After defunding the police, mayor now questions cops, 911 director over ‘excessive response times’


PORTLAND, OR- This would almost be funny if it wasn’t so absurd. The mayor of riot-central, Portland, Oregon has ordered the police chief and director of 911 emergency communications to explain why emergency response times have been lagging, according to OregonLive.

This after the city council cut the police budget by $27 million. It also comes while the department has seen a number of officers leave the department after six months of nightly rioting.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who also serves as police commissioner, asked the two officials to provide him with data on police response before the end of the year to enable him to answer complaints about either slow or no responses to police calls.

“What we need is a clear and transparent baseline” to provide a basic understanding of “where we are,” Wheeler said.

According to data on the Portland Police Bureau’s website, it takes an average of 10 minutes for police response to high-priority emergencies, while it takes 25 minutes to respond to medium priority calls. Low priority, non-emergency calls net an average of a 63-minute response time. The data is valid through Nov. 5.

The citywide goal for response times to emergencies is five minutes. Those calls would be defined as calls such as an assault or robbery in progress. The measurement of “average response time” measures from the time an officer is dispatched to an assigned call to when they arrive.

The city commissioned a survey last year called the “2019 Portland Insights Survey,” which noted that “decreasing wait times for police response” was a way the police department could improve community service.

The PPB has cited the nightly riots and sometimes “peaceful protests” as one of the primary reasons for delayed response to emergency calls.

As has happened in numerous cities across the country in primarily Democratic run cities, another reason cited is an explosion in violent crime, with Portland being no exception. The city has seen an increase in shootings and homicides this year.

In addition, the PPB has seen a record number of retirements, with 48 of those occurring in the month of August alone. This is typically what happens when police receive little or no support from upper management, and when they are continually excoriated. It isn’t surprising, and many other cities, New York City in particular, has been seeing the same thing.

As of Oct. 27, the PPB has 45 sworn officer vacancies out of an authorized strength of 917 sworn positions.

Wheeler said that he has received complaints about the slow responses by police to emergency calls, while also receiving complaints about the lack of police response whatsoever to some other calls.

Back in September, Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis said the department’s priority was emergency calls, “when there’s an active threat or a life safety issue,” which has often left between 80 to 100 lower priority calls holding during the nightly riots in the city.

For example, on Aug. 22, police took an hour and 36 minutes to respond to a 911 call placed by a man, who stated that an intruder with a knife broke into his apartment in the southeast portion of the city where his 12-year-old son was home alone. The intruder escaped; however, neighbors were able to detain him for more than an hour, nonetheless he got away prior to police arrival.

On Oct. 11, the owner of a downtown Portland café called 911 three times after he found his store’s windows shattered from bullets, however no police showed up until after noon the following day.

Wheeler said he had heard other accounts from community members, as well as reports from police about officers “running ragged” while trying to keep up with emergency calls in the midst of being understaffed.

Wheeler said he asked PPB Chief Chuck Lovell and the director of the Bureau of Emergency Communications, Bob Cozzie “days ago” for information on emergency response and noted he hoped to obtain it “well before the end of the year.”

In addition, the time it takes emergency operators to answer calls is over the national benchmarks, according to city statistics.

According to national standards, 90% of 911 calls are supposed to be answered in 10 seconds during peak call times, and 95% of calls answered within 20 seconds for routine calls.

However, in September, emergency dispatchers were able to answer 52% of 911 calls within 15 seconds, and 57% within 20 seconds, which falls far short of national standards, according to the Bureau of Emergency Communications.

As with officer shortages, there are also currently 15 dispatcher vacancies, which is having a negative impact on call taking time, the emergency communications’ latest report noted. There was a new training academy slated to start late in October to train 12 new dispatchers, officials said.

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Meanwhile we recently reported on the National Guard being activated in Portland due to “early and severe rioting.” For more on that, we invite you to:


PORTLAND, OR – The domestic terrorism started early on Wednesday evening in Portland, just after 7pm.

The early start was promised in a planned “rally” for a “week of action,” set to last from Wednesday, November 4, through Wednesday, November 11.

Law Enforcement Today told you Tuesday that Oregon Governor Kate Brown ordered the Oregon State Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff in charge of efforts to quell the violence in the city, and also put the National Guard on standby.

Around 7pm Wednesday, the National Guard was activated and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) tweeted to alert rioters that the Guard members would be riding with police and assisting in efforts to end what was declared to be a riot.

National Guard Oregon
Compliments of: Anonymous source

Police and Guard members began moving in swiftly.

MCSO attempted to soften the rioters by telling them that these guard members were “civilian community members helping to protect us.”

national guard oreon
Compliments of: Anonymous source

They must have forgotten that terrorists don’t care who is in their path to destruction, chaos, violence, and anarchy.

Before the gathering was declared a riot, a group called Symbiosis PDX handed out propaganda. Symbiosis PDX, according to their Twitter profile, stands for the following:

“Abolish All Mayors, ACAB, Solidarity Economy, Land Back, All Power to the Neigborhood Action Collectives, Fuck the Feds. Build Global Revolution. We will win.”

Their propaganda pamphlets included titles such as “Abolish all Mayors,” “Sex and Work,” “Anarchism in the Middle East,” and “A World Without Police.”

Groups like Symbiosis PDX want democracy and capitalism and we as Americans know it to be abolished.

Interestingly, a large presence in Portland was still made with people demanding every vote be counted.

This, after their self identified Antifa member candidate for Portland mayor, Sarah Iannarone, lost the election to incumbent Ted Wheeler.

One video was captured by a Twitter user who goes by the name Stoodis Mayne, who has a violent agenda in place already towards what is assumed to be Trump supporters and police that he describes as “fascists.”

His video showed the National Guard geared up in the riotous area of Portland Wednesday night. In this video, he said:

“You gonna fucking wage war on your own fucking people?”

The same user spread more false propaganda, on his page, saying the National Guard was called in over “broken windows.”

Another user claimed the night was “relatively calm and small night for Portland.”

In addition to the “broken windows,” which, as a reminder, represent people’s livelihoods, many of whom are of the ethnicity the group claims to care so much about, more American flags were also burned in the streets. Freeways and bridges were blocked, disrupting traffic.

Many people on Twitter expressed their outrage over the targeting of the clothing store Wildfang, which is apparently a “gender-smashing” brand.

Projectiles were thrown at police, including glass bottles, and a source told Law Enforcement Today that at least one Molotov cocktail had been thrown at police at the onset of the declaration of a riot.

Portland Fire was also on scene.

Rioters yelled:

“Fuck Biden and Trump!”

This supports the narrative that the anarchists aren’t rioting against any candidate, nor for either of them, but they are in the streets of Portland, and other big cities around the nation, to destroy the country.

They aren’t hiding it. And yet politicians have tied the hands of police and allowed it to continue for nearly six months.

In case anyone was under the impression that as soon as the election was “over,” the chaos would stop, the terrorists brought a special sign to let everyone know that’s not nearly their plan.

The sign read:

“The vote is over the fight goes on.”

As of 8:30pm local time, it was reported that nine arrests had been made.

Here’s an example of one of those arrests, caught on video, where police were attempting to clear the streets and one rioter just wasn’t interested in moving along. 

This is a developing story as the crowd remained in the streets against the declaration of an unlawful assembly as of 9pm Wednesday. Follow LET for more updates and coverage.

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