Miami’s new police chief (the radical leftist from Houston) uses shootings to target law-abiding gun owners


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

MIAMI, FL- In a surprise to absolutely nobody, the director of the Miami-Dade Police wasted zero time in using the shooting outside a local rap concert to advocate for stricter gun control laws, the New York Post reports.  

Art Acevedo, who was sworn in as Miami’s new police chief in April, came from the Houston, Texas police department where it can probably be said nobody on that department misses him, at least among the rank and file.

The consummate political hack, Acevedo became Miami’s fifth police chief in just the past ten years.

On Sunday, Acevedo was appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” and  told host John Dickerson that elected officials must enact stricter gun legislation. Because as we all know, people who do drive-by shootings at rap concerts probably obtained their guns through legal means.


“It’s just an indication of the problem we have with the scourge of gun violence in this country, that we have to do much more at the federal level to stop,” Acevedo said.

“They need to come out of their own corners—the left and the right—and come to the middle, which is where most Americans are,” he continued.

During the interview, Acevedo told Dickerson he advocates universal background checks and making burglarizing licensed gun stores a federal crime with mandatory minimum sentencing.

“We need the federal government and both sides to address these issues.”

The ability to get both sides to move anywhere near a compromise will be nearly impossible, since the far-left is now completely in control of Congress and the White House. Simply put, compromise is not in their vocabulary…power and control is. 

Nowhere has that been made clearer than by Biden’s far-left radical nominee to head the ATF,  David Chipman, who has vowed to ban the most popular sporting rifle in the country, the AR-15.

Chipman could not even define last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee what he defined an “assault weapon” as, although he has said previously the AR-15 is an “assault weapon.”

Acevedo, who claims to be a Republican last year gained unwanted attention from police officers throughout the country when he joined marches and protests over the death of George Floyd, taking the side of what in many cases turned out to be violent protesters.

Last summer, he also gained notoriety for speaking out against law enforcement officer advocate President Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

Acevedo told Dickerson, “Because without legislation—we’re never going to get through this summer without much more death and destruction. The American people deserve greater safety.”

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So, the hypocrite, who spoke at the Democratic National Convention, a party which embraced the violent riots that took place all last summer and refused to condemn them, thinks the American people “deserve greater safety?” After he threw down with the very people who are trying to emasculate police officers, who support defunding the police, and who want to let violent criminals out of jail? Is this guy for real?

In Miami on Saturday night, three men jumped out of an SUV outside a Miami-area banquet hall and opened fire, spraying the crowd with gunfire which resulted in two dead and more than 20 people wounded. It was unknown if the SUV had an NRA sticker on the car indicating that the shooters were legal gun owners.

Acevedo also took an apparent swipe at Republicans who complain about efforts to engage in “making police better and investing in good policing.” Apparently it depends on what your definition is of “better” and “good policing.” He said instead that “on the right we’re talking about more guns for everybody,” adding “it is going to be a long summer.”

Hmm. Longer than last summer?

Acevedo continued to take shots at Second Amendment advocates, analogizing that if you stand for gun rights you are not on the side of law enforcement, which is absolutely absurd.

“You’re either with law enforcement or you stand with the fringe and believe that everybody should have a firearm, regardless of their character, capabilities, and mental capacity.”

Once again, an absolutely brain-dead, absurd and obtuse statement.

Acevedo must have also gotten the memo from the Biden administration, by claiming “Gun violence is a public health epidemic.”

That of course has become the mantra of the Democrat party, who are trying to show an equivalency of a “public health” emergency to, say the COVID-19 pandemic. This then led to unparalleled power being given to governors who were basically given carte blanche to violate the Bill of Rights at will. Make no mistake about it, the use of the term “public health emergency” or “crisis” is intentional.

The Miami shooting followed two other shootings since Thursday in the southern Florida city.

“This is the second mass shooting event in our region this weekend,” Acevedo said in a Twitter post Sunday. “If we don’t fully mobilize as a society against it, it will get worse before it gets better.

Acevedo also stuck his nose into legislation moving forward in his old state of Texas, which would allow people to carry guns in public without a licensing background check or training, which Gov. Greg Abbott has said he will sign. 

“Look, there’s something that God gave us and that’s common sense. And common sense tells us that is ridiculous.” He then made the claim that “most American gun owners don’t support constitutional carry.” 

While Acevedo is typical among political hacks who ascend to leadership positions in primarily major city police departments, his anti-gun rhetoric flies against a majority of rank and file police officers, who are staunch gun rights advocates.

In Acevedo’s case, he has long been an anti-gun zealot. In 2018, according to an AP photo shared by Bearing Arms, Acevedo marched alongside gun control advocates in Houston.

Where Acevedo (and Democrats) lose a majority of people is the outright refusal to acknowledge that soft-on-crime DAs in America’s major cities has led to the explosion of crime in major cities over the past year. Add to that states such as New York which implemented virtual no-bail laws, where criminals are released before the ink is dry on their arrest reports, and you have a recipe for exactly the crime problem we saw in 2020 and which is continuing in 2021.

Hell, some jurisdictions have proposed doing away with charging people who commit crimes with guns under “special circumstances” or “enhancements” legislation, which adds additional prison time to those who use (or threaten use of) guns in the commission of crimes. You can have a thousand gun laws but if DAs refuse to prosecute them, what’s the point? Other than to punish lawful gun owners?

We do agree with Acevedo that those who burglarize gun stores should face serious prison time, since the only purpose for doing so is clearly not to use the weapons for sport or hunting purposes. Universal background checks? Useless. An overwhelming majority of guns used in the commission of crimes are illegally obtained.

As Bearing Arms notes, background check requirements in both New Mexico and Colorado had no impact whatsoever on crime rates in those states. New Mexico didn’t use the law at all for the first year it was in place, and in Colorado, violent crime has not gone down but rather has increased every year since 2013, the year the legislation was passed.

At a time when far-left Democrats are seeking to defund the police, creating busy work for a reduced number of police chasing down legal gun owners while violent criminals run amuck on our streets is insanity. If someone can show us when a member of the NRA engaged in a mass shooting with a legally purchased firearm, we’re all ears.

The fact remains that Acevedo and his ilk are political hacks likely trying to get themselves a position as a Federal U.S. Marshal for a hack Democrat president like Biden.

If Acevedo is truly serious about getting the crime problem in this country under control, he should pay attention to radical DAs like George Gascon, Kim Foxx, Larry Krasner, Cyrus Vance Jr., Chesa Boudin and others.

They are the ones setting the tone for an out of control criminal element in this country. Not legal gun owners who see their guardians—our nation’s police—under attack by the very people that Acevedo lays down with.

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