Where and when did our society take a U-turn on the basic instillment of leadership and commitment?

It seems we gave too many ways to get out of obligations as we moved into the 21st century. Were you taught to own up to your mistakes? Many offenders give police officers feedback while under arrest which usually amounts to the cops ruining their day.

Some people never take responsibility for their own choices and actions. It is often a blame game rather than admitting accountability. In fact, what officer has never heard someone complain that the police must have bigger fish to fry or they were “targeted” for no apparent reason? I bet the answer is a big fat zero.

That’s right, the police are all up in your face, messing with your life. Yes, we have a list with you on it we study each day given to us by our captain.

On a serious note, law enforcement officials do not have time to scrutinize every move you make. So, we make it easy on ourselves. The ones who draw the most attention, usually wind up in our sights.

Persistence pays off…

Still think it is the fault of the police? Maybe you should work on your covert criminal magic skills. Yet, there you are still slipping up to earn those shiny bracelets and a trip to our county bed and breakfast.

Police officers are most likely in the career to help people and/or because they like the work. It is best when citizens can function on their own without the police. Sure, we get bored, but peace and quality of life are much more important to our community.

So, in what ways do the police anger you the most?

The top 7 ways your day can turn catastrophic by police…

According to the arrested majority, below is a list of some of the most common ways the police can ruin your day:

  1. You are under arrest. There is no better way to ruin a week of drug trafficking sales when the police arrest you or your supplier on the day of your delivery. Equally ruinous is when you and your john both get to spend the night together in the clink without conjugal visits. The Crème de la Crème is arresting you on a warrant on Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  2. Have a nice day. When you have just been cited for a traffic violation, the last thing you want to hear is Officer Friendly tell you to have a nice day right after you are handed a citation with a huge ginormous fine.
  3. Police! Search Warrant! Those words over and over in harmony with a loud crash as your door gets smashed to smithereens is not music to your ears. You can be certain your day will begin and end on a bad note.
  4. Tow the hot rod. Your weeping tears of sorrow and anger will not help you when the police tow your 1969 GTO project car which had been parked up on blocks in the neighborhood street. Equally painful is when the officer makes snide comments they are surprised you did not move it after seeing the sticker “Notice Of Abandoned Vehicle Tow” since it could be such a cool car. Cha-ching!
  5. Rescue Finn The Magnificent. What more could the police do to rip your heart out by rescuing your prized bag of bones hound chained up outside in freezing temps left without food and water? Not only did they take your best friend, they just slapped a bunch of fines and court appearances on you as well as labeled you with the socially unacceptable “animal cruelty” stigma. The public flogging will begin when it hits the papers. In the end, the officer will probably adopt the dog and make it a cop mascot.
  6. Take your girlfriend. Perhaps they thieve her away but not in the traditional sense of stealing her heart. Nonetheless, it is still super annoying. Maybe you didn’t have that lovely date night ending you dreamed up. The law took your girlfriend downtown who started clawing your eyes out at dinner after you told her about that indiscretion with a sincere apology, alerting the waiter to call 911. Some guys have all the luck. Your arms are empty! Sing it, Rod!
  7. End your career. Nothing is worse than when you get hauled away in the g-ride in fancy bracelets and charged with a scandalous felony. The police got it all wrong! Never mind the probable cause stacked against you or the fact you got away with it for so long. They got the wrong person! Those aren’t your pants! The witnesses got you mixed up with a doppelganger with your exact same life! Do not panic. You might be able to buy your way out of this predicament. However, you might not have your job or your house after sentencing.

As police officers, we get used to these complaints and sarcasm. In fact, sometimes it wears down our patience. Other times it is pure entertainment because cops are jaded like that.

Unlike common belief, law enforcement officers do not seek you out to ruin your day. Well, unless you are the intended party of a warrant or most wanted list, perhaps. But most often, it is the jingle jangle of the 911 line calling us to your home or location where you caused a conflict or disturbance. If we happen upon an arrest situation, it might be kind of fun for us. We call that a bonus.

In these circumstances, there is an assumption you needed some guidance, and well, here we are to save the day.