Portland café owner, U.S. Marine says rioters who hit his pro-police business solidified his vote for President Trump


PORTLAND, OR – John Jackson, the owner of Heroes American Café in Portland said that he has made up his mind on who he will vote for in the general election – President Donald Trump.  This is thanks to violent Antifa members who damaged his shop. 

Jackson, a military veteran, alleges that the café was targeted by the violent extremists because Antifa views it as a unfriendly business.  The group shot two of the windows and another struck with what was believed to be a baseball bat. 

The attack apparently came as a result of a tweet from @DublinPDX which said the owner of the café supports law enforcement.  A screen shot of the tweet, according to Fox, said:

“We’re trying to compile a list of all non-friendly businesses in PDX.  AKA any company that’s hanging blue lives garbage in their store or anything else that’s anti the BLM movement.  Drop them below.”

Jackson made no bones about his support for law enforcement, and all heroes which to him includes military, veterans, nurses and firefighters. 

He said:

“We’re for all heroes and we don’t support zeroes.  So, if you’re a bad cop, we don’t really have time for you.  If you’re walking your beat and you’re taking care of your people or you’re saving lives, we love you.”

When speaking about the damage to his business, Jackson said:

“I think it’s more psychological.  When I first came here [Portland] about 10 years ago, it was one of the most accepting cities that I knew of.”

Sadly, Portland has turned into a very one-sided city, you either support and love what the mainstream liberals tell you to, or you are hated.  This is something that now Jackson can attest to firsthand after his café was damaged because he supports police.

Now, those same people will have another reason to hate Jackson, as he not only voted for President Trump in 2016, but has made up his mind to vote for him again. 

Jackson said:

“This solidified my Trump vote.  I’m done with this weakness and we need some real strong leadership.”

The city has seen well over 100 consecutive nights of rioting, looting and protests after the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The democratic leaders of the city and state do not seem to want the violence to stop as they have taken little action to curb it.

With all of the arrests the agency makes, almost 70% of those criminal cases are dropped by the District Attorney for the area.  543 of those dropped cases were done so because of an “interest to justice.”

According to the DA’s office, that term means:

“The Deputy District Attorney chooses not to proceed with criminal charges based on compelling factors or circumstances.

“Some considerations include, but are not limited to, the nature of the crime, the prior record of the defendant, the punishment already suffered by the defendant, the purpose and effect of further punishment, any prejudice resulting to the defendant by the passage of time, current office policy, and the impact on the public interest of a dismissal.”

With all of those criminals being released back out into the street with no legal ramifications for their actions, how would anyone expect that the rioting would stop?  After all, the rioting seems to be condoned by the District Attorney, Mike Schmidt, otherwise he would be prosecuting the cases in order to set an example that those actions would not be tolerated in the city.

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Meet Gary Lamb. He’s a black Trump supporter who believes the President is sent by God – ‘Trump is life’

September 27, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – Gary Lamb, an apparent staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, produced a ten-minute video that has now gone viral.  The reason?  Lamb is black, and we are all told that the President is racist, so…how can that happen?

Lamb wanted everyone to know that he had been struggling for many years to support his family.  And now, according to him, thanks to President Trump, he finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel.  He said:

“To me, Trump is a freaking God send.  To me, Trump is life.  To me, Trump is a second chance.”

Lamb then responds to people who did not believe that the President is worth reelection.  He said:

”You see, I don’t have the luxury to worry about Roe v Wade.  I don’t have the luxury to worry about that.  I’m too busy trying to keep my family fed to think about that, and for the first God [expletive] time in my life, I actually see a way out.  I see a way out.  Something I’ve never seen before…

“Just that little bit of hope is enough for me to have a fire in my belly power to chart the God [expletive] world man…If Biden gets into office man, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  So, I’m saying thank you to you [President Trump].  You unlocked me and I’m sure you unlocked a lot of people. 

“There’s a silent majority out there man.  I talk to them every day…there is a silent majority out there…they are workers like me who didn’t care about politics, didn’t think about politics, and didn’t want to talk about politics.”

“I got people that I work with on a daily basis saying, yo, man, what gotta do something.”

President Trump himself actually saw the video message and tweeted out the video, with the note:

“I will never let you down.”

Lamb is not alone in his support for the President, something that democrats do not want you to think.  He is one of many black supporters that are standing up and hoping that the President gets re-elected. 

At a recent protest in Beverly Hills, California, those who were against the President lined up with the black people that were supporters of the President.  In one exchange between the two groups, they were heard saying:

Anti Trump:

“I’ve seen him [President] quoted saying some racist shit about black people.”

Black Trump Supporter:

“Like what?”

After the man could not provide one single example, the Trump supporter said:

“Nothing!  You got nothing!

“They can’t answer the question because they don’t have facts on their side.  They don’t have any facts.  They don’t do research.  They don’t do any type of higher learning when it comes to what they believe.”

Instagram user @Lucas_the_Abstract chimed in and told WZW:

“I believe the (Black Lives Matter) movement is fake.  It has nothing to do with advancing the lives of black people. 

“Their main goal is to break up the patriarchal, like nuclear family.  They want the men removed out of the family, which is what Democrats want also.

“If BLM really cared about black lives, why would it be solely isolated to incidents where a black life is taken at the hands of a white cop?  That happens less than one percent.”

The man then compared the movement to an injury in order to explain his point of view:

“I have a massive head wound, I have a leg fracture, and a scratch on my finger.  And here come the first responders, and they want to tend to the scratch on my finger.  And I’m telling you, ‘What about the wound on my head?  What about my fractured leg?

“That what the BLM movement is.  They’re tending to the scratch on my finger, and that’s not even what it’s about.  If you want to help us, let us tell you how you can help us.  Don’t come in and tell us how you want to help us and don’t tell me that I’m oppressed because I’m not oppressed.”

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