Woman, 65, beat nearly to death in random attack – police say attacker needs to be found before he strikes again


DEKALB COUNTY, GA – Back in March, 65-year-old Lisa Holland had just gotten home from running some errands when she was suddenly attacked by a male assailant inside of her home.

To date, police have yet to identify any possible suspects in the case and the victim is urging the public to come forward if they have any information about the attacker’s identity or whereabouts.

The attack happened at around 7:30 p.m. on March 10th within the Northcrest neighborhood. Holland had reportedly just come home after having run some errands. When she walked inside of her home, she noticed that her cat was behaving oddly:

“I noticed the cat was acting kind of funny — like she heard somebody or something.

“And then I heard some steps coming down the hall toward my bedroom. So I started to get up, and then I heard something fall in the den.”

As Holland made her way out of the bedroom, she encountered the intruder inside of her home. The victim stated that she had gotten into a brief tussle with the assailant before he moved to her backside and held her down:

“I tried to struggle with him, and he got back behind me, so I couldn’t see him, and he was kind of holding me down. And I really thought he was going to rape me. I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way I am going to get out of this alive.’”

While being held down by the assailant inside of her own home, Holland tried screaming for help. It was at that time that the assailant started physically assaulting her, throwing numerous punches to her face.

Holland apparently remembers very little of the actual assault aspect, noting that she “must’ve blacked out,” and the next thing she remembers was retreating from the home to a neighbor’s house where they had called 911 on her behalf.

As for the means in which the intruder gained entry into the victim’s house, Holland stated that she believed her leaving her door cracked for her cat to go outside might have been the vulnerability the assailant seized to gain entry:

“I made the mistake. I got in, left the door cracked. I thought the cat was going out.

“My door was not locked. It was still cracked open. He got my phone and my purse that had everything in it.”

The attack caused significant injuries, with Holland having suffered a broken jaw and fractured cheekbones. Holland considers herself lucky that she was able to make it across the street to her neighbor’s home, saying that she believes the assailant likely thought he had left her for dead:

“I was just lucky to get up and make it across the street to the neighbors, I think he probably thought he killed me.”

Unfortunately, authorities only have a vague description of the assailant responsible for the attack.

Holland described the assailant as being a man that was “real big, real tall,” with authorities saying he was last seen wearing a black jacket with dark pants and he was possibly wearing a hat during the March 10th attack.

With police only having that information currently, no suspects have been identified by authorities.

There is currently a $5000 reward for information that can lead to the suspect’s arrest in this case. Anyone with information with information about this case or the suspect is urged to call Crime Stoppers of Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS.

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In other cases involving attacks against the elderly community in Georgia, an 82-year-old man was nearly the victim of a carjacking on March 11th. 

Police are reportedly searching for the suspect behind that incident as well. 

Here’s that previous report. 


ATLANTA, GA – An elderly man is considering himself lucky to be alive, after the 82-year-old individual was able to successfully ward off a would-be carjacker at a local gas station earlier in March.

Surveillance video from the incident showcases the physical altercation between the elderly victim and the assailant, with authorities hoping that the public can help identify the at-large suspect seen on the footage.

The incident reportedly occurred on March 11th at approximately 2:30 p.m., when the victim (who opted to remain unidentified) pulled into the Chevron gas station located on McDonough Blvd in southeast Atlanta.

Video captured by surveillance cameras at the gas station showcase the suspect, a black male who police suspect to be around 17 or 18 years old, posted up alongside the side of the convenience store building before approaching the victim.

The victim described the interaction he had with the suspect from there:

“As I put my gas nozzle back and was getting ready to get in the car, I turned around and he was there with a gun in his pants and showed part of it. He just said ‘Give it up’ and I asked ‘To give what up?’ and he said ‘You know what I’m talking about. Give me them keys.’”

In the video, the victim can be seen reaching into his vehicle, which the victim says that he was attempting to retrieve some paperwork from a previous doctor’s appointment.

The assailant was allegedly urging the victim to “hurry up,” which is when the 82-year-old man took it upon himself to try and thwart the carjacking attempt:

“I saw he wasn’t looking and I grabbed his arm with the gun in it and we started ‘tusseling’ and we hit the ground.”

From the scuffle that transpired on the video, it appears as though the weapon allegedly used by the assailant got tossed away from the them.

The victim proclaims that the assailant then retrieved the weapon and began to aim it at him while he was on the ground:

“He grabbed the gun again and he pointed it at me and said ‘do you want me to shoot you? Don’t make me shoot you man.’ I said ‘Please don’t shoot me man’. I backed off and ran into the store.”

As the victim was retreating to the convenience store at the gas station, the assailant can be seen briefly entering the vehicle before suddenly fleeing the area. When the elderly victim was asked if the encounter was frightening, he stated:

“Oh, it scared me! It scared me. I thought he was going to shoot me.

“They are getting desperate. That’s [why] they are changing to the most vulnerable people now. I’m just glad to be alive.”

Police are urging the public to come forward if they have any information about this case or the identity of the at-large suspect seen in the video. Any tips can be reported by calling Crime Stoppers of Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS.


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