Police: Republican headquarters building vandalized by man heavily involved with Democrat fundraising


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.-Tolerant liberals strike again.

In Albuquerque, NM, a state employee who formerly interned for Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was arrested for vandalizing the head office of the state’s GOP in the city. 

Cameron Chase McCall was spotted on security footage spray-painting “Still Traitors” on the building.

Police: Republican headquarters building vandalized by man heavily involved with Democrat fundraising
Image source: KOAT-TV video screenshot

According to the criminal complaint, McCall is heavily involved with the Democratic Party, as reported by KOAT-TV.

McCall has been placed on leave from his position with Expo New Mexico. A spokesperson for the state confirmed that if he is positively identified as the person in the video clip, he would likely be terminated. GOP staff at the office estimated the damage at $4,000.

A spokesperson for Gov. Grisham confirmed that McCall had interned for her and also said the governor condemned his actions.

“It’s flatly unacceptable behavior. The suspect was an intern in her congressional office for a brief period, and that fact amplifies her extreme disappointment in what took place.

There is no space for this kind of juvenile nonsense in our politics—and it is entirely out of step with what the governor expects of employees, past, present of future.”

Police are also investigating if McCall was the same individual who had spray painted the word “traitors” on the GOP office last March. After that incident, the Republican Party installed cameras.

Albuquerque police say that photos and tips led them to McCall.


According to McCall’s attorney, he didn’t do what he is accused of doing.

“This was poorly investigated and based on an anonymous tip,” Jones told the Associated Press.

The vandalism occurred around 2:40 a.m. last Saturday, where a surveillance video shows a vehicle parking in the parking lot outside the building.

The video shows a man walking out of the vehicle with a can of spray paint in his hands, and it appears to show him painting words on the front of the building.

According to the police complaint, state Republican Party Executive Director Anissa Tinnin reported the vandalism to police. She also provided the investigator with a copy of the surveillance video.

She provided the officer the identity of the suspect that was received through an anonymous tip.

McCall was identified through his MVD photograph, as well as his photo on Facebook. Tinnin noted that while McCall had never threatened the safety of the staff, several staff members had expressed concern for their safety after the incident.

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Of course, vandalism to Republican facilities is nothing new. Police in Eureka, California are investigating a vandalism that occurred last weekend to the Humboldt County Republican headquarters there, which is the sixth such incident in the past two years.

The local party chairman, John Schutt, says that the damage in the latest vandalism may be far more costly than the previous ones.

“This was above and beyond anything that’s happened before,” he said. “Windows were broken, and the suspect had thrown rocks too. He poured liquid on merchandise…a lot of stuff was destroyed that way.”

Tolerant liberals.

The suspect was arrested Saturday after attempting to flee, and then he got into a struggle with police. Michael Valls, 43, of Eureka was booked on suspicion of burglary, felony vandalism, attempted arson, resisting arrest and providing a false name.

Valls was connected to the vandalism with evidence that was found on him, along with surveillance video that captured the suspect, of which Valls matched the description.

None of the prior five incidents of vandalism led to an arrest, according to Eureka Police Department spokesperson Brittany Powell in a statement to the Times-Standard.

Schutt noted that the damage will cost thousands to repair. He said that he was not familiar with the suspect and that no threatening messages had been received leading up to the incident.

Schutt said that crimes against the headquarters have escalated during President Trump’s term in office, even though the party has been relatively quiet about national politics.

“Every single penny that comes into the Republican party and goes out is local,” said Schutt, who added that the party fully supports President Trump. “None of our money gets sent to the national party of the Trump campaign.

Schutt indicated that after the past incidents, they had considered the possibility of altering the front of the building to decrease visibility from the street, or even moving the headquarters off of its present location to a less prominent one. He acknowledged that those measures would be pointless.

“People know it’s there. It’s not like they’re driving down the street and notice the headquarters and decide to vandalize it,” he said. “Other people say, ‘Why don’t you move your party office off 5th Street?’ Well that goes against the whole purpose of a political organization.”

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