CANTONMENT, Fla. –  “Ladies, NEVERRRR let a Boy put his hands on You cs a Real MAN ain’t Going for it”

This is the post that appeared on Ja’Quoia Collins’ Facebook page only 20 minutes before police believe she stabbed her boyfriend Quartez McShane to death, Pensacola News Journal’s Colin Warren-Hicks reports.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday night, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies found McShane unresponsive and lying in the roadway of his apartment complex in Cantonment, Florida. They noticed blood on the driver’s side door of his Mitsubishi Galant close to where he lay. McShane still had a pulse, according to Warren-Hicks, but the officers soon found a one-and-a-half-inch puncture wound through his sternum.

Ja’Quoia XiaXiana Collins, 24 (Escambia County Jail)


McShane was rushed to a local area hospital but he died within an hour of being found.

Upon investigation, police found surveillance footage from the Wild Oak Farm Apartment complex of Ja’Quoia XiaXiana Collins running away from the Mitsubishi. Collins, a 24-year-old woman from Cantonment, has at least one child with McShane.


LET UNITY – BECAUSE AMERICA IS WORTH SAVING – CLICK TO LEARN MORE further reported that the surveillance video does not show any footage of Collins approaching the Mitsubishi, leading investigators to believe that she was already at the vehicle at the time of the murder.

Further investigation into Collins’ actions the night of the stabbing also revealed her social media posts where she also wrote just hours earlier “N—– Only think you Good for Sex, like b—- did you Know I knew how to Draw,” Warren-Hicks reports.

Collins was arrested early on Sunday morning. She is charged with second degree murder and held without bond.


Strangely enough, McShane’s mother Samantha Allen took mercy on the accused murderer. She pleaded to the court “I know Ja’Quoia, and I would like for her to have bond, if you don’t mind… Because I know that she’s a good mother. I’m hurting. I’m broken. But I know she has kids, and I want her to get her affairs in order, for her kids. She has my grandbaby. And I forgive her. And I love her. And I don’t know if she intentionally tried to do it. It’s up to you.”

However, Circuit Judge Scott Duncan denied the request, citing that there was probable cause that she, in fact, committed the murder. Collins attended her court hearings via video conference from Escambia County Jail.

On July 3, a short three days prior to the murder, Ja’Quoia Collins also posted on her Facebook page “That Would Be My First & LAST Time Entering Escambia County Jail Cs I’m Going DOWN w that fresh Murder charge”, reports.

Since the murder, Collins’ Facebook page has been deleted, however not before investigators were able to secure screenshot’s of the woman’s posts prior to the murder, Warren-Hicks reports.

Police have also interviewed Collins however her statements are largely redacted from publicly available arrest reports. It is still unknown what led up to the apparent stabbing. However, comments on the website by friends who know the young woman describe her positively. One post by Rhona Caine reads [sic], “Yes things just went horribly wrong. I was with her the night before this happen, She was crazy in love with him. No one knows what this lady and her children went through behind closed doors. she didn’t meant to kill him. Her kids are without a mother its all to sad for all family’s ,I’m praying for the kids my heart goes out to them, its all to sad.”