Police veteran sounds the alarm: “Make no mistake – there is a war on cops right now in America”


The National Police Association spokeswoman and 29-year police veteran tells Fox News that there is a very real war on cops right now in the country.

Her bold statement comes as the nation saw 13 officers from different agencies shot in the line of duty in 24 hours.

The spokeswoman, Betsy Brantner Smith, also sits on the Board of Advisors for Law Enforcement Today.

She spoke to Fox News while reacting to the latest string of violence against police officers. Smith said:

“This is what we call the war on cops. We [police] are constantly attacked, and we are either attacked doing very simple things – traffic stop, responding to a 911 call, a domestic. All of that.”

Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Mexico all saw police officers shot during 24 hours. Nine of the officers shot were in Phoenix where they were ambushed by an armed subject.

In that case, Phoenix police officers responded to a shooting at a home near Broadway Road and 51st Street. Responding officers moved in when they learned that there was a woman who was critically injured.

They then saw the suspect, Morris Richard Jones, wave them in.

The officer thought Jones was someone who was trying to get the woman help and moved in.

That’s when Jones opened fire striking the first officer several times. Later during the ensuing standoff, an infant was placed on the front porch in a carrier.

As officers moved in to rescue the baby, Jones opened fire again striking additional officers. Officers who were not shot during the incident were injured when they were struck by shrapnel.

Thankfully, the nine officers who were injured during this all received non-life-threatening injuries. Jones was found later after he committed suicide.

In Maryland, two police officers were shot and wounded when two officers from the Frederick Police Department responded to a man acting strangely in the area of Key Parkway and Waverly Drive.

As officers responded, dispatchers advised them the suspect was armed.

Shortly after the officers arrived on the scene, the suspect, identified as Dominque Lewis, began to walk away from the officers when they ordered him to show them his hands.

As he walked away, he abruptly turned around and opened fire on the officers with a .45 caliber handgun, striking them in the torso area.


The officers were able to return fire, striking Lewis in the torso area. All three were transported to a local hospital and thankfully both officers have already been released.

Lewis is expected to recover, and he faces several charges, including the attempted murder of a police officer.

In New Mexico, another police officer was shot and wounded, this time during a vehicle pursuit. This incident started when the New Mexico State Police Officer responded to a female who had locked herself in a bathroom.

When the officer arrived at the scene, the woman, later identified as Alanna Martinez, had gotten into a vehicle with her boyfriend, Caleb Elledge.

The officer approached the pair to ensure they were okay when Elledge allegedly rammed the officer’s marked police vehicle and sped away from the area.

The officer pursued Elledge and ended up performing a PIT maneuver to end the vehicle pursuit. When both vehicles stopped, Elledge allegedly exited his vehicle and opened fire on the officer, striking him in the neck. The officer was able to return fire as Elledge and Martinez fled the area on foot.

The officer was transported to a nearby hospital where he was treated for what appears to be non-life-threatening injuries. Both Elledge and Martinez were taken into custody on February 12th without incident.

Then in Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia Police SWAT officer was shot during a search warrant. Fox 29 reports that the SWAT team breached the apartment and were met with gunfire from one of the suspects inside.

One of the SWAT officers was struck when the suspect fired his weapon, but thankfully, the rounds impacted his bullet-resistant vest which stopped them.

Thankfully, the officer was not severely injured from the attack and the suspect was taken into custody.

Smith noted the significant increase in violence towards police officers as her reasoning for claiming there is a war on police. She said that while police have always known there is a risk they may be killed every time they walk out the door, it is seemingly worse now because of anti-police rhetoric. She said:

“When you constantly tell people that this one entity – somebody in a blue or a bright green uniform – is dangerous to you and that you should resist them, of course, we’re going to have increased attacks on law enforcement. And unfortunately, not only has it become a big media issue, but it’s become a huge political issue.”

After raid on TikTok stars home, police arrest man wanted in drive-by murder of 8-year-old girl

Worse than we thought: Nine officers wounded in ambush involving baby as a diversion

PHOENIX, AZ – On February 11thofficers with the Phoenix Police Department responded to a shooting at a residence.

When it was all over, a total of nine officers were wounded and a baby saved, now we learn that the suspect committed suicide before SWAT officers moved in.


On February 11th, the Phoenix Police Department reports the suspect, identified as Morris Richard Jones, allegedly entered a home near Broadway Road and 51st street around 2 am.

Once inside, he allegedly shot and critically injured Shatifah Lobley, which prompted a call to 911 that reported not only the shooting but said there were multiple armed suspects inside of the residence.

When officers got to the residence, the first officer reported seeing Jones standing in the doorway. Jones allegedly directed the officer towards Lobley who lay on the ground inside of the home. Phoenix Police Sergeant Andy Williams reported:

“[The officer] was actually invited by the suspect. As he approached the doorway, the suspect ambushed him with a gun and shot him several times.”


As the officer got close to the front door, Jones allegedly opened fire on the officer several times. The officer was able to get to a position of safety as other officers moved in and established a perimeter around the house.

As officers were establishing the perimeter, Jones allegedly began firing towards the additional officers from inside the home. At some point, Jones attempted to enter a vehicle that was parked in the garage of the home and flee, but there was a patrol car that was blocking the vehicle escaping.

Jones allegedly attempted to ram the patrol car that was blocking his exit but was unable to move it. When he gave up his attempts at fleeing in a car, he went back inside the house.

During the standoff, the police department reported that a black male exited the front door and had an infant in his hands. He placed the infant in a carrier outside on the front porch and then appeared to surrender himself to officers.


Phoenix officers moved towards the front porch in attempts to save the infant, however, when they got close, Jones allegedly shot at the officers, striking them.

Despite the injuries, officers were able to get the infant to safety and tried to Jones to exit the residence unsuccessfully.

After Jones stopped responding to officers, the SWAT team utilized a camera to look inside the home and saw Jones and Lobley deceased.

Officers moved in and secured the scene and began their investigation.

The Phoenix Police Department reported that five officers were shot and another four were injured with shrapnel from the multiple rounds that were fired during the incident. All nine officers received what was described as non-life-threatening injuries and eight of them have already been released from the hospital.


Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams expressed her disgust and concern for her officers and law enforcement in general:

“This is just one more example of the dangers that officers face every day keeping us and our community safe. If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless. It does not need to happen, and it continues to happen over and over again.”

Detectives reported an autopsy was conducted on Jones which showed that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The medical examiner also noted that Jones had a non-lethal wound presumably from one of the officers who returned fire during the incident.

The Phoenix Police Department reported that Jones was the ex-boyfriend of Lobley who police believe was killed by Jones. The infant that was rescued by officers allegedly biologically belonged to both Lobley and Jones.

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