President Trump shuts down policy that let countless illegal immigrant kids be smuggled into America


TUCSON, AZ- A policy over a decade old has been shut down by President Donald Trump, which not only harms the cartel’s operations of smuggling illegal immigrant children in the country, but upsets the far left as well.

The rule that has been in place for 12 years is what’s known as the “Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC),” and, thanks to the pandemic, the United States is experiencing a brief respite in ballooning populations of illegal immigrant children.

The New York Times treated this development as a sort of sad and somber moment for the United States. The outlet noted that “hundreds of migrant children and teenagers” have been removed from the country when they attempted to enter illegally.

The Trump administration’s ability to circumvent the UAC mandates that existed years before Trump taking office is thanks to the ongoing pandemic and the existing Title 42 law that permits border agents from stopping migrants crossing into the country illegally at the request of the CDC.

According to DHS Chief Chad Wolf, the CDC has proclaimed that Title 42 will be continually enforced indefinitely until the “serious danger from COVID-19 has ceased.”

There are Democrats that are completely outraged that children cannot come into the United States illegally anymore. One of them is non other than Joe Biden, where he stated the following on Twitter:

“Donald Trump is using a global health crisis as an excuse to deport children and continue separating families. It’s heartless and un-American.

People across the political spectrum rejected these policies before, and will do so again, because they know families belong together.”

 Back in 2008, the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act was reupped and provided a means for coyotes to illegally smuggle children into the United States via a loophole that protected UACs from being deported.

As long as the kids were alone when crossing, they were delivered to a next of kin within the United States essentially.

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Thus, creating an influx of illegal migrants into K-through-12 schools. This is the very thing that Biden seems to want to keep going on, for whatever reason.

Overall, nearly half-a-million children have made their way into the United States between 2008 and 2019, which is quite a considerable amount.

These very migrant youths that flooded into the United States were ripe for the picking with local gangs like MS-13, who typically onboard the likes of young migrants.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the 2008 TVPRA essentially made the U.S. government part and parcel to “smuggling organizations” south of the border.

Back in August of 2019, Ken Cuccinelli mirrored the sentiment that the federal government was responsible to a degree in enabling a pipeline of illegally smuggled children into the United States:

“The federal government has been the final link in the human trafficking effort up to this point.

People put children in this pipeline with a certain degree of confidence — they’re obviously willing to risk their children –– that they will end up with the parents in the end. We are helping them pull this off.”

Despite the accomplishment with temporarily shutting off the valve of the pipeline that has introduced numerous illegal immigrant minors into the United States, therein lies the still present caveats of H-1B visas and exploited B-1 visas that have harmed the likes of white-collar worker salaries for American citizens.

With a population of roughly 1.3 million H-1B visa holders that are present within the country, this has inevitably driven down wages for stateside collegiate graduates who’d wagered on higher salaries.

Not to mention, B-1 visa holders who have managed to drive down wages for an amalgamation of working-class citizens.

Of course, big businesses are fighting to keep the likes of H-1B visas moving forward, since it can save them a buck or two in the long run.


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