Police search for arson suspect in Minneapolis who used flame-throwing torch to set fire


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Police in Minneapolis are currently trying to identify the suspect(s) responsible for setting a fire at the Pioneer Industries back on April 25th.

While the captured surveillance footage doesn’t offer much in terms revealing features of the suspect, it does show what appears to be some sort of “garden style torch” having started the blaze, according to police.

Pioneer Industries says that they suffered $10,000 in losses due to the fire that was started back in late April. Bales of what was noted as recycled paper were set ablaze by a suspect captured on video during the evening hours of April 25th.

Police search for arson suspect in Minneapolis who used flame-throwing torch to set fire

Video of the incident shows the fire begin to spread, resulting in multiple bales and pallets getting engulfed in flames. It was also noted that the flames came dangerously close to tank filled with diesel fuel. Luckily, the fire department was able to get the fire under control before the likes of such caught flame.  

Prior to the fire, police said that three white males that were possibly aged between 20 and 30-years-old were spotted walking in the direction of the building that evening. One of the men was seen carrying a torch similar to what’s showcased in the surveillance footage.

With regard to the device used to start the fire, police are uncertain as to whether the contraption was commercially available or a modified torch of sorts:

“The flame thrower may be homemade or a modified garden torch able to throw a significant level of flame.”

At this point, police say that just about anything will help during the investigation.

They’re asking locals if they’re aware of anyone who may have spoken about the incident with a great degree of intimate knowledge, or perhaps lead them to anyone who may have access to a flame-throwing device like the one mentioned.

Any tips on the suspect or incident can be relayed over to the Minneapolis Police’s arson department at 612-673-3070.

This isn’t the only arson suspect police are looking for lately either. 

In Washington D.C., police are searching for a suspect that they say left a man in critical condition due to setting the man on fire. Video footage has been obtained recently that showcases the suspect at-large.

According to police, security camera footage was obtained in the horrific act of the suspect setting something on fire on the sidewalk, and then using a canister of a flammable liquid to splash the flame – resulting in setting a man on fire who was sleeping on the sidewalk.

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The Metropolitan Police Department recently released photos of the suspect they’re searching for in a press release from May 14th.

Wanted: Arson suspect set sleeping man on fire in D.C., police need help identifying man

The incident happened sometime after 1:00 a.m. on May 13th, in Northeast D.C. outside of a Boost Mobile store. Video captured a male suspect, donning a hooded sweatshirt while carrying a canister of flammable fluid.

Authorities also allege the arson suspect was responsible for another incident about 45 minutes earlier, where he’d allegedly attempted to light another individual on fire roughly five blocks from where the sleeping victim was lit ablaze.

Police also suspect that the individual is responsible for setting a car on fire off of Florida avenue.

First responders tended to the victim who was set on fire, which they then transported him to a local hospital. The victim’s condition was listed as being critical at the time.

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham spoke to a local news crew about the arson suspect that police are on the hunt for. Chief Newsham described the acts committed by the suspect as “demonic”:

“This is a guy who was intent on hurting people in a very, very demonic way and I hope if someone is out there watching, I hope you can take a look at this photo and let us know who he is so we can ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

While Chief Newsham is aware that the community may be hyper-focused with the ongoing pandemic, he’s asking that anyone who can help identify this man to please contact police:

“The image that we have of his face is a very clear image. I understand a lot of people out in our community are distracted by COVID-19, but if someone can recognize him and give us a lead we want to get this guy off the street.”

According to the MPD press release, they’re currently citing the suspect as being wanted for two counts of assault with intent to kill (arson), two counts of arson, and one count of destruction of property. The MPD currently has a reward of up to $10,000 for any information that can lead to the arrest of the suspect.

Those with information that can assist with the investigation are asked to call (202) 727-9099.


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