MIAMI, Florida – A tragic story has just come out of Florida as police discovered the tragic deaths of two teenage friends who were killed when a gun their friend was playing with accidentally went off. 

And what might be most bizarre about the story is the fact that only one shot was fired. 

Police in Miami-Dade confirmed that three teens were playing with a gun in one of the boy’s houses when a round accidentally discharged and managed to strike two of the teens at the same time, killing them both. 

“For me, it’s real sad to see two kids lose their lives like this,” a neighbor told WFOR.

Police say one of the victims was 14-years-old and the other was 15. The teen who allegedly pulled the trigger accidentally is now facing manslaughter charges.

And the state plans on charging him as an adult.

“It is disturbing. It is heartbreaking. One gun, one bullet destroyed three lives. Two young teens are killed. A third one arrested,” Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said in an interview. 

So where does the fault lie? Is it with the juvenile for pulling out the gun and playing with it without the proper knowledge of firearm safety? Or is it with the parents for leaving a loaded weapon in an area where their child could get ahold of it?

Superintendent Carvalho said parents need to be more mindful of how their weapons are stored in the house. 

The teen is being held in a juvenile detention center and his next court appearance is scheduled to occur on December 17. 

Just one day ago we reported another tragic death of a young child who was accidentally killed when he and a friend were playing with a family member’s gun. 

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Police: Two teens killed by same bullet as friend played with gun


A South Carolina sheriff’s office investigating the November 15 death of a 10-year-old boy named Dylan Twitty said on Monday that the child involved with a treacherous incident was accidentally shot in a friend’s mobile home as the friend was handling a handgun.

While a horrifying incident for one to digest, especially the parent of someone affected by such a horrible circumstance, there’s hardly much solace one could find from that news. 

Police: Two teens killed by same bullet as friend played with gun

Dylan Twitty wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. But he was robbed of that opportunity. (Twitter)


Dylan Twitty’s family had been seeking answers with regard to their son’s death since he was found on the ground between two mobile homes, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the chest by a boy who had just gotten off a school bus, according to reports. One could only imagine the angst associated with seeing their child suffering compounded by the confusing details of the scenario.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office was involved with the investigation into what led to the death of 10-year-old Dylan. After the department had exhausted investigative scenarios and possibilities, they determined that this homicide was actually a terrible accident.

“After extensive work over the last 11 days investigators have determined that the victim in this case was killed by another ten-year-old male child during the handling of a 9 mm pistol inside a mobile home,” the department said in a news release.

The mother of the boy who pulled the trigger of the weapon that took the life of Twitty now faces charges related to the neglect of leaving her son being home alone, which ultimately led to the circumstances that formulated the fatality of the young Twitty, according to the news release.


The sheriff’s office says the mother kept the gun under a mattress and her son took it out while the boys were playing.

According to investigators who were working the case, “The boys were playing in the living room of the home, and the pistol discharged one time while the child who lived in the home was handling it.”

 Apparently the investigators spoke to the child suspected of firing the weapon twice, once on the night of the incident and again on November 22.

While engaging on an interview on Fox News, Dylan’s mother said investigators had advised her that after the shooting had occurred, the other boy dragged Dylan out of the home and left him on the ground where he was eventually found.

Delia Twitty, 44, said she was told that the boy then went back into the house and cleaned up the blood.

“It’s a very sad, tragic thing,” she said.

The odd conditions surrounding the young boy’s behavior after allegedly killing Twitty could leave any parent confused whether it was an accident or whether there was a degree of intent hidden somewhere.


Dylan was a fifth-grade student at Erwin Elementary School in Lancaster, South Carolina. During his time in school, he was a straight-A student.

The now deceased boy mother said that her son had just been inducted into the Beta Club at Erwin because of his grades. She told the Lancaster News last week that Dylan wanted to be a police officer when he grew up.

When recounting her son’s adoration for showcasing his moral compass, she stated:

“He was always telling me stuff like, ‘Make sure you put your seatbelt on. He had such a good sense of right and wrong, and he just wanted everybody to do the right thing.”


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