Police: Toddler, 3, walks 200 feet to neighbor’s house after being left home alone by mom


JEANNETTE, PA –Police responded around 1am to a private residence in Westmoreland County for a report of young children being left alone. 

When they arrived, they met with a neighbor who advised that he had been lying on a couch and heard the front door open. When the person looked, they saw a three-year-old entering the residence.

The neighbor picked up the child and walked to his home to find another young child, a 1-year-old, inside the residence with no adults to be found.

Police: Toddler, 3, walks 200 feet to neighbor’s house after being left home alone by mom

According to KDKA-2 in Pittsburgh, it appears that at some point, the mother, 25-year-old Justys Lynn Weightman, had left the residence with the children unsupervised for an unknown amount of time. 

Thankfully, the three-year-old wandered into a safe nearby residence instead of walking out onto a busy street or near a predator’s residence. 

“I was laying on my couch, it was quarter to one, and my door opened,” one neighbor told KDKA. “I picked him up, walked out on the porch and he just kept saying, ‘mommy,’ pointing at the house.” 

The neighbor, who asked to be identified said, “She had a 1-year-old upstairs on the second or third floor.” 


The neighbor attempted to call Weightman several times but received no response from her.  After the failed attempts to call her, the neighbor called police to assist. 

Weightman eventually returned home, although it is not clear at what time.  When she spoke to police, she claimed that she had only been gone for a few minutes.  Weightman stated she went to a friend’s residence to get feminine products and believed the children would be alright for the few minutes she had been gone. 

However, the length of time that she had been gone was disputed by the neighbors who claim she had been gone for much longer.  The neighbor involved in the case told KDKA:

“All she had to do was ask and I’d of come down to her house and watched the children instead of leaving them unsupervised.” 

It appears that Weightman was not taken into custody, even though she allegedly told the responding officers that she “was a terrible mother”.

They left the children in her care pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. 

Typically in cases like this, responding officers make contact with a capable friend and/or family member who is able to ensure the safety of the children while the case makes its way through the criminal courts, or child protective services is contacted.  

Weightman was charged with two counts of felony endangering the welfare of a child. She is free pending a preliminary hearing. She turned herself in to authorities when she learned of the warrants. 

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Meanwhile, we recently reported on an incident in Ohio where a man pinned a two-year-old child to the ground, simulating the George Floyd incident. For more on that we invites you to:


CLARK COUNTY, OH – They got him – and not surprisingly, it turns out he’s a criminal.

A 20 year old man recently apparently wanted to show his own appreciation for the Black Lives Matter movement by positioning a 2 year old child on the ground, while another person kept his hands behind his back like he was handcuffed, with his knee on the child’s neck. 

The man, Isaiah Jackson, captioned the photograph that he posted to social media with “Blm now mf.”  Both the pose that Jackson placed the child in and the BLM statement appear to be a reference to the murder of George Floyd.   


Police were notified of the incident after the social media post garnered a lot of negative attention. 

Investigators were able to identify Jackson and respond to the residence where they made contact with him, the child, and the child’s mother. 

Jackson was taken into custody for a probation violation and is still in custody

It appears that the mother of the child was not home when the incident occurred and therefore unaware of Jackson’s actions. 

Arresting someone for a probation violation does not mean that is all that Jackson can be charged with at the conclusion of the investigation.  This just means that officers discovered the violation while conducting their ongoing investigation into the child abuse case they are working.

Lieutenant Kristopher Shultz, a Lieutenant with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office advised that potential criminal charges stemming from the photograph have been presented to the prosecutor’s office. 

Once the prosecutor goes over the information, he or she will “provide a determination on the scope and breadth of the felony charges” against Jackson, according to the EPOCH Times

Filing charging documents with prosecutors are typical in situations similar to these instead of just making a custodial arrest. 

Doing so provides investigators more time to be able to process any evidence and further their investigation.  If officers immediately make an arrest, the defense can file a motion for speedy trial which could cause the trial to be lost if police are waiting for items from subpoenas. 

In a similar incident on June 20th, police responded to a Genoa City apartment after a 14-year-old boy called police on his mother after being attacked. 

When police arrived, the boy’s sister showed police a video which showed their mother, Keriann Smith, pinning the boy on the floor with her knee on his throat, restricting his airway. 

Police say that Smith is heard in the video asking her so:

“Do you want to know how George Floyd died?  He died something like this.  Do you want to die just like him?  Tell me you can’t breathe, tell me I can’t breathe.” 

Officers conducting the investigation found injuries on the boy, to include bite marks.  The video showed that this portion of the incident lasted for 48 seconds as the boy was trying to free himself and apparently having a hard time breathing. 

Police interviewed all that were at the scene and was told that this is not the first time that Smith has been violent toward her children. 

The boy stated that she has done this before to him and the sister, who video recorded the incident, advised that she has also been attacked by her in the past.  Smith was arrested for the abuse of the child and also for possession of THC, possession of an illegally obtained prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor battery. 

The children were removed from her custody pending the outcome of all of the court cases against her. 

If people feel they need to reach out and make a statement against anything, feel free to do so.  However, when you do so while hurting someone else, especially children, there is no place in society for you.

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