By Nick Dial

Eotech, the well-known combat optics by L3 Communications, has admitted to consumer fraud, settling a 25.6 million dollar lawsuit with the U.S. government. This came as a slap in the face to everyone from the civilian consumer to the frontline soldier that use and have relied on these sights.

“L-3 Communications Corp. agreed to pay $25.6 million to settle claims that it knowingly supplied the U.S. military and law enforcement with thousands of defective holographic weapon sights that malfunction in hot, cold and humid conditions.

The company announced the settlement in a statement Tuesday, the same day the U.S. sued it for fraud in Manhattan federal court.”

Testing by the FBI confirmed that the sights struggled with maintaining zero and suffered from point of impact shift in temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Take into consideration police officers who work in adverse weather conditions and leave their patrol rifles in their vehicle, and temperature shifts with extreme heat is not hard to achieve.

The truly upsetting part in this whole story is the fact that Eotech purposely suppressed this information from the military, law enforcement, and civilian market. Especially those in law enforcement and the military, who put the trust of their lives into this weapon sight in the field, trusting that it would perform as advertised in the most extreme of conditions. Unfortunately, the manufacture has admitted that the sights have a design flaw in every holographic sight, and despite years of trying to correct the issue, was not able to do so.

According to Aimpoint, the FBI has opted to drop their Eotech sights and convert over to Aim point as their main optic of choice. Many police departments are following suite, and Eotechs across the nation are coming off patrol rifles and being sent back to the manufacturer for a refund. Eotech has stated for those who own an Eotech, They can fill out a return request form for any Holographic weapons sight, and submit a return request. The response so far has been overwhelming, and the U.S. Post office has reportedly struggled to keep up with the influx of sights being returned.

It’s an unfortunate turn of events, and for those who love their Eotech sights, are left with a void, wondering what to replace it with next. Many who chose these sights opted to do so because of its unique reticle design and open HUD window, allowing for a wide field of view. As of now, there is not much on the market that compares to the unique setup of the Eotech.

At the end of the day, it’s a defective design, and that small seed of doubt in the back of everyone’s mind of “will mine fail when needed” for many is just too much of a risk to take. Perhaps in the future another holographic weapons sight will come to the market that can fill this upcoming void, however for now it’s an empty space in many shooters’ hearts.


Nick is a former Arizona police officer and deputy. He is a Kaplan University Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security graduate, graduating with highest honors. Nick is a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Golden Key International Honor Society, Alpha Betta Kappa Honor Society, and Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society. He has appeared as an expert commentator on Fox News Radio, and has been published in academic journals as well as Police One. Nick Can be reached on his public Facebook page,
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