A recent story coming from Manchester, England is causing quite the stir and with good reason.

In a bizarre case, a 17-year-old boy allegedly raped then attempted to murder his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend to prove to he loved his current partner, according to the Manchester Crown Court. The trial is currently ongoing and some details have been revealed as such, but the identities of all involved cannot be disclosed due to them all being minors.

The boy’s current girlfriend, 17, is also in the docket accused of intentionally encouraging or assisting the boy to commit murder, and an alternative count of intentionally encouraging or assisting the boy to commit grievous bodily harm with intent. Both defendants in the case have pleaded not guilty.

Jurors began hearing the case this week with prosecutor Alaric Bassano opening with:

“What I am about to describe sounds unbelievable, indeed it would be unbelievable but for the fact that it actually happened.”

He said it started with an on again, off again relationship:

“The court heard that the boy had been continuing to see his ex-girlfriend behind the back of his new girlfriend.

Bassano had illustrated to the jury that the boy’s new partner had learned of the relationship with the victim and she was said to be “incensed” and she “felt humiliated” and encouraged the alleged act, stating:

“She lambasted him, threatened to end the relationship and told him he would have to work hard to win back her affections.”

The day prior to the alleged attack, the boy’s internet search history was displayed to the jury which contained such queries as “asphyxiation”, “how many years is someone in for murder?” and “how long do murderers serve in prison?”. Bassano told jurors:

“The prosecution say events the following day show that these internet searches were not acts of idle curiosity.”

It was described to the jury that the boy turned up at the victim’s home in Greater Manchester with a change of clothes, and a large kitchen knife in his bag. He is alleged to have raped her, before telling her that he “had to kill her”. Outside in the garden, prosecutors allege that the boy “unleashed extreme violence” towards the girl using the knife, saying it was a “matter of good fortune” that she didn’t die.

Bassano stated to the jury:

“He had no grievance with her, she had done him no harm and he acted not out of spite, anger, jealousy or resentment towards her. Rather, he acted simply to find favor and maintain romance with his girlfriend.”

The prosecution stated that they carry evidence that the new flame in the boy’s life was well aware of what he was going to carry out and encouraged the whole ordeal, even producing text messages like the one sent from the boy to her after the alleged stabbing stating:

“I did it to prove I love you there was no other way to keep you.”

A damaging reply from the girl was also produced stating:

“I know there wasn’t I’m gonna protect you at all costs.”

The jurors were exposed to more details alleging the young woman aided in urging the boy to murder his ex-girlfriend and then help to cover the tracks as well; from stating she brought sanitary wipes to clean the knife alleged to be used in the attack and numerous texts acknowledging her awareness of the incident.

Jurors were advised by the prosecution that the female defendant in this case is expected to say she thought the boy was just going to end the relationship with his ex, and that’s what she wanted him to record. A rebut that the prosecutors explained won’t hold since they stated the boy spent about three-and-a-half hours inside his ex-girlfriend’s house during the alleged incident while the female defendant was outside for more than 2 hours sending more than 50 text messages.

Jurors were then advised that the boy had began engaging in “bizarre conduct” while inside the house with the ex-girlfriend.

This described behavior included asking her, the victim, whether she would kill herself for him, asking her whether he could kill her, asking her how he should kill her, telling her that he had been told to kill her, insisting that he had to kill her and then suggesting that he was joking.

It also included instructing her to apply makeup to her neck to give the appearance of strangulation, so that he could take a photograph and send it to another as fake evidence of her death.

The young victim had begun playing along with the boy’s instructions to create the façade of an attack, putting makeup on her neck to make it look like she had been strangled, the court heard. She closed her eyes while he took a picture of her, but when she opened her eyes, she saw him with a “massive knife.

The boy and ex-girlfriend allegedly left the house together at which point he began to stab her repeatedly near the garden at the side of the house.

Jurors have heard that the boy has pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to intent, and unlawful possession of a knife in a public place.

Still, the boy denies intending to kill the girl, and accepts having sex with her but says it was consensual. The female defendant denies both offences with which she has been charged. The trial, which is expected to run for two weeks, is ongoing.

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The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan had some harsh words for residents of the city when he tweeted that there is never a reason to carry a knife and that anyone caught doing so will face harsh government penalties.

However, Londoners along with all other British citizens, are at a greater risk of attack than ever before.

According to the Daily Signal’s Jake Dima, rape at knifepoint and threats to murder by knife are up a staggering 18% since last year. Yet, women are forced to remain defenseless by the Mayor’s “knife control” policies.

As big government continues to try to legislate away knife crime, instances continue to soar.

Dima further reports that knife crime has increased by 8% and they have even experienced a 3% increase in firearms offenses in a country with some of the most imposing knife and gun control in the world.

London Knife Crime

BBC’s Danny Shaw presents staggering statistics showing knife crimes reaching unprecedented levels in England and Wales. Interestingly, Shaw data shows that as knife crimes soar, the use of stop and search policies by British police has decreased in stark opposing correlation.

Shaw cites claims of racist bias and decreased budgets for the reduction in stop and search instances as knife crimes steadily rose. However, Shaw claims that Scotland Yard is beginning to reintroduce stop and search tactics.

Stop and search

Yet, across the Atlantic, crime in general continues to fall in the United States. What is fundamentally different between the United States and Great Britain? The Bill of Rights, which has restricted interference from the government on Americans since it’s ratification in 1791.

Not only do Brits have hardly any entitlement to self-protection but they additionally have limited protections of freedom of speech which is being further hindered as a form of punishment.

Article 10 of the United Kingdom’s Human Rights Act of 1998 grants its citizens freedom of expression BUT then disclaims:

“The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.”

As a result, the United Kingdom has deemed it reasonable to impose state sanctioned bans on the use of social media for its citizens who are even believed to be carrying a knife.

The Home Office released a statement that:

“This new deterrent can be imposed on any person aged 12 or over to prevent vulnerable young people from becoming involved in knife possession and knife crime… It can be imposed on anyone who police believe is carrying a knife, are habitual knife carriers or people previously convicted of a knife related offence.”

Stateside, we see a completely opposite trend occurring.

The Brennan Center for Justice’s Tim Lau reports that the United States saw an 8% DECREASE in crime from 2017 to 2018. Lau further reports that based on FBI data, the crime rate has fallen to an incredible half of its peak in the last 25 years as we experience near record lows.

Day to day, we see endless stories of crimes being committed around the country. But the reality is that only our ability to see and share that information has become astronomically more accessible.

However, simply because we are exposed to more stories of crimes in the US, it is not occurring with the frequency as in past years. As technology improves for law enforcement and The People are empowered through the sharing of information, video surveillance and other innovations, crime is steadily decreasing throughout the United States without sacrificing our most precious rights to freedom of speech or the right to bear arms.

As we see in the United Kingdom, and as our forefather saw 243 years ago, overreach of big government policy will never solve a problem better than the will and actions of a free citizenry.

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