PORTLAND, Or. — It seems that the citizens of Portland, Oregon aren’t sure what to do with themselves when they don’t have something to protest about.

What’s their latest gripe?

School Resource Officers being stationed in public schools.

According to senior Sophia Lucas, “Stationing police officers in schools will further contribute to an environment of fear and distrust.”

Yes, you read right. For those who aren’t sure what an SRO does, they are sworn law enforcement officials that patrol and protect public schools in order to prevent crime and keep our children safe.


After a recent agreement to increase an SRO presence in schools, Portland students organized a walk out.

But these teens have only one message for these LEO’s: we don’t want you here.

In December, the Portland Public School Board passed a measure that would bring SRO’s on school grounds more than just the usual 4 days per week.

Students from 6 Portland Public Schools planned to walk out on Wednesday at 9am to make their voices heard. In addition to writing speeches for the rally, they also created a YouTube channel to host videos concerning the issue.

About a dozen and a half students showed up to the event.

According to the students who organized the protest, cops have no place in their building and their presence only leads to discrimination and further distrust of police. The student body apparently feels ‘unsafe’ while their SRO’s keep an eye on things.

I’m sorry…. What???

How does having someone to protect students from outside harm make students feel in danger? Within the last few years the amount of violent attacks against kids in school has drastically increased, leaving many parents afraid to trust the public school administration to keep their children safe.

We’ve gone right back to acting on thoughts and feelings… “I feel like it’s taking away funding from things that could actually increase a safe environment, like psychologists and therapists,” said one of the students at the rally.

Officer Mark Patterson of North Medford says that the SRO program is traditionally a great way to strengthen the relationship between students and police.

“This is where they have more positive contact with law enforcement on a regular basis,” he said. “I mean they’re more likely to come and talk to us if there’s something bad going on outside of school or if somebody is planning something bad at school. They’re more likely to come and talk to us because they have that relationship with us.”

It seems that students don’t see it that way.

Now, many people are probably saying, ‘Screw it, if they don’t want members of law enforcement there, fine. Let them fend for themselves.’

But for those who have taken the oath to protect and serve, they know that is simply not the case. Even those that will spit in our face, curse us out, wish death upon our families… they still will get help when they need it. That’s how this works.

So now we have to ask ourselves… is the future of our country heading toward lawlessness? Will we continue to alienate our protectors and our peacemakers? Or will we finally start working together to make the US a better place?

The choice is up to you, America.