Police vs Civilians: Who is right?

Recently I read an article on line from a well known reporter reference a Philadelphia Police Officer that came into contact with an armed civilian on the street. But what really caught my attention was the title of the article; “Philly Police Harass, Threaten to Shot Man Legally Carrying Gun”.

As I read this article and listened to the audio recording (the civilian  taped the incident while it took place) it is obvious that there are discrepancies on both sides, the majority leaning towards the civilian. Now mix in the Media, blowing the story way out of proportion, now you have a fine mess on your hands. But sadly this makes me think some of today’s society does not have any common sense.

Wake up, America!! 59 out of the 158 Law Enforcement Officers that lost their lives in 2010 were as a result of gunfire from armed suspects. Common sense tells you the officer in question is not a “mind reader”; he will not accept your verbal approval that you are licensed and can carry a firearm; he will not be another casualty or have his name placed on a Police Memorial. Is this hard to remember? No it is not.

Law Enforcement has enough problems on their hands attempting to rid neighborhoods of the crime against persons; property and create a safe environment for its citizens. But when you have people with audio/ video recording devices purposely “testing the waters” to see how far they can push these issues, this is not good. The officer may be did not start his approach the right way by calling the “gun-toting” civilian “Junior”, I could assure you this guy has been called worse during his lifetime and most probably would not have reacted the way that he did during this incident. Instead the civilian continued to defy the officer’s command to get on his knees and keep his hands out of his pockets. The main issue here is safety, just go ahead and comply with the demands. Most probably this scenario would have ended quickly and would have avoided this whole mess!

Written and submitted by Sergeant Adel Martinez

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