Antifa extremist who praises cop killers to receive nearly $23K from city after hit with rubber bullet during protest


PORTLAND, OR – They say that crime doesn’t pay – but apparently rioting does.

That is, if you’re aligned to the militant group Antifa. Apparently, the city of Portland is going to pay a settlement to the tune of nearly $23,000 to an Antifa member who happens to praise cop killers on social media.

Earlier in May, the Portland City Council approved a settlement payment to 31-year-old James Mathew Mattox after he claimed his civil rights were violated when he was hit with a rubber bullet during a protest he attended back on August 4th of 2018.

Mattox was among hundreds during the protest in downtown Portland back in 2018, falling in line with the run-of-the-mill Antifa antics most are hip to. During the protest, Mattox was wearing the following, according the very lawsuit that was filed on his behalf:

“Mr. Mattox wore a motorcycle helmet with a visor and bandana over his face and carried a black shield with a white anarchist ‘A.’”

While attending this protest of a political rally held by Patriot Prayer, the lawsuit alleged that the likes of Mattox had no idea that police were intending to use some various tactics to disburse the crowds generated by Antifa:

“Mr. Mattox heard no warning about impending police operations, projectiles thrown at officers, or orders to disperse from PPB while he was sitting in the location at SW Columbia and SW Naito Pkwy.”

From there, this lawsuit claims that just out of nowhere, police went postal on the Antifa crowd. While that’s completely speculative, the lawsuit did point out that Mattox was actually acting menacingly when he was struck with a rubber bullet:

“At the time Mr. Mattox was shot he was moving backwards in the same direction as the rest of the fleeing counter-protestors, while waving his arms and his anarchist shield, flipping off the officers, and shouting profanities.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Now, while yelling at police isn’t illegal, this isn’t just some one-on-one police encounter with a civilian or suspect.

This is in the middle of an Antifa protest – which are notoriously riotous in nature and often require copious amounts of crowd control.

Furthermore, Mattox was only hit with a rubber bullet that caused a gash on his arm. While less-lethal ammunition isn’t exactly a welcome injury, it’s not like Mattox was out delivering pamphlets about Jesus door-to-door on a Sunday when he was hit with the rubber bullet.

When he was shot, he was part and parcel to a riotous protest led by a well-known extremist group that required police intervention.

Yet, he likened the cut sustained on his arm from the rubber bullet as “having been subjected to extreme police violence.” Mattox further claimed he suffered from “insomnia” because of the cut on his arm.

And now he’s getting paid.

It gets better though, once you see some of his social media posts that praised cop killers – years before he even attended the 2018 protest and suffered from that “extreme police violence.”

Mattox uses Facebook under the pseudonym of “Jack Johnstone” for some of his more radical postings, likely an homage to the former communist party member. In one post from 2016, Mattox shared the following:

“I’d like publicly say, fuck the police. Fuck Portland’s East Precinct in particular. But fuck all cops. You all extort people, you all kidnap people, you all ruin lives. List of personal heroes: Christopher Dorner, Micah Johnson, Gavin Long. All Cops Are Bastards. The biggest gang in the country and the cry like bitches when people retaliate against them. Fuck you pigs. Fuck you.”

For those unaware, those listed “heroes” of Mattox were all cop killers.

Christopher Dorner killed civilians, police, and those related to law enforcement back in 2013 in a disturbing series of coordinated attacks, killing four and injuring three people.

Micah Johnson was the man who killed five Dallas Police officers back in 2016.

Gavin Long was also responsible for the murders of six police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2016.

Mattox further praised the acts of the Dallas Police shooter in another post from 2017 that stated:

“Mr. Johnson succeeded at not only killing pigs but causing a shortage as well. Thank you for your service sir.”

This is the person that the city of Portland intends to give a settlement to.

The city is going to take tax payer money to settle a lawsuit because Mattox got a little boo-boo during a protest where he participated with Antifa while adorning gear in preparation for riotous behavior.

A man who praises cold-blooded killers is getting a payday because he complained about getting a cut on his arm. Let that sink in. 

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