Police Work Is a Strange Job


So you think you have a strange job? Do you find yourself dealing with interesting characters and unique circumstances? All right, maybe you do. While we don’t want to take anything from you, try being a cop.

It’s a Strange Job

Law enforcement professionals get the privilege of dealing with:

  • Male stripper who thought his partner was a cannibal so he gouged his eyes with a pen, killing him. He was caught fleeing the scene naked.
  • Schoolteachers that are making news having sex with students at alarming rates. Hmmm, educators appear to be instructing in their birthday suits. (Apologies to 99 percent of the teachers that teach ethically and responsibly. As LEOs, we can sympathize. Our 1 percenters make headline news too.)
  • All parties are clothed here, but investigators piece together the grisly murder of three women hammered to death by a deranged man. And we literally mean a “hammer” was used as the murder weapon.
  • Discriminatory gym owner posting a sign that reads, “No F***** cops.” Can you imagine if it said “No F****** cable guy?” Of course not! The hatred is typically directed at law enforcement.
  • Escapee who had been in custody for rape, commits suicide while officers try to coax him from his hiding space. (Another crime involving ye’ ole birthday suit.)

These are simply a few of the eccentric cases covered by Law Enforcement Today during the past week. They exemplify what makes police work one of the most unique ways to earn a living. And there were many more!

Tragic Circumstances Accompany the Strange Job

As with most weeks, police officers also lost a few partners during the past seven days. Two Virginia state troopers perished when their helicopter had a mechanical failure and went down. And no less tragic was the death of a deputy from the Quitman County Sheriff’s Department. He died in a collision while responding to a call of shots fired.

Unconventional Vocation

If you don’t find this vocational news unconventional enough, we can go back to the previous week. Hence, it was during that timeframe that police encountered:

Moreover, it was during the previous week that found a police officer jailed. His crime? Using his personal vehicle to chase a stolen automobile. The suspect driving the hot ride successfully lost the pursuing off-duty cop, but in his haste he crashed and killed the passenger. As a result, the local prosecutor apparently believes justice will be served by jailing the officer for somehow perpetuating the tragedy.

Perilous Nature of a Strange Job

If this news still leaves you unimpressed with our heroes in uniform, we also had a few fighting to regain health and stability. One officer was shot in the face and lost the vision from one eye. Another suffered severe tinnitus (chronic buzzing in the ear) and PTSD after he was shot. Finally, in addition to being shot by a bad guy, the wounded officers share another commonality; they lost their job against their will due to the injuries.

Police work indeed brings cops into contact with the strangest, and sometimes perilous circumstances. So why do we do it? That’s a great question. Ask the LEO in your life!

(Photo courtesy dansunphotos)

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