GASTONIA, N.C. – A Charlotte father is facing several charges after police say he hijacked an ambulance carrying his 3-year-old son Tuesday in Gastonia.

The ordeal started when a man called for an ambulance for his ill son at about 11 a.m. But there was something strange about the incident from the inception.

His father called 911 claiming he and the child were in the middle of a Gastonia street and needed help, according to WSOCTV.

The suspect was identified Bobby Renard Glenn, 22. He was the father of the child.

“I need the ambulance and the police. My son need the ambulance and I need the police,” Glenn said during the call.

“Ok what do you need the ambulance for?” the dispatcher said.

“My son,” he said.

According to police, Glenn became hostile with the dispatcher.

“I need the police. I need the police ma’am,” Glenn said.

“Okay. What do you need the police for?” the dispatcher asked.

“Because I feel like my life is in jeopardy right now,” Glenn said.

Ambulance hijacked

Two ambulances arrived, but Glenn insisted on using the one that would allow him to get in front with the driver, police said.

A paramedic in the ambulance made a cryptic two-way call.

“(He) has jumped up to the front … combative,” the paramedic said.

Paramedics said he was aggressive and struggled with one of the two medics in the ambulance.

Glenn gave them turn-by-turn instructions, police said.

“He was forcing the paramedics to drive the vehicle where he told them to against their will,” Gaston EMS Major J. H. McConnell said.

They radioed dispatchers when the ambulance passed a police officer.

“Have police know that that’s us that passing them. He won’t let us stop,” the paramedic said.

The 3-year-old child was in the ambulance the entire time.

Paramedics in the other ambulances heard the two-way traffic and followed.

“They just went pass Exit 22. They are not stopping,” one paramedic said on the radio.

“It was very distressing, but I was comforted by the fact that Gastonia city police were able to very quickly get the vehicle to stop,” McConnell said.

Gastonia police managed to get in front of the ambulance and force the paramedic at the wheel to pull off the road.

According to EMS, the father hijacked the vehicle and ended up on I-85. Police spotted the ambulance at I-85 and New Hope Road. Once located, they saw the suspect assault the driver, according to authorities.

Suspect arrested

The ambulance was eventually stopped in McAdenville. According to Gastonia police, the suspect was assaultive as he resisted, but they were able to take him into custody.

Two paramedics and one EMT were on board. The father and his 3-year-old son were not injured. EMS said the paramedics were shaken up, reported Fox News.

They said the suspect would not let paramedics get back on the ambulance radio after an initial broadcast for help. Dispatch was able to track the ambulance’s GPS.

Glenn is facing two counts of first degree kidnapping, resisting a public officer, assault on a government official, misdemeanor child abuse and communicating threats.

Glenn was taken to CaroMont Regional Medical Center to be checked before being admitted to the Gaston County Jail after medical staff found his heart rate up.

The Gaston County Department of Social Services has been called and is involved.

Investigators are still trying to determine the reason for the hijacking.

(Image is file photo)