Portland Antifa declares “BLM squad are not welcome” at planned cop-free autonomous zone


The following contains editorial content written by a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

PORTLAND, OR – It looks as though Antifa cells in Portland no longer want to have BLM protesters among them, as evidenced by one of the most prominent Portland-based Antifa Twitter accounts that spreads calls to action regarding where to engage in protests, riots, and the ilk.

The account on Twitter in question is @RisingPDX – also known as “Revolution Rising” on the platform. In perhaps one of the most delicious instances of irony, this account on Twitter which has over 4000 followers, notes that it was:

“[S]tarted on [M]ay 27 2020 as a way to boost out that PDX was showing up for justice for George Floyd. Black Lives Matter, Fuck 12.”

Screenshot of Revolution Rising Twitter account bio
Screenshot of Revolution Rising Twitter account bio

So, the inception of this Twitter account openly acknowledges that it was created directly in response to the BLM movement and the death of George Floyd.

But apparently, the individual or individuals that run the Revolution Rising Twitter account don’t want Black Lives Matter at an occupation that was being planned to take place at Lents Park in Portland.

The first call to action came on April 16th from the Revolution Rising account, which read as follows:

“COMRADES ARE CALLING FOR A VIGIL AND TEMPORARY OCCUPATION OF LENTS PARK. Meet at 9pm tonight, bring tents, candles, food, drinks, and other supplies.”

This “occupation” that was being planned, which an occupation enacted by Antifa cells and groups are typically akin to autonomous zones, clarified that it was in response to a recent officer-involved shooting in Portland and that there was “no room” for people trying to maintain peace in the area:

“We plan on occupying until:

  • PPB is charged for the murder they committed today.
  • PPB is defunded by AT LEAST 50% (abolition would be preferable).
  • And Lents Park is renamed by the indigenous people’s of the land we live on.”

“At this occupation there is no room for peace police, swoopers, security teams, authoritarian decision making, streamers, etc.. Embrace the principles of anarchism and anti authoritarianism.”

The initial definitions of certain individuals this Antifa cell wanted barred from participating or engaging in this occupation was vague.

Luckily, Revolution Rising was kind enough to provide a broader definition as to what was intended to be conveyed regarding certain individuals they do not want at their occupation:

“TO BE CLEAR Black unity and BLM squad are not welcome at the occupation cause all they do is bring megaphones to exploit Portlands white guilt and swoop shit, a black comrade called for this shit and they got no tolerance for swooper liberal fucks.”

“If you see a swooper it’s on sight.”

This is amazing.

Not only is this Antifa group justifying the proclamation that BLM isn’t allowed at their occupation because a black person they know “called for this shit,” but they are also advocating to attack members of BLM that show up with their calling of “If you see a swooper it’s on sight.”

For those curious as to what a “swooper” is in the context it’s being used by the Revolution Rising account, it’s essentially a person thought to be ‘swooping’ in on an opportunity to either take control of it or exploit it for their personal gain or agenda.

You know, kind of like how Antifa groups literally did to BLM throughout all of 2020.

This. Is. Uh-Mazin’!

Also, the term “on sight” in the context it is being used is a colloquial predominantly used in gang and prison culture where members of groups or gangs are given a proverbial green light to attack either an individual or a group of people.

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LET Unity

It gets even better, because this Revolution Rising account continued putting out tweets denigrating black people that don’t fall in line with what these Antifa cells want:  

“One black person will tell y’all do do some counter insurgency shit and y’all blindly follow cause they look like a “leader” while yelling over black femmes who are telling you to stop. Get over your white guilt portland, fuck shit up and don’t listen to the plants.”

If you are looking for peak hypocrisy, look no further then another tweet put out by Revolution Rising that was once again justifying the non-allowance of BLM at their occupation:

“Saying ‘this is what black folks want’ after a single black person told you to do something is literally racist, black folks aren’t a monolith, there’s a thing called CONSENSUS.”

Folks in the comments section were quick to point out that mere hours earlier the Revolution Rising Twitter account justified disallowing BLM because a single black person they knew allegedly called for it.

But alas, the icing on this cake comes in the form of Revolution Rising actually broadcasting the words “Fuck Black Unity and BLM”:

“Fuck Black Unity and BLM Squad and your dumbass counter insurgency tactics. THERE ARE NO LEADERS HERE… megaphone=/= leader.”

It’s almost as if Antifa doesn’t really care about black people as a whole, these groups only like black people if they are anarchists just like them.

And now they are telling their fellow “comrades” to make sure that BLM groups don’t come in close proximity to their often felonious occupations and protests, for fear of BLM acting as “swoopers” and effectively hijacking whatever criminal activity they’re engaged in.  

Portland Antifa cells, which hijacked the BLM movement and messaging in 2020, are worried about the movement they hijacked getting basically hijacked back by other BLM groups.

Remember, Portland-based Antifa groups spent the summer of 2020 and beyond mirroring slogans and chants popularized by BLM.

Antifa cells would march around Portland chanting “say their name”, “black lives matter”, “white silence is violence”, and generally reciting the names of black suspects or individuals that were killed by police under contentious circumstances.

Oh, how fate loves irony.

And according to a recent tweet from Andy Ngo, this clashing between BLM and Antifa is playing out in other areas such as Minnesota. Andy Ngo shared screenshots from tweets coming from Star Tribune contributor Liz Sawyer that provided context to what’s playing out in Minnesota:

“Mood is shifting here. Black freedom fighters trying to prevent white agitators from climbing on barricades and shaking the fences. Agitators are accusing black community members and freedom fighters of being paid by the city to protect barricades and police property.”

This once seemingly prominent camaraderie between anarchist Antifa groups and BLM is starting to unravel at the seams – and it all seems to stem from BLM groups and black community members in various areas getting sick and tired of these anarchists tearing up cities.

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