Portland journalist harassed by protester upset by crimes being filmed: “Get your cameras off them”


PORTLAND, OR – A local reporter in Portland, Oregon was documenting the protests that transpired on November 4th within the city.

While having offered a perspective that documented from daylight organizing to nighttime criminality, the local reporter also managed to evoke the ire of the vandals against her for filming them.

Brenna Kelly from Fox12 in Portland was doing what’s expected of most journalists on the ground on November 4th – documenting what started out as an organized rally hosted by groups notorious for protesting in the area.

This rally that was organized at North Park Blocks within the northwest portion of the city was reportedly put together by PNW Community Action Network. Kelly noted in a caption tweet that this “newly created group” was a culmination of other groups such as Portland Democratic Socialists of America and Rose City Antifa.

During this daytime event, speakers were apparently present that made mention of becoming “radicalized” and likening themselves as being “revolutionaries” in their respective lifetime.

According to Kelly, numerous booths were established that aimed at “recruiting” people for these various groups, while also offering a “know your rights” training in an effort to educate protesters on how to handle police interactions.  

Once the sun had set, Kelly noted that there were an estimated couple hundred protesters present within the park:

“Group getting ready to march. Dark in the park it a couple hundred people here. PPB officers have told businesses in the area in preparation: ‘It seems likely that some members who choose to affiliate with this event will choose to commit crimes.”

Well, in a not-so-shocking turn of events, the police warnings mentioned by Kelly were spot on. And when Kelly was filming the likes of some of the crimes going on within the city, she managed to find herself getting harassed by the criminally minded individuals present.

When Kelly was actively filming a person vandalizing an ATM machine, one man came running up aggressively yelling:

“Get you cameras off of them. Get your fucking camera…get your cameras off of these protesters.”

When captioning that video posted to Twitter, Kelly noted that “it’s clear they don’t want to be filmed.”

Despite the vandalism that was taking place within Portland, Kelly had noted that police in the area had not yet declared an unlawful assembly.

And then – things got worse in terms of rampant vandalism.

Videos of windows getting smashed within impunity and more ATMs getting smashed by miscreants were shared by Kelly online. The criminals present were able to use the guise of the protest to engage in their criminal activity.

All the while, PPB were reported as being blocks away from the entire protest.

However, police in Portland eventually inserted themselves into the chaos that was brewing, with video showcasing them hitting the ground after an unlawful assembly was declared.

And in another smart move, Governor Kate Brown had authorized the deployment of the National Guard to get measures under control:

“Unified Command on National Guard activation: Widespread violence is occurring in Downtown Portland. In the interest of public safety, Governor Kate Brown, under advice of the Unified Command, has activated the use of the Oregon National Guard to assist local law enforcement.”

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We at Law Enforcement Today reported on the activation of the National Guard in Portland the day after the chaos transpired. 

Here’s that previous report. 


PORTLAND, OR – Law Enforcement Today reported Wednesday night that the National Guard had been activated in Portland due to severe unrest and violent activity.

A riot was declared and the Guard activated around 7pm.

One of several targeted buildings during the night was the Saint André Bessette Catholic Church. The church’s windows were broken and the building vandalized.

The mission of the church, as stated on their website is:

Saint Andre Bessette Catholic Church proclaims Christ’s healing compassion in downtown Portland. Through prayer and service, we welcome all people to nurture community, restore hope, and share in God’s persistent love.”

The church is also active in assisting Portland’s homeless population.

Like many other nights, journalists were threatened if they were caught recording acts of violence, as they fear being identified and prosecuted.

Around 70% of charges stemming from this anarchy in the past nearly six months have been dropped.

Police made several arrests throughout the night and at least one Molotov cocktail was thrown at Portland police officers.

The unlawful assembly order was rescinded around 9pm, but there were still stragglers causing damage and disrupting the peace well into the late hours of the evening.

Around 10:20pm, a large group gathered in front of the Justice Center, which has been the target of many Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacks for the past several months.

There, the terrorists started a fire.

As the group marched on from the Justice Center, another unlawful assembly was declared.

As police held the line trying to move rioters out of the area, a large group of terrorists organized and pushed towards the line of police, shouting, “Move back!”

Police held the line, and the rioters spat many of the crude comments they’ve been saying all along, such as:

“Your wife is embarrassed of your job!”


“No one likes you!”

The “March of Terror” continued through the streets on Wednesday with many more businesses getting damaged by Antifa.

Of course no riot would be complete without the domestic terrorists, as they shout “death to America,” burning at least one American flag.

They were able to burn multiple flags Wednesday, at least one of them with a blowtorch.

And the chants continued as well, with one of the most prominent still being:

“All cops are bastards.”

They also expressed anger over the winning of Ted Wheeler for the mayoral race. Their preferred candidate was Sarah Iannarone, a self professed member of Antifa.

Using an amplifier in the back of a pickup truck, those marching shouted:

“Fuck Ted Wheeler!”

Earlier in the day, journalist Andy Ngo from the Post Millennial, who has been a top reporter on Antifa to the point where they’ve attacked and targeted him several times, spoke with restaurant and business owners in Portland.

They told him of the devastation the riots have caused them, especially on the heels of the closures and COVID restrictions.

As of 11pm Wednesday, 10 people had been arrested in connection to the riots.

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