Portland mayor and city commissioner launch full-blown assault against police, conservatives (op-ed)


The following editorial is written by a former police officer and current contributing staff writer to Law Enforcement Today.

PORTLAND, OR – We are in the midst of three straight months of rioting in Portland, Oregon.

Not “peaceful protests”: rioting.

During that three months, we did not hear the mayor, Ted Wheeler once condemn the violent protests. That is until this week.

What changed? This past Saturday there was a pro-police rally. Now Wheeler is all offended. What a gutless, spineless hypocrite. We’ll get back to Wheeler shortly.

Of course, Portland’s political class is full of gutless, spineless weasels. Take for example city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. We’ve reported on her before. She is a radical, cop-hating shrew.

This past weekend, she issued another one of her mindless anti-cop, pro-anarchist rants. This time she quoted an article from a publication called Courthouse News.

 The article alleges that police in Portland are arresting blacks at a disproportionate rate to other races in the Portland riots.

According to the article, police officials in Portland have arrested in excess of 550 people in Portland between May 29 and August 21. According to the outlet, blacks make up 11% of those arrested, which they say is double the rate of the black population of the city. Indeed according to statistics, blacks make up just under six percent of the city’s population.

This is of course assuming that only residents of Portland are attending the riots in the city, which is a stretch. However the article cites criminal justice “experts,” who claim that attendance by blacks at riots in Portland at a higher rate than their proportion of the city’s population doesn’t account for their increased likelihood of arrest.

“It is highly unlikely that a disparity this high is a result of composition of the protestors or criminal activity,” said Dr. Mark Leymon, who is a criminology professor at Portland State University in an interview. “Research shows that people of color are not more likely to commit crime, especially in this context.”

However, Bureau of Justice Statistics showed that in 2017, blacks accounted for 27% of arrests for all offenses, including 38% of violent crimes. If blacks offend at a higher rate than whites, or other races, the disparity in the number arrested in the Portland riots is easily explainable.

According to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, police arrested 429 whites, 61 blacks, 36 Hispanics, 11 Asian or Pacific Islanders and one Native American.

If you want to take this to an illogical conclusion, 2.5% of those the police arrested were Pacific Islanders, while the population of Portland is only 0.69% Pacific Islanders. Are the Portland police also targeting that demographic?

Leymon tries to make the claim that the arrests need to statistically match the demographics of the community, which is absurd. Of course, his suggestion? The Portland cops are racist.

“We know from research that people of color, especially black individuals are much more likely to be perceived as dangerous,” Leymon said. “And so they are more likely to be arrested for low-level criminal activity—frivolous things—or for no criminal activity at all.”

Yes, low-level crime—such as burning down buildings, throwing bricks, rocks and feces filled balloons at cops—you know, minor stuff.  

The newly elected district attorney for Multnomah County, Mike Schmidt said that he would not prosecute the majority of protest arrests, but instead would focus on charges involving violence such as arson and assault.

Captain Tina Jones, spokeswoman for the Portland Police Bureau, said that the use of census data to measure race and compare that to the arrests made was disingenuous.

“It does not reflect the current composition of the city and does not take into account those who visit or work here,” she said in an email. “Arrests are made based upon probable cause for criminal acts.”

Hardesty is of course familiar to us at Law Enforcement Today. Earlier this month, we reported on a complaint filed by the Portland Police Association for abusing her oath of office.

Hardesty is basically a power-hungry tyrant who is on a power trip. She has demanded that Wheeler turn over his duties as police commissioner to Hardesty. A true legend in her own mind.

Hardesty in fact is so blind with faux rage over the death of George Floyd that she denies that the protesters who have been burning Portland nightly for three months even exist. In fact, she has blamed the police for “sending saboteurs and provocateurs into peaceful crowds.”

In other words, she’s a lunatic.

Another lunatic in Portland is Wheeler. This past weekend, a counter-demonstration was held in downtown Portland which consisted of pro-police protesters, along with some other right-leaning groups such as the Proud Boys and Three Percenters militia group, with some wearing body armor and helmets.

Meanwhile, the Antifa mob, all dressed in black with helmets and face masks were also in the area. There was a large police presence in the area which consisted of representatives of some two dozen local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.

The gathering of the right-leaning groups was put out on social media for weeks. Wheeler, who has yet to speak out against the violent protests that have turned his city into Fallujah, was having none of the “right wing” groups coming into the city.

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LET Unity

In the days leading up to the event said that “people who espoused hate ore engaged in violence were ‘not welcome.’”

Yes, he said that.

Antifa and the right-leaning groups were not the only ones who showed up on Saturday, with a group that attended a nearby prayer service holding up signs that said things such as, “No Trump, No NRA.”

Antifa had promised to confront the rally and leaders from some of the far right groups asked their followers to show up to protest the arrest of six members of such groups in the lead up to the event.

This brings us back to Wheeler. This feckless, incompetent clown has stood on the sidelines for months and not condemned the violence that has gutted a once beautiful city. Why? Because he’s evidently afraid of being “canceled.” Or maybe, he endorses the violence?

Anyway, he finally crawled out from under his rock this past weekend and condemned violence—no, not the Antifa violence. He condemned the “right wing” violence.

In a Facebook post, wacky Wheeler said:

“I vehemently oppose what the Proud Boys and those associated with them stand for, and I will not tolerate hate speech and the damage it does in our city (emphasis added). White nationalists, particularly those coming to our city armed, threaten the safety of Portlanders, and are not welcome here (Antifa however is welcome to torch the place). Regarding Saturday afternoon’s protest, I am closely reviewing and discussing with Chief Lovell Portland Police Bureau’s strategy to limit their intervention in the right-wing protests and counter-demonstrations. We will share more information with the public. We are at a critical place where police offices are needed to intervene in protests where police officer themselves are the flashpoint.”

You got that? Police need to get involved with protests only when they involve opposing factions, one of which is supportive of the police. As far as Antifa and BLM having daily competition to see how much damage they can do to the city?

No big deal apparently, at least according to Wheeler.


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