Peace Officer Memorial Day celebrated on May 15 was first designated in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy.  In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed legislation which requires the America flag to be lower to half-mast on May 15. The tradition of honoring our Law Enforcement who have died in the line of duty has grown over the past 50 years. 

This year, thousands of LEO’s, supporters including many of the surviving families will descent on Washington, D.C. to honor the 19,000 LEO’s who died in the line of duty and support their loved ones.

In the past 13 months, I’ve visited this sacred place which is located in Judiciary Square twice.  It is an emotional visit observing the names and the remembrance gifts decorating many of the fallen officers.

I want you to consider and join me for a few moments to also remember many more LEO’s whose names are not on this blessed wall.


LEO’s who have retired from our profession.

LEO’s who have died of natural causes during their career and in retirement.

LEO’s who have died accidentally outside of work or in retirement.

LEO’s who are injured every day performing this job.

LEO’s who have died as a result of their injuries on this job.

LEO’s who took their own lives while suffering from some self-perceived pain that they felt they could not escape.


The families, loved ones and co-workers of our fallen brother and sisters whether in the line of duty or another situation.

The families who suffered from the sudden, tragic and senseless deaths of their loved ones associated with this profession.

Our supporters such as Concerns of Police Survivors, 100 Club and many groups who are committed to supporting the families and co-workers of our fallen.

We are all part of the Law Enforcement Family.  This is the week we come together to remember the sacrifices made by everyone in our honorable profession. We need to honor each other with love and respect. We need to take care of each other.


Stay safe and be well!

Sgt. Mark St.Hilaire is a 28-year police veteran working in a Metro-west suburb of Boston, Massachusetts.  He is a contributing wellness writer for L.E.T.  He is a volunteer police peer with a regional CISM team.  You can read his new blog at You can contact Mark by confidential email: [email protected].  Follow Mark on Linked In and Twitter: NPD3306.