police officers to use CS gas, a type of tear gas, if they determine that the demonstration has gotten out of hand. Yet, for the past 100 plus nights where downtown Portland has seen violent protests, Mayor Ted Wheeler prohibited the police from using any type of tear gas.

Under Brown’s emergency declaration, the authority for addressing the rally along with any counter-demonstrations, falls into the hands of the Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. She stated:

“With this incident command structure, the Portland Police Bureau would follow the lead of those agencies.”

State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton said that the governor’s decision would lead to a massive influx of state troopers into North Portland. The governor made an ambiguous statement about exactly how many law enforcement officers would be coming into the city over the weekend. She claimed that:

“I’m confident that law enforcement is adequately resourced to tackle the situation.”

Withe the governor giving control over to the Oregon State Police, all three law enforcement agencies will now have the option of using tear gas. Hampton said in a statement:

“We will not remove CS gas as a possibility from these events. Under this authority, we will make this available to not only state troopers, deputy sheriffs, but also Portland police officers.”

However, outside of this weekend’s rally and state of emergency, mayor Wheeler said that his ban on CS gas remains “unchanged.” So, after this weekend when far-left violent protests continue every night as they have for the past 100 plus nights, law enforcement officers are again handcuffed in their crowd control efforts.

In a statement, the mayor thanked the agencies for sending help and said that the resources would “go a long way” in ensuring law enforcement was “ready” when the far-right groups come to town. Wheeler said:

“Having a unified command structure uniting the resources of the state, the county, and the city is a timely and appropriate response to the threat we face.”

Apparently, the threat the community has faced the last 100 plus nights does not warrant city officials to distribute specific bulletins to business owners, declare a state of emergency, or allow law enforcement to utilize the tools needed to protect and serve.

According to reports, earlier in the week, the city denied a permit for the Proud Boys, citing coronavirus concerns. However, Portland has gotten in trouble in the past for trying to revoke permits from far-right groups.

Back in 2017, Wheeler asked the federal government to block a “free-speech” rally held by right-wing groups on the basis that the event would inflame tensions with the city still reeling from the Jeremy Christian killing. Many saw it as a violation of the First Amendment.

The Proud Boys rally targeted Portland as their place to hold the protest long before the summer’s social-justice protests. They have organized or taken part in a number of “free speech” marches in Portland since 2017.

Some of the Proud Boys’ members have engaged in violent behavior at other events, but its leaders of the maintain that the group is peaceful. They said in a recent statement:

“If you intend on showing up to engage in acts of violence, don’t waste your time or money. Please stay home.”

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