Police say this couple vandalized a fallen officer memorial – and they want to know who they are


PITTSBURGH ,PA –A law enforcement memorial sits in Pittsburgh on North Shore and stands to memorialize officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice and honor those who serve. 

In March of this year, police say cowards thought it was a good idea to basically spit on the grave of the fallen officers by spray painting vulgar anti-police messaging on the memorial. 

If that was not bad enough, on July 30th, another set of cowards went and pulled a wreath off of the memorial, perhaps one placed there by a loved one, and threw it in the garbage

The Law Enforcement Officers Memorial honors officers like Patrolman Albert J Breisinger, Jr from the Pleasant Hills Borough Police Department. 

Patrolman Breisinger was killed on September 12 ,1979 while attempting to rescue two boys who had fallen into a sinkhole. 

Patrolman Breisinger never gave a thought to his life and safety, but rather, as most officers, selflessly did what had to be done in order to give someone a chance at life.

Or Pittsburgh Police Officers Paul Sciullo, II, Stephen Mayhle, and Eric Kelly, all of which were killed on April 2009. 

The officers responded to a residence for a domestic disturbance involving a mother and her son.  As they arrived and tried to assist and calm the situation, the son shot two of the officers, killing them.

The third officer, Ofc. Kelly, who was off duty and driving home responded to help only to be shot by the gunman.  Despite his grave injuries, he was able to radio in for help and direct officers to the gunman before he died.

Yes America, the cowardly acts of people who believe they are somehow social justice warriors, yet too afraid to show their face as they vandalize a memorial honoring police officers who gave their lives to protect their community, without a second thought of their own life. 

This woman, seen on surveillance video, is seen removing a wreath around 9pm and throwing it on the ground, as if it was garbage, as if the human beings that took a stand against crime and caring for the community did not matter.

The woman was last seen wearing a white shirt with a blue-gray long-sleeve shirt and black shorts and a mask. 

After the wreath was thrown on the ground, another coward, this time a man wearing a black mask, white shirt, camouflage pants, and a red bandana picked up the wreath and stuffed it into a garbage can.  

Imagine for a moment that this memorial was not for fallen police officers, but rather Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s memorial or Malcom X’s which stands in the Audubon Ballroom in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan? 

There would be mass hysteria and calls from Democrat members of Congress demanding the perpetrators be found and prosecuted.  However, since these actions occurred to a memorial for police officers, there is barely a blip on the radar.

While it is not new for anarchists and protesters to damage memorials, it should be shock the conscious of Americans.  Criminals doing these acts are not some toddlers (although some act like it) that are acting out to get attention. 

It is not as simple as “People will do what they do,” as Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said referring to destroying statues and memorials. 

It is an act of utter defiance of what a civilized society was meant to be and a crime.  Fortunately, Law Enforcement Today is willing to stand up and put the word out along with the Pittsburgh Police Department.   

Pittsburgh Police Department has released pictures of the two involved in the latest attack on the Police Memorial in hopes that someone can help identify them.  They would like anyone who will help contact the Zone 1 detectives at 412 323-7201.

It’s not the first such memorial vandalized recently.

LOS ANGELES, CA.- Police in Los Angeles are looking for public assistance to find the suspect or suspects, who vandalized a memorial display outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters downtown.

The damage occurred in the early evening hours on Saturday, July 25th, according to media relations officer Norma Eisenman.

Fox LA reported that a group of rioters (we refuse to call them “protesters”) entered the police department property, and defaced the wall and an adjacent display case with red paint. Surveillance video captured images of the vandals, adorned in their official Antifa black thug-wear, with the standard yuppie soy-boy backpack.

Police say this couple vandalized a fallen officer memorial - and they want to know who they are
LAPD Memorial Display LAPD Photo

Police have said that the two suspects are a man, and a woman. The man is said to be 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing about 180 pounds. The female was described as being about 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing about 110 pounds.

Police say this couple vandalized a fallen officer memorial - and they want to know who they are
LAPD Memorial Suspect LAPD Photo

A statement from the LAPD read:

“The officers memorialized in these cases made the ultimate sacrifice for their city. Now we need your help finding those responsible for defacing our tribute to their sacrifice.”

Police say this couple vandalized a fallen officer memorial - and they want to know who they are
LAPD Memorial Suspect LAPD Photo

In addition to the suspect, the department also released images of the damage.

On July 25th, two separate demonstrations (riots) took place in front of Los Angeles City Hall, one which was organized by a group called “Refuse Fascism” (talk about a contradiction in terms), and was yet another demonstration against President Trump, and the other by the “Youth Liberation Front”, another far-left radical Marxist organization.

The latter was part of a daylong call to action in over 30 cities, showing support of the Portland anarchists, who have rioted for 60 straight nights. They claim they are rioting against “police brutality and systemic racism,” but really it’s because they like to break windows, burn buildings, and assault police officers.

In early July, President Trump directed federal police to that city to protect the federal courthouse, which has been the target of repeated attacks by the Marxist mob.

Police authorities in Los Angeles told Fox LA, that rioters smashed windows and spray-painted slogans at the Metropolitan Detention Center, while also hurling objects at officers during a confrontation at the federal courthouse.

The Los Angeles Daily News said that the LAPD issued a citywide tactical alert, with all police personnel remaining on duty past the end of their shifts, due to the mayhem.

After the mob left LA City Hall at around 5:30 p.m., they marched to the LAPD headquarters, where they shouted at two front desk officers on duty, while the “artist” spray-painted red Xs on the memorial display cases.

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This is just another in a number of memorials honoring police officers that have been vandalized by anti-American Marxists down for the revolution. For more, we invite you to: 



KANSAS CITY, MO – A memorial that resides outside of the Kansas City Police Department meant to honor officers who died in the line of duty was recently vandalized, according to reports.

The vandalism was said to have occurred during a protest where demonstrators were voicing opposition of a Justice Department initiative to involve federal agents in investigations to violent crimes.

Just outside of the KCPD headquarters, numerous obscenities and calls for abolishing the police, as well as calling for the “feds to go home,” were discovered on July 17th.  The protests that led to the vandalism was noted as being influenced by those against the creation of Operation LeGend.

What’s remarkably odd in said protest is why anyone would be against the federal government wanting to assist local authorities in violent crime investigations, as Operation LeGend was created after the murder of four-year-old LeGend Taliferro back in June when he was shot inside of his own bedroom.

Of course, there was more to the protest than bad actors being upset about the feds helping track down murderers, but those among the crowd were also clamoring for a defunding of the police department by 50%.

While the most obvious calamity came by way of the vandalism, there were also reports of some fireworks being set off around 9:30 p.m. in the evening and also some of the demonstrators getting arrested for property damage and assaulting an officer.

Officers that were said to have been assaulted during the protest were said to have only suffered minor injuries. As for the vandalism that plagued the outside of the police station, authorities say that the defacing took place sometime around 10:30 p.m. that evening.

Shortly after the vandalism occurred, police were said to have arrived on the scene adorned in riot gear in an effort to ensure no more damage transpired.

The total number of arrests as well as officers injured during the protest has not yet been released by officials.

DOVER, DE – Police in the city of Dover have arrested a 42-year-old suspect they allege to be responsible for vandalizing the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial. What led to this suspect’s arrest, according to police, was a misplaced cell phone left at the scene of the memorial.

Authorities have charged Kyle Bullock for the damage sustained by the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial on June 12, after locals reported seeing someone hitting the memorial with a sledgehammer in the early morning hours.

Police say this couple vandalized a fallen officer memorial - and they want to know who they are
Kyle Bullock – Dover Police Department

The Dover Police Department had gotten the call about the vandalism at approximately 5:35 a.m. on the 12th, but when police arrived at the scene, there was no suspect initially found.

The memorial, which portrayed a kneeling officer, was shown to have sustained severe damage to the portion of the officer’s neck.

At the scene, police also found a discarded axe and two Delaware state flags that had been allegedly urinated on.

Police say this couple vandalized a fallen officer memorial - and they want to know who they are
Axe found at the scene, with te sledge hammer end that was described by a witness

But there was more at the scene than just the axe and desecrated state flags – police also found a cell phone.

Bullock had shown up to the scene of the vandalized memorial while officers were investigating the damage and told police that he’d lost his cell phone while participating during a protest sometime earlier and was seeing if police had seen one lying around.

Police say this couple vandalized a fallen officer memorial - and they want to know who they are
Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial criminal damage

Authorities say that video evidence obtained later on during the investigation showed the person in search of his cell phone happened to also be the vandal they were looking for.

Police were said to have quickly obtained a warrant for Bullock’s arrest, and took him into custody at his residence during the evening of the 12th.

Bullock was arrested for felony criminal mischief resulting in damage over $5,000 and was held on a cash bond of $5,100.  

This anti-cop sentiment has been widespread, and even managed to make it’s way into the great state of Texas. 

There’s been a myriad of instances of vandalism and graffiti that have cropped up during the protests that swept throughout the country.

But one vandalism case depicting a police officer hanging from a noose found on the side of a Houston tattoo shop is very telling of the sentiments of some of these vandals among the protesters.

The disturbing mural was said to be found along the side of the building of 290 Ink in Houston. Apparently, the owner of the tattoo parlor had painted over the alarming depiction of violence upon discovering the graffiti.

Houston Police Officers’ Union President Joe Gamaldi had a picture of the vandalism, and posted said image to Facebook with the following caption:

“We are better than this Houston. Also, the dirtbag who painted this didn’t even get our uniform shirt right.”

On the post, Gamaldi further noted that while portions of the population are emotional at this time, showcasing images of killing police officers does not meaningfully contribute to the national dialogoue:

“We realize emotions are running high, but this solves nothing and helps nothing. We are very thankful to the owner of this property, who after discovering this hateful graffiti, painted over it immediately. This image does not represent the view of 99.99% of Americans and we will not let hate run our city. We are #HoustonStrong.”

The police union president also mentioned within the post that if anyone has insight as to who might have painted the abhorrent depiction, to please reach out to their Facebook page via Messenger.

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