Poll: Most African Americans prefer the term “all lives matter” over the term “black lives matter”


While the slogan “Black Lives Matter” is seemingly being shoved down everyone’s throats at every turn, whether it’s logging on to Facebook, or your Fitbit app, or emails, the slogan is not quite as popular as the more inclusive “All Lives Matter”, according to a Rasmussen survey of 1,000 likely voters.

Interestingly, as reported in Breitbart, the poll showed that this was true even among African Americans, with 47 percent choosing “All Lives Matter,” while 44 percent of that same demographic chose “Black Lives Matter.”

The poll, which was conducted on June 15-16 asked respondents: “Which statement is closest to your own?”

“Black Lives Matter” was picked by 30 percent of voters, including 35 percent of voters under age 40, and 63 percent of liberals.

“All Lives Matter” was picked by 59 percent of all voters, 58 percent of swing-voters, and 56 percent of “moderate” voters.

Among the wealthy elite, who can afford their own private security and aren’t worried about the organization called Black Lives Matter’s call to abolish the police, 53 percent of people who earn above $200,000 chose “Black Lives Matter” while just 34 percent of people earning less than $30,000 picked backed it.

Broken down along educational lines, only 22 percent of high school graduates picked “Black Lives Matter,” however 41 percent of people with professional degrees, who received four years of indoctrination by liberal college professors picked “Black Lives Matter.”

Conversely, “All Lives Matter” was chosen by 54 percent of people under 40, 60 percent of whites and 61 percent of people who were neither black nor white; by 67 percent of people who earn between $30,000 and $50,000, by 70 percent of high school graduates, and by 59 percent of college graduates. Evidently the 59 percent had minds of their own.

Along approval or disapproval of the president, 55 percent of people who disapprove of President Trump prefer “Black Lives Matter,” however 63 percent of people who “somewhat” approve or disapprove of the president prefer “All Lives Matter.”

Political ideology shows a wide partisan gap. Seventy-seven percent of conservatives prefer “All Lives Matter,” while 63 percent of liberals prefer “Black Lives Matter.” Twenty-nine percent of liberals prefer “All Lives Matter.”

Interestingly, Democrats were pretty evenly split. Forty-six percent backed “Black Lives Matter,” while 48 percent prefer “All Lives Matter.”

Rasmussen said that twelve percent picked a third option: “Neither statement reflects your point of view.”

Only two percent said they were “not sure.”

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Meanwhile, Breitbart News said that this past Tuesday, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which is the largest protestant denomination in the nation, asked his members to declare that “black lives matter,” while condemning the slogan “all lives matter.”

President J.D. Greear said:

“Southern Baptists, we need to say it clearly as a gospel issue: black lives matter. Of course, black lives matter. Our black brothers and sisters are made in the image of God. Black lives matter because Jesus died for them.”

“And by the way, let’s not respond by saying ‘oh, well all lives matter,’” he said. “Of course, all lives matter. That’s true. But you’re missing the point.”

Greear made a point to say that he doesn’t align with Black Lives Matter the organization.

“I do not align myself with the Black Lives Matter organization,” explaining that it has been “hijacked by some political operatives whose worldview and policy prescriptions would be deeply at odds with [his] own.”

He also argued that slogans such as “defund the police” were not helpful.

“I think saying bold things like ‘defund the police’ is unhelpful and deeply disrespectful to many public servants who bravely put themselves in harm’s way every day to protect us,” Greear said.

“But I know that we need to take a deep look at our police systems sand structures and ask what we’re missing,” he continued. “Where are we missing the mark? And I’ll say that we do that because black lives matter.”

Some were surprised but pleased by Greear’s comments. According to the Houston Chronicle, they reported:

“The Rev. Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, a predominantly African American congregation in Arlington, said he was shocked—but “thankful beyond measure”—to hear Greear’s comments, praising them as “sensible, therapeutic, and without qualification or equivocation.”

“It’s almost surreal to me that it would come off the lips of a president of the Southern Baptist Convention,” McKissic said. “It’s true, it’s right and it should have been said 50 years ago.”

How nice it is to hear African American religious leaders, unlike the fake reverend and race hustler Al Sharpton speaking in common sense, in words that anyone should be able to support, at least in part?

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