Police Use Taser to Disarm Machete Wielding Man

COWETA, Okla. – Coweta police disarmed a man accused of wielding a machete Tuesday night without injury to the officers or substantial injury to the suspect, reported Tulsa World.

Police arrested Richard Leland, 63, on a complaint of assault and battery on a police officer, according to Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell.

Leland reportedly exited his residence with a machete raised overhead. He was heard telling officers “you’re going to shoot me motherf*****,” Bell indicated in a news release.

Someone called 911 from the 400 block of North Bristow Avenue. Dispatchers heard some mumbling on the phone line before it disconnected. Officers were sent to investigate.

Upon arrival, they saw Leland through a window sitting on a sofa with a machete. One officer drew his Taser and the other drew his service weapon, Bell said.

Officers announced their presence, ordering Leland to disarm and exit the residence. According to police, Leland opened the door and came out yelling “shoot me” with the machete raised.

“The machete hit the door frame as he tried to swing and that kind of snagged him up,” Bell said.

One officer Tased Leland, who then dropped the machete. No one was injured.

Bell said Leland may have been under the influence of alcohol and medication during the confrontation.

Leland was booked at the Wagoner County jail, but according to online jail records he bailed out.


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